1. R

    WTA Players who occupy the Good not Great space(?)

    I'm going to open this thread by saying it is largely a vibe-based discussion, but I think it's something I've been unable to put into words and would like input. There are a lot of players that I think of and reflect on their careers, both active and former, and they seem to be grouped...
  2. D-Lite

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia set to host WTA Finals from 2024 - 2026

    https://www.wtatennis.com/news/3952623/riyadh-selected-as-the-host-of-wta-finals-from-2024-2026 $15.25 million (250k more than 2023 ATP Finals prize fund) on offer for the ladies at the 2024 WTA Finals in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I suppose it's likely the ATP Finals may offer a touch more this...
  3. RaulRamirez

    Who are some of your favorite players who never won a slam?

    For our purposes, please list some of your favorite players (ATP or WTA) - either retired or 35-plus - who have never won a slam, but you always enjoyed watching them. No surveys, no arguments, just the joy of watching/following various players.
  4. RaulRamirez

    Is the tennis season too long?

    Yes, we're all tennis fans here, and the more tennis, the better, right? I don't know. Currently, the schedule is just about a full 11 months - only December is off. Is that enough time for players to rest, recover and regroup? Is that even enough time for fans to chill and have anticipation...
  5. C

    Day-of tickets for European tournaments?

    There's a wealth of information about attending many of the European ATP and WTA tournaments in this forum and elsewhere, but I was hoping someone could specifically address the need to buy advance tickets for a few of the tennis tournaments we plan to attend in 2024. These include a couple of...
  6. Enceladus

    Happy 50th Birthday, Monica Seles!

    Today, December 2, 2023, one of the best female tennis players in history and a native of Yugoslavia, Monica Seles, celebrates her 50th birthday. During her career, she won 9 Grand Slam trophies and 53 titles on the WTA Tour, spending 178 weeks at the World No.1 position. Seles started winning...
  7. Znak

    Every WTA singles champion in 2023

    What a rad chart, great way to showcase winners, link can be found here
  8. R

    favorite under-250 player

    who is your favorite over-250 (250-2000) player who you want to succeed and believe will be great, or you are following their progress
  9. Pistol10

    Serious doping test allegations!

    https://www.capital.ro/rasturnare-de-situatie-pentru-simona-halep-lovitura-totala-pentru-itia-s-a-aflat-totul-despre-teste.html ITIA President Nicole Sapstead has been embroiled in a major doping scandal. The president of ITIA, Nicole Sapstead, who accused Simona Halep of doping, is involved...
  10. RaulRamirez

    "Upset City" at 2023 RG

    With two rounds completed - in both singles draws - at RG, as we approach the Round of 32, we have seen that there have been a lot of upsets. As 32 players are seeded, if those seeds won their first two matches, every matchup would have two seeds competing. In the men's draw, there are only 5...
  11. K

    Top 5 Topspin WTA Players

    Could you list your top 5 WTA players that definitely use more topspin than flat? I just want to compare the use of the topspin with the racket they use. Such as Vcore/ Rybakina, Tecnifibre/Iga, krejcikova/head extreme.
  12. P

    Are any pros using the RF97/PS97 mold?

    apart from Dimitrov with his custom 18x17? It's been around for long enough now that there could be some young players coming up with it. Every Wilson pro and his dog had a ps97 paint job for a while on their six.ones- forget about them: who *really* uses it? If, like the clash, none of the...
  13. PDJ

    Is the WTA in serious trouble? Or just a blip?

  14. RaulRamirez

    Weeks at #1 - WTA - How high can Swiatek climb?

    The WTA has had computerized rankings for 47 years, and Iga Swiatek already ranks 15th in most weeks (not necessarily consecutive) at #1. Below is a quick copy/paste of the top 15: So, if Iga holds on for another year, she'll already be in the Top Ten for this category. I admit to being bad at...
  15. B

    What is wrong with the WTA being wide open (Genuine question) ?

    I see lots of people complaining about how wide open the US open is, and i don't understand why, surely having lots of players that are at the skill level to win a grand slam is a good thing and i don't mean like Emma Raducanu, more like Osaka and Iga, those who have multiple or come close to...
  16. zvelf

    Which full-time WTA players will win more majors beyond what they've already won?

    Which full-time WTA players will win more majors among those who have already won a slam? Vote for everyone you think will do so.
  17. volleyandfun

    Wimbledon 2022 Ladies’s Singles

    Welcome to SW19 2022 WTA edition.
  18. N01E

    Barty shows leadership in these demanding times

    Removing her Wimbledon points months before ITF and WTA decided to do it themselves. What a legend.
  19. AceyMan

    Iga (WTA #1) detail

    I love how she still uses her same Prince *string damper*. Technifibre will design & build a whole new production frame for her ... but she won't swap dampers. Pretty neat. /Acey
  20. volleyandfun

    2022 WTA Miami

    Welcome to the second of Sunshine States minislams, Some very interesting matchups are coming up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_Miami_Open_–_Women%27s_singles Who do you think is going to win? Poll is here.
  21. Tennis Espresso Journal

    Women's Best of the Present and All Time Greats - who is who?

    Here it follows a list of the best Top5 WTA players at the moment and another list of the Top10 in Women's history: BEST PLAYERS OF THE PRESENT (52-weeks): 1. Ash Barty 2. Gab Muguruza 3. Naomi Osaka 4. Ary Sabalenka 5. Paula Badosa GREATEST PLAYERS OF ALL TIME (last 140 years): 1. Steffi G...
  22. D


  23. T

    Don’t understand tennis channel

    I was watching the Tsitsipas match. In the second set, tied 4-4. Tennis channel switched to show a women’s match of lower ranked players. Tsitsipas, #5 in the world who has a chance of winning the entire thing is being pushed aside for a women’s match with players who are not even top 20, one of...
  24. Fintft

    My avatar(Sorana Cirstea) won a tournament playing attacking tennis w/o dropping a set in Instanbul!

    She demolished the top seed in the final: Often brilliant, not only aggressive. It has served Sorana well to eat side by side with me, in a "Beautiful" restaurant by a lake in Bucharest a couple of years ago :)
  25. Znak

    Raising a Champion

    Thought this was fascinating to watch — former WTA player Julia Efremova raising her children to be competitive tennis players. She was also recently featured on the Functional Tennis Podcast. I can't tell if I'm impressed by what it takes at such a young age to become great, or terrified for...
  26. Enceladus

    2021 Miami Open Final: Ashleigh Barty vs Bianca Andreescu

    My picks is Bandereescu in 3 sets, because Bianca is a big matches player. What are your predictions? :)
  27. Enceladus

    WTA has announced adjustments to its rankings

    https://www.wtatennis.com/news/2077588/wta-announces-ranking-system-adjustments Good news: Points from tournaments played in 2020 other than the usual date (RG or Rome) will be valid for 52 weeks, except situation, when the tennis player achieves a better result in 2021 edition. Iga Swiatek...
  28. RaulRamirez

    Project Your Top 8 for 2021: ATP (and if interested, WTA)

    If this has already been done, I apologize, but even if it was, here's a chance to try again. I have not yet refined my own projections, and hope to do so at some point -- if only to look back in November, 2021 and see how bad they were. My hope is that this will be an argument-free thread...
  29. RaulRamirez

    So, Who Had Eugenie Bouchard...

    ...advancing further than (among others) Serena or Vika? I'm not complaining - though not thrilled SW had to withdraw - as it's nice to see Genie have some success again.
  30. Enceladus

    WTA tournaments in China is cancelled for 2020 season, including WTA Finals

    It's a report that was easy to expect, but WTA foolishly thought that its tournaments in China could take place, at least some of them, despite China's announcement that no international sporting event would take place on its territory in 2020. For WTA, canceling Chinese tournaments means a big...