yonex vcore pro 100

  1. D

    What about switching the Yonex vcore 98 by the vcore pro 100

    Hi everyone, what do you think of switching the yonex vcore 98 (2019) by the yonex vcore pro 100 (2021), I am a 42 year old intermediate (3) player, but still lacks depth and some slides hit the net often, so that's why my interest in going to 100s. Stiffness and overall performance my main...
  2. M

    Yonex Vcore Pro 100 (300g) 2021 vs Yonex Ezone 100

    Howdy! My current racquet of choice is the Babolat Pure Strike 3rd gen 16x19, which I absolutely love but am currently looking for an alternative racquet due to starting to feel some arm soreness/tingling at the elbow area and I'm afraid of developing a tennis elbow down the line. I'm a 4.0...
  3. YonexBoy

    Alternative to the Head Extreme MP?

    Hey guys, I wanted to get some opinions. Little history - I've always been a Yonex boy. In the past I've played with the Yonex RDiS 100 than switched to the SV98 from 2017-2019. Then after having a go at my local club the Head Extreme MP 305g, I loved the feel and easy power. So I switched and...