1. L

    PolyTour Rev, exceeding expectations

    I recently asked the local tennis shop for an alternative to Solinco Confidential 1.20, and they recommended PolyTour Rev because it’s got a little more speed and longevity. I was looking for something more lively, so it sounded like a great choice. After hitting with it a few weeks in my TF40...
  2. YonexBoy

    Caper Ruud's Eclipsion 3s colour way 2022

    Does anyone know if Yonex is bringing out the black/dark green colour way option for the Eclipsion 3s for the general public or is this a special shoe for Casper? T...
  3. Michael7

    Yonex Ezone 98 Tour 2022 - Any Pros Actually Use It

    Yonex Ezone 98 Tour 2022 - Any Pros Actually Use It or just the regular Ezone 98?
  4. Michael7

    Is there supposed to be a 2022 Yonex Ezone Tour version coming?

    Is there supposed to be a 2022 Yonex Ezone Tour version coming?
  5. B

    Will the Vcore 95 die?

    Is Denis Shapovalov’s switch to Ezone a sign of Vcore 95’s discontinuation? I’ve heard yes from some and no from others, what do you think?
  6. Troy_Chen

    Vcore 95 vs Ezone Tour

    I currently have a Yonex Ezone Tour and like it a lot so far. I’ve heard lots of good things about the VCore 95, namely the control afforded by smaller headsize and 16X20 string pattern. Just wondering how the two racquets compare against each other in groundstrokes, volleys, offense/defense...
  7. Troy_Chen

    Gosen Sidewinder vs Polyon

    Hey guys, Looking to change from Solinco Confidential to a hybrid set-up in a 2020 Yonex Ezone 98 Tour. Heard a lot of good things about Gosen, interested in hybriding Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16 with either 17 gauge Polyon or Sidewinder. What are the differences between the strings and which one...
  8. AceyMan

    seeking grommet substitute for this Yonex 95D

    I don't imagine I can find originals but would anyone know which, if any, currently findable (more recent model years) B&G sets would fit this era 95D (the white & red one with black/red bumper guard). It is 16x20 like all the other Yonex 95s that I've known. any help appreciated! /Acey
  9. G

    Yonex control tennis racquets.

    What’s your top three control racquets from yonex? Ranked as I’m unable to get the vcore 97 D or HD 18x20 where I am.
  10. Richard Pioline

    Yonex 97H Appreciation Thread

    I firmly believe that this racket deserves its own thread. It is the perfect heavy racket for advanced players and I think it could be used on the pro tour just as is. If you are used to heavier rackets, these are great! I've never played with a racket that is as powerful and also very...
  11. David Le

    2021 Yonex VCORE Limited Edition

    For those who loved the Galaxy Black colorway but love the 2021 VCs better, Yonex is coming out with ltd editions again but this time in a black/grey/volt colorway. The volt accents are where the blue was on the OG red colorway. At this time, it looks like only VC100 and 100L will be available...
  12. C

    Yonex VCore 95 2021 or Ezone 98 2022

    Hi all! New user here and really needing some help and advice on a new racquet. I know there's a lot of talk about these two racquets on other threads given Shapo's move into the new Ezone but thought it might be good so concentrate it on the one for anyone looking. I'm getting back into...
  13. M

    Head prestige vs. Yonex vcore

    Which of these rackets do you guys prefer? Head graphene 360+ prestige MP or Yonex vcore 97 HD. I'm on the fence which one to buy.
  14. M

    Head graphene prestige 360+ MP (2020) vs. Yonex score pro 97 HD (2019)

    Hey fellow Tennis enthusiasts! I have done lots of research to find a good stick for myself. Unfortunately, I can't demo rackets at all, because of the place I'm from. Both these rackets are not available for demo where I'm at. Otherwise I could have tested myself which one I would buy. I'm now...
  15. delosalpes

    Yonex VCore Pro 100 (2021) vs EZone 100 (2022)

    I recently demoed the VCore Pro 100 (2021) and fell in love with it. I was about to make the switch from my Gravity Tour, but after watching several very positive reviews of the new EZone 100 I feel the need to demo that one first before pulling the trigger. I plan to do that in a couple of...
  16. Troy_Chen

    Yonex Polytour Pro vs. Solinco Confidential

    Hey guys, looking for a string to go with my Yonex Ezone 98 Tour (2020 version) and settled on either Yonex Polytour Pro or Solinco Confidential (both 17 gauge). Just kind of looking for some opinions on the power, comfort, feel, spin potential, durability, and any other characteristics of the...
  17. Troy_Chen

    Yonex Vcore Pro 97 330 vs Ezone 98 Tour

    Hey guys, in the process of switching from my Yonex Ezone Dr 100 to a new stick. Narrowed it down to the Yonex Vcore pro 97 330 and the Ezone 98 Tour. Not sure exactly how they compare, waiting on demos to come in. Any advice would be appreciated.
  18. Troy_Chen

    String to pair with Yonex Vcore Pro 330 and Ezone 98 Tour

    Hey guys, looking into new rackets to switch to from my Ezone DR 100. I narrowed it down to Vcore Pro 97 330 and Ezone 98 Tour. I am not sure what strings to use since they are totally different kinds of rackets. Any advice would be appreciated.
  19. S

    Strings for Yonex Vcore 97HD

    Hi guys I’ve been stringing the Yonex VCore HD 97 18x20 with Hyper G at about 47-48 in the mains and ice code on the crosses. Feels somewhat plasticy and as the racquet is already quite soft it feels like there’s too much flex on the ball and the hit doesn’t feel solid. What would you recommend...
  20. F

    Racquet tuning

    I have two racquets Yonex Vcore 98 tuned by a professional ATP stringer Their specs are now identical: <1g mass difference <0.1 cm balance difference I noticed that when I play with racquet #2 I do not play so well and I feel it's a tad less manouvreable. I could not believe that I am able to...
  21. YonexBoy

    New Yonex AO 2022 shoes?

    What are these new kicks from Yonex? Kinda look like Asics court FFs… https://www.gettyimages.com.au/detail/news-photo/germanys-daniel-altmaier-hits-a-return-against-germanys-news-photo/1237782417
  22. G

    Recommendations wanted for a budding beginner

    Hey all, I'd love to get your recommendations for my string setup. I currently play with a Yonex Ezone 100 strung with Tecnifibre Triax 16 at 52 lbs. I've been playing for a little over a year, and this string works well for me after starting with Syn Gut then transitioning to Wilson Sensation...
  23. time410s

    Why I'm Selling my Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (310)

    Loved this racket but I ended up wanting to sell it after a little time with it. I want an extended frame and the market for those is very limited, as you might know. So as I look for rackets I am willing to extend, I decided to sell this one in favor for another. It"s one I have been told to...
  24. TW Staff

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Yonex EZONE Racquet 2022

    Attention Talk Tennis Members: Happy holidays! We are very excited to offer our first racquet playtest of 2022. We have a limited number of an upcoming Yonex EZONE racquet launching early next year in two head sizes- 98 and 100. Both are available in a grip size 2. This playtest is open to USA...
  25. F

    Hybrid stringing with Tecnifibre Triax and Yonex Poly Tour Air

    Hi, I would like to try this hybrid stringing and would appreciate some guidance before I waste too many meters of strings with experimenting. :) Which one should go on the mains and what tension shall I use? I would like to maximize spin&comfort. So far I played mostly with full bed of Yonex...
  26. C

    Yonex Vcore 98L vs Ezone 98L

    My son who is a junior has been demoing the Vcore 98L. He loves it. Before purchasing it wanted to know if we should look at the Ezone 98L. Both seem very similar. He is 13 years old. He is not a hard hitter. But he produces a lot of topspin. Any suggestions on the strings will also be great
  27. time410s

    2021 VCORE 97 VS 95

    Want to hear some comparisons between the new 310 vcore 97 and 95. I have the 97 310 and love it. I hit hard and heavy with a lot of spin but appreciate touch and this racket blends all of that together so nicely in a way I didn't really think was possible. It almost feels like it would be...
  28. J

    String sugestion for Extere Tour

    Do you have any good recommendations for Extreme Tour when it comes to strings? Been using the tour bite soft 1.25 for some time but it feels a little bit dead at times in this stringbed, besides TBS I also have Pros pro Black Force 1.24 and 1.30 that are from my tournament days circa 2007. Was...
  29. T

    Yonex Regna 100

    Is the Yonex Regna 100 similar to a Vcore pro and how much free power does it provide compared to other racquets e.g speed pro, Vcore pro 100?
  30. time410s

    So I bought an Angell 28" Custom

    It's a 97 and 28" 18x20. I hear the pattern by Angell is generally pretty open so I decided to close it up with 18x20 a bit. I seem to do fine with either and I break 16x19 every few hits. Yes, I hit with poly and yes I hit with 16g...I just hit hard and as much as reasonably possible. So...