1. A

    Replacement grommets, head guard, and buttcap for 2009 Head YouTek Radical MP

    Hello. I recently acquired a couple of Head YouTek Radical MP's. The 2009 version. TGK260.1 I do believe. Anybody have insight on where to source replacement grommets and head guards for this particular model? Will these parts from other Radical models work? Also, will the black Head buttcaps...
  2. I

    Retail Head YT PM retail vs Head Pro Stock 237.3

    Hello everyone, I've been playing tennis for awhile and finally found out that there are "Pro Stock" racquets. I use to play with a Retail Head YT Prestige Mid back in 2012 and sold it because i was developing TE but I miss it dearly. I found an okay Head Pro Stock 237.3 for sale for $130 and...
  3. TheBoom

    Which Head Prestige MP Generation?

    Hey guys, So I currently use a pair of Graphene Prestige MP and I love them, they are by far my favorite racket I have used but one is starting to crack. I found a good deal on the Youtek, Youtek IG, and the Graphene XT Prestige MP. Could anyone explain the differences in the frames? I...
  4. A

    Replacement for Head Youtek IG Radical MP

    I just busted my IG Radical MP. I need a replacement just like it but wasn't able to find one in the current market. Can someone advice me on a racquet close to it or better available currently? Thanks a lot!
  5. tyu1314

    Does Head youtek IG prestige mid grommet fit on microgel mid?

    I see that there is no longer grommet for microgel/youtek prestige mid. Does the youtek ig prestige mid's grommet fit on microgel/youtek mid?
  6. M

    Head Graphene Youtek Speed REV vs Tecnifibre T.Flash 265 Dynacore

    What would you suggest me between Head Graphene Youtek Speed REV and Tecnifibre T.Flash 265 Dynacore. Tecnifibre (grip 1 - 3) would be...
  7. O

    Microgel Prestige MP Grommets

    Hey guys I was wondering if the Head YOUTEK IG Prestige Mid Plus Grommet would fit the Mircogel model? I also read that the Graphene XT grommets might fit as well but I was not too sure. Any help would be appreciated Thanks