1. Guttersnipe

    YouTube Racquet Reviews

    Inspired by konstantinos kalfountzos’ posts in Diary of a Racketaholic and how the community responded. Here you don’t have to worry, please do post the most recent or your favourite racquet reviews from the past/of all time. Whether it’s Tennis Nerd, TW or even self promotion...go ahead and...
  2. D

    "Real Tennis" Youtube Channel

    This is a really high quality amature matchplay channel I came across. This whole video experiance is top notch, complete with commentators, mics, and post match interveiws. I honestly enjoy watching this more that most pro matches. Check it out.
  3. E

    MyTennisHQ (Karue Sell) Kick Serve advice

    What do you think about Karue's kick serve advice in this video? 3 things he said that I don't agree with 1) you should try to make the ball go "up" from contact. 2) you should let the ball drop more than a flat serve before making contact 3) you should stay sideways Intuitive Tennis Nick...
  4. timtennis

    Men's Open Tourney: USTA 4.5 vs Top 300 Junior

    Hey TTW, this is Tim aka tennistim on YouTube. I played my second ever Open tourney a few weeks ago and after winning first two matches, went up against the #1 seed and UTR 11 player Joshua Maxwell Conlin Really nice kid who didn't mind my...
  5. S

    YouTuber matchup Sam v Tim - NTRP 4.5 California vs Texas?

    Hey Guys, I had the pleasure of recording a match with Tim aka TennisTim aka TxT. I lost the first set 4-6 and was up a break 3-2 in the second when time expired for our court. He's a good player and super nice guy. Take a look and let me know what you think. Sorry I didn't edit in the score...
  6. T

    Tennis Highlights

    Does somebody know how to make highlights in HD?
  7. Yoeri Tennis II

    Rarest Federer video on Youtube! Finally we get to see this footage

    From the lost and found section! Holy crap this is RARE! All credit goes to TGM Tennis for providing the full match - Holy Grail of Secret Federer Matches - This beauty, among some of the other Federer match highlights, are part of the Swiss Maestro's tennis' version of the lost city of...
  8. pdizzy


    Anyone use youtube to document their tennis game? Comment with your channel and I'll subscribe (with a subscription back!)
  9. D

    Alex Donski from Operation Liftoff Earns a WC into ATP 250 Sofia

    I watched Alex Donski (BUL, ATP 1572) win his first ATP point on Operation Liftoff (him and his cousin Lazar's YouTube Channel) back in June of last year when he was 18. He got a second point a little later that summer but kind of got stuck in the qualies at Futures for the rest of the year. He...
  10. U

    Live Tennis on Youtube

    Coming soon...
  11. pdizzy

    3.5 channel - Seeking followers for feedback!

    If you use youtube, follow my channel and help with feedback!
  12. pdizzy

    Anyone have a Youtube Account?

    Feel free to give me a follow and help with pointers to improve my game!
  13. pdizzy

    NTRP 3.5M looking to improve game to 4.0

    Looking for advice on my game to improve to 4.0. Feel free to follow me and comment on my progress videos below:
  14. Sentinel

    Link to HD version of AO final (English)

    I've found links on youtube that have Russian (i think) commentary. Would be grateful for a link to final match with English commentary. (Russian)