1. N01E

    The breakdown of first ranking protection

    Firstly I have to mention that this analysis shouldn’t be taken 100% seriously. Some players decided to skip certain events due to the format and we can’t know for sure what outcome it would give us. It’s possible that I may have missed some events so if you spot a mistake please mention it. I...
  2. InsideOut900

    Do you see Sinner matching or doing better than 2017-2018 Zverev?

    For reference, this is what 2017-2018 Zverev looked like. In spite of his poor results recently, Z was solid when he was 20/21 years old. He beat Novak in the Rome final and ATP finals with some seriously impressive performances, played nicely to dispatch Fed and Thiem in straights sets for the...
  3. HetTheGreaterer

    Paris Masters 2020 SF :- Rafael Nadal versus Alexander (Sascha) Zverev

    Whom ya picking??? My guts say that its gonna be a one way traffic in either direction.
  4. Znak

    Zverev in alleged hot waters

    Dicey dicey...
  5. I

    Theim and Zverev final was one of the best US Open Finals of the 2000s

    After watching such a magnificent display of grit and effort I have to say that this final was one that should go down in history. After watching this match I immediately told all of my players that this is what the next level of tennis is. Breaking through all the barriers to get to the podium...
  6. TearTheRoofOff

    NextGen Top Trumps

    I think it's time for us to formulate some hypothetical (mythical, uninjured, peak, sodomized etc.) Top Trump cards for the NextGen SUPERSTARS. To kick things off, I propose the following defining attributes to reflect their abilities, each of which can be ascribed a score from 1 to 10. Overhype...
  7. W

    Match Stats/Report - Federer vs A. Zverev, Halle final, 2017

    Roger Federer beat Alexander Zverev 6-1, 6-3 in the Halle final, 2017 on grass It was Federer's 9th title at the event and he would follow up by winning Wimbledon for a record breaking 8th time shortly after. Zverev had beaten Federer in the semi finals the previous year and would go onto...
  8. eman11

    What is Sasha Zverev using here?

    You can see it in min 1:45.... on his heel, what is it and what is it for?
  9. HetTheGreaterer

    Could Sascha have done better in the final?

    He generally ups his level in the big finals. The record 4-2 speaks for itself. Whereas Thiem's underperformings in big finals are no secret either. He is 1-5. Plus, even in recent matches over djok, thiem has been making life harder for himself by letting so many opportunities pass by, RG2019...
  10. HetTheGreaterer

    2020 Australian Open SemiFinal :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [7] Alexander Zverev

    H2H :- 6-2 Thiem. Last meeting :- 2019 Atp Finals semi final, Thiem def. Zverev 7-5 6-3 Last (and 2nd) slam meeting :- 2018 French Open aka Roland Garros Quarter Final, Thiem Def. Zverev 6-4 6-2 6-1. It's The 1st Australian open semi final for Dominic Thiem and 1st slam semi at any event for...
  11. T

    Anybody else notice Zverev is wearing a new watch?

    Just noticed over the weekend that Alexander Zverev is not wearing a Richard Mille any longer? He wears a handmade D. Candaux. What are your thoughts??
  12. haqq777

    Prize Money Increase Over the Years

    (Graphic from FB Page of a non Sasha fan) :eek: Also, going back even further: The 1989 French Open winner's prize money was (This one I took myself watching the final) Will just leave it here for fellow tennis aficionados to ponder over.
  13. Lleytonstation

    Do the slam numbers mean anything anymore?

    All we talk about is GOAT this and GOAT that, and most of this comes back to slams. With all 3 going to end up around the same, somewhere in that 19-22 range. Does it really matter at that point? Just as masters titles have become irrelevant. I mean how many does Djoker have? 32/33/34? Does it...
  14. HetTheGreaterer

    Prediction :- Alexander Zverev will beat Rafael Nadal at 2019 Roland Garros

    He's an excellent player & clay is his best surface so far. Though he's been in mini slump so far this season, I'm witnessing another big leap forward for the nextgen posterboy. Sascha is improving at FO year after year, and this year he will beat the 2 times defending champion, 11 times trophy...
  15. raph6

    Nadal will win all clay tournaments this year

    Considering the terrible form of all the supposed contenders on clay, it's likely that Nadal will win for the 1st time in his career all the clay tournaments this year (the important ones, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome and Roland Garros). Djokovic level and confidence are too low to beat...
  16. Zebrev

    Fed Fans - two options, which do you choose?

    Fed ends Djokovics slam run at the semifinals of Wimbledon in a 5 set thriller, loses to Zverev in 4 sets in the final, or... Fed battles past Zverev in 4 sets, but loses to Djokovic in the final in 5 sets?
  17. True Fanerer

    Djokovic will never have more WTF titles than Federer

    Thanks to Zverev aka "Street", the most WTF titles Djokovic will ever have is six. Seriously, does anyone seeing him winning it after 2019? In fact, he may never win it again. Thoughts?
  18. Im(moral) Winner

    Another massive moment?

    That may be the second major match in two days where one of the big three simply didn’t look capable of beating a much younger opponent. We’ve all seen it in the old days with Rosewall against Connors, McEnroe against Agassi, Agassi against Nadal, Federer against Zverev. Matches where, no...
  19. Enceladus

    2018 ATP Finals Final: (1.) Novak Djokovic vs. (3.) Alexander Zverev

    ATP H2H: 2-1 for Djokovic H2H at hard surface: 2-0 for Djokovic In game is a record of the number of WTF titles, that Djoker can equalize. Zverev, on the other hand, may become the 23rd winner of the WTF history. Djoker can get the 73rd ATP title in singles, 55th on hard surface, 13th in...
  20. ReturnAndVolley

    Zverev officially joins the big servers

    His serve has improved a lot. Yesterday : 18 aces to Isner's 10. If you think that's because Isner isn't a good returner, Zverev's first serve had more average speed too. Today : 7 aces to Federer's 3. 134mph average speed. I think he is there. Isner Karlovic Raonic Zverev
  21. True Fanerer

    Zverev asked about toweling

    "I'm probably the wrong person to ask," he told a news conference at London's O2 Arena." "I think I've taken the towel once or twice this year, once in Acapulco and once in Washington when it was like 120 degrees and when it was 150 percent humidity." "Maybe need to ask the Next Gen guys. I...
  22. Stefan Dimov

    Mischa Zverev - 70 amazing winners [Collection1] HD

    One of my all-time favourite players since Rome 2009!
  23. merwy

    A. Zverev strongest ATP player according to.. A. Zverev

    Everyone not saying Rafa or Tsonga is crazy imo. If we're talking about physically strongest. Also Gulbis? What? Is he even muscular at all? @Hitman 's opinion is relevant
  24. RaulRamirez

    Predict Your Top 5 for Year-End (#1)

    Looking at the updated Race to London numbers (if accurate on ATPWorldTour...), the list now seems to be: 1. Nadal - 7480 2. Djokovic - 6445 3. del Potro - 4910 4. Federer - 4800 5. Zverev - 4365 ... So, what will be the Top 5 at year's end? There are lots of variables, obviously primarily...
  25. raph6

    What's wrong in Zverev's game ?

    I just watched the highlights of his match against Kohlschreiber and I don't understand why his game is not working. The guy has a monster backhand, an irregular but heavy forehand, a good serve etc... His game could be like Cilic's but him doesn't work. Do you have serious explanations ? I...
  26. ak24alive

    Zverev is out again

    Mischa:( DISGUST
  27. ReturnAndVolley

    Tsitsipas - Zverev. A new rivalry begins !

    Zverev has won more Masters titles than Federer did at his age. Tsitsipas just became the youngest player to get three top 10 wins (Thiem, Djokovic, Zverev) at a single tournament since a 19-year-old Rafael Nadal at Monte Carlo in 2006. After Zverev's post match comments where he said of...
  28. ReturnAndVolley

    Thiem or A. Zverev, who wins a slam first?

    Both of these guys will win a grand slam sometime in the next 4 years, possibly sooner. So who do you think wins one first? I go with Thiem winning RG before Zverev wins his first slam (USO). Give your opinions.
  29. Rago

    Poor Zverev...DESTROYED once more, LOL!

    Taken to the bakery and served bagels at Wimbledon by Gulbis who played two 5 setters prior to the match, lmao.
  30. ak24alive

    Zverev will win Wimbledon

    In a parallel universe where it's a Masters 1000 event played on red dirt. Disgust..