002 | Scientist Reveals Racquet Performance Myths

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Ever wonder what makes a tennis racquet powerful? Or why you can put balls away with one racquet but can’t seem to get the ball past the baseline with a different one?! Me too! In this episode, I chat with the founder and brains behind Tennis Warehouse University, Crawford Lindsey! He has co-authored countless papers and books about the science of tennis including "The Physics and Technology of Tennis" and "Technical Tennis," so you could say he knows a thing or two
on the topic. Joining him is Jonathan Wolfe, who not only is a savvy expert on all things racquet and string related, but also is one of Crawford’s closest friends since their days at the USRSA; but we really brought him in because he has a knack for breaking down the scientific jargon to make sense to the player. Join us as we define the simple science of power potential in this initial episode where we discuss the physics behind the sport of tennis.

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Thanks for the podcast - that was some great info! I have still some questions though. When you measure power potential, do you use the same strings and tension for all rackets? And do you test one racket per model or more? I‘m also wondering, if you could measure a racket before and after apllying lead to it. Because I sometimes hear the claim of moving the sweet spot in the direction of the lead and I‘d love to hear if this is really true.
The power difference between different string tensions would also be interesting to see tested. Because I always feel like lower tensions don’t yield much more power but more of a higher launch angle, which you perceive as more power as the ball goes deeper. Would love to hear your thoughts on that. :)

Cheers, Lukas