[1] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Rafael Nadal MC FINAL

Who will win?

  • Djokovic in 2

    Votes: 38 32.5%
  • Djokovic in 3

    Votes: 20 17.1%
  • Nadal in 2

    Votes: 27 23.1%
  • Nadal in 3

    Votes: 32 27.4%

  • Total voters


Rafa felt he had to do so much on that second serve. It just shows that both these guys are capable of putting the other under SEVERE duress, even when it looks like they gaining control of the situation.
Ok here's what really happened. Djoker didn't close out Nadal in a bagel and he wanted to begin serving in the 2nd set so he let Nadal break him. Hence the 6-2 scoreline. Does that make sense?


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And Novak serves first for the second set. Already an advantage.

I can't even say that my brother isn't back to normal after his extended leave of recent. Novak is just in confident attack and defense mode.


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Good first set: 6-2 Djokovic.

Nole just too good for the moment, but the match has gotten more even in the last four games.


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Nadal hands Djokovic the 1st set. Well deserved. Some scary stuff from Novak in the first part of this set. Taking the ball early, backhand working great, great defence.

Nadal can come back though, needs his slice to work better and hit with more depth, which he did in the end of the 1st.

All boats well for a close second set.


Very 2011 in these rallies during much of the first set. Not a good sign.
Hello Mustard, I trust you are enjoying the match? Conditions are drying out now and Rafa is now understanding the level of intensity required from him for the rest of the match to pull out a win -- something similar to set 3 US Open 2011.

I felt Nadal was the clear favourite before the match started but now I think the prospects are roughly even.


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I agree with those saying that Rafa will start playing better, also since the sun is gonna keep drying up that court.

Having said that, let's go Djoker!


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Haha... people are voting for Djokovic on this thread now... Pathetic, you should have voted earlier.

I still think Nadal will win this. Here are the votes before start of 2nd set...

Djokovic in 2 19 20.21%
Djokovic in 3 16 17.02%
Nadal in 2 27 28.72%
Nadal in 3 32 34.04%
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The saddest part is that, in my country, India, there is no live telecast of the final.

And my net is so slow that I can't see streams


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This match will turn once Rafa shows up
I think Rafa is doing his best to show up but Novak is just not letting him. We have Novak 2.0 back on court and Rafa is struggling to know what to do again just like in 2011.

Once thing's for sure. Rafa is going to have to raise his level and cut down on the errors if he wants to stay in this.


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Yeah, he double faults the set away.
Doesn't change what MN said, that's the only SP in which he didn't get the 1st serve in, that double fault was also atleast partially due to how aggressive was Novak returning Rafa's 2nd serve whole match today.


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The saddest part is that, in my country, India, there is no live telecast of the final.

And my net is so slow that I can't see streams
stupid fellas are showing djoker-fognini on tape delay ... like anyone would want to see that now :roll:

live stream is working ok for me though ..


When Nadal DOES actually decide to totally rip the BH, he hits it harder than Nole.