10oz racket for 13yo recomendation


Can anybody recommend friendly racket for 13yo, she is 5'5 and looking for full size 27. She doesn't like rackets I offered her and wanted something lighter them most friendly sticks are. Ideally Wilson. And head light 4+



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The Prince Warrior is still available on clearance if they have the right grip size. There are two lightweight variants, the T which is light, and the L which is really light. My son played the L when he was 11 and it's solid. I would be tempted more by the T for someone your daughter's size.

Sorry, didn't see the "Wilson" preference the first time. My son now plays the Pro Staff 97LS and likes it. It's in the mid 10's. If your daughter prefers a larger head the Burn LS (mid 10's) and ULS (just under 10) are available on clearance.


I'm a Volkl fan, so look at the V-Sense 4, 5, or 6. All are in the 10 oz. range, at least 1 point HL, and have open string patterns.
The Prince Textreme Tour 100L is another one to look at, and is very inexpensive. I haven't hit with it, but have hit the 100P, a heavier version with a tighter string pattern, and liked it.


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Wilson has an excellent line of light racquets. Depending on what head size she needs, you should be able to find one that suits her. They just launched the camo light collection also, see if they interest her.


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You could demo the the Wilson Ultra L - now with a camo paint job. My son uses the Ultra Light and he loves it. Very easy racket to use.

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Agreed. My 13 yr old daughter recently stepped up to the standard weight 100 Ultra CV from the ultra light Juice. She used it for years and progressed nicely. Have him demo the Ultra UL. May be a good fit.

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