18 weeks to train for a tournament


I have 18 weeks to train for the East of Scotland 18 & under tournament (apparently im not allowed to play 16 & under anymore, news to me). Im not going to play any other tournaments in the run up to it, mostly due to the fact that there just isn't many LTA tournaments where I live (though there is one in my county, but thats after). Im not sure how I should train for it, I am a road cyclist as well but my fitness has taken a bit of a sad dip recently. I also found out today that I have developed Osgood Schlatters disease, which I found very strange considering my age. Any help for what I should be doing in the build up would be hugely appreciated.


Play a lot of matches and don't do long-distance cardio since you have osgood schlatter's disease. Being that you recently developed it, expect your body to grow significantly in the next few months. I shot up six inches or so the year I developed it. Stay coordinated by playing as much as you can.