18x20 equivalent to the Wilson RF97 or Volkl C10 Pro (98in+, 350g static +, ~330g swingweight, headlight, 18x20)


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I posted on here earlier today about how I've always played with very heavy frames. I'm demoing at the moment and loved the C10 Pro. The demo is probably sitting at about 355g with two grips + dampner, and while I haven't measured the swingweight TW says it's about 330g.

I was hoping to find something in the same wheelhouse that was 18x20, but there are actually really few options. I know there are a bunch of frames I could lead up, but I would rather not mess around with customisation unless I have to. The qualities I'm looking for:

18x20 pattern
350g+ static weight (ideally about 360-365 with a leather grip + overgrip + dampner)
About 330g swingweight
Reasonably headlight
98in or 100in (I lean towards 98 because I have a one hander and find 100s a little awkward to manuevre)
Probably no higher than 65 RA (I have yet to demo the RF97 which I know is 68, and I suspect it's going to be a bit of a killer for my arm)

The frames I've found that might qualify:
Pro Kennex Q+ Tour 325 (would come to about 355g with leather etc)
Head Pro Tour 2.0 (This is borderline on static weight, and I'm a little leery because TW says it's really more of a 95 than a 98, and I want that extra bit of forgiveness)
Some kind of Angell stick.

That's basically it, and unfortunately I can't demo any of them here in Australia so I'd be buying blind.

Are there any modern frames I'm missing? Or any from this last decade I should keep my eye out for on the second hand market? I've only been nerding out on racquet tech for the last year, so I have no concept of the specs on old head prestiges etc, but I know a lot of people love them, and it feels like what I'm looking for falls under the "classic racquet" style.


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Only one I think you might be missing is the 360+ Prestige MP (or wait for the new Prestige "Pro" - which is apparently what the new MP will be called according to the other Prestige MP thread).

Although it will still be borderline for you, my one currently weighs in at 352g with Leather, Overgrip and Dampner.

True 98sqin headsize and rather flexy.

And actually, I guess by that standard you could look at the Vcore Pro 97D/HD.

Maybe try and find a store that can measure them for you to pick a high static weight version.


Outside of what Return_Ace and yourself already mentioned, I can't think of any other sticks that meet your requirements. I think you'll be stuck with buying either a Prostock racket(s) or buying a platform type frame and leading it up (i.e. Wilson Ultra Pro/Blade Pro) to your desired specs.


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Yeah, I've looked at a lot of these. The thing is, very few of them get to the static weight that I want, even with leather etc. Blade pro won't get to 350-360g static.

I was looking at the new Yonex 97D, which is 320g unstrung, so can probably get up where I want it. Will consider for sure.

The 6.1 95 is too small of a head for me I think. 95's just don't quite have the forgiveness against some of the big hitters I play.

Again, I know I can mod them, and it looks like I might wind up having to go down that path, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any stock options. I have to say, the ProKennex looks like the best and only option, so I may just blind buy one of those and import it as a demo since they're on sale right now.


Solinco pro 10 or tour 10- forget which one is the 18x20, but it sounds like the sort of thing you are talking about. I haven't tried them.