1983 best year for US Tennis?

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    May 19, 2004
    I was just checking on the past winners of the Rotterdam tournament and I found this page:


    Btw, 1984 had the same amount of 17 Americans competing.

    Not less than 17 American players started in the tournament, in a 32 players field.
    I suppose this must have been one of the best if not the best year for US tennis.
    Keep in mind that this tournament was held in Europe, not America!
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    Nov 20, 2006
    If we are talking about men's tennis then surely the best year was 1992. This was when the USA won the Davis Cup with a team of Sampras, Agassi, McEnroe and Courier. What a team! This was the last true overlap of all these great players. US players also won 3 of the 4 singles slams (with Courier winning AO and FO and Agassi winning SW19). McEnore won his final doubles title at Wimbledon. There was an all american winning USO doubles team.

    If we are talking women's players then 1983 or 1984 is about right. I would go for 1984. Pam and Martina won the Grand Slam in the women's doubles. Martina and Evert won all the singles GS for the US (Evert won the AO, Martina won the rest)

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