1990s racquets - Wilson Sting and Head Satellite Tour, were these any good??


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Just came across these in the garage. I’m giving them away but just curious to know, were these considered good racquets for their time? Like good enough for say, a high school Varsity player or more for a beginner only? Not comparing to modern racquets but others you could purchase back then.

All I know is that they’re from the early to late 1990s. I posted what they say on the frames below as well as links to what they look like (found on ****, couldnt get my own pics to load). The Sting is tricky bc it looks like they made several different ones.

Anyone familiar with either of them? Thank you!

Wilson Sting
Black and dark blue
110 sq in
7.0 si
SPS - “superlight power system”
PWS - “perimeter weighting system”

Head Satellite Tour
Black, gray and red
Twin tube technology
Mid Plus
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Ooh, isn’t it sting 2? I had it back in 1984 bought from oshman sports foster city California. It’s a beginner...maybe intermediate racquet. Sold for $99 usd. it’s not a bad racquet for beginners or elders.... but you can’t possibly play matches beyond recreational level(3.0).
A mid size was on sale for $19. That would be more preferable than a 110 For matches.


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That particular Sting was a fairly downmarket model, sold mostly from chain discount stores (like Walmart) in the 1990’s.

The Satellite Tour was a pro-level racquet, not sold at chain discount stores!