1992-'06 Agassi Interviews

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    Thanks to Superman1 for posting something about this...VERY interesting stuff!

    Q. You said in the past, Andre, that you just show up and play, that has worked very well for you; sometimes you won tournaments by just showing up and playing. Is that going to go out of the window now?
    ANDRE AGASSI: Yeah. It is definitely going to go out the window. It has to. I mean, I have played these past five years of my career like a cat with nine lives really, just kind of hoping that, you know, that I haven't run out of luck. And that is not going to cut it. I mean I can win tournaments and I have been blessed enough with an ability that every now and then it can happen, but I don't anticipate that being much of my future. I really don't at this point, and I am through accepting that and I am looking forward to doing what I need to do. I think working with John is a first step towards that.

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