1992 French Open Final

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  1. backhander

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    Mar 3, 2004
    Is it me, or do the current crop of Women's tennis players have nothing on the players in this video.


    It's great to see Seles hitting laser like shots off both wings consistently, and great to see Graf's incredible forehand and athleticism.

    This match to me shows these two playing a better match, than anything i've seen from the currently players.

    Women's tennis today is in total trouble, #1's who no one is afraid of, games full of errors, and no top players who are true marquee players. For the past few years, there has been no one like Graf, Seles, Hingis, and Williams. These players dominated during their times and brought an aura of invincibility that actually forged future competitors. Something that is not there in today's women's game.

    Makes for a pretty boring upcoming French Open.
  2. Mustard

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    Nov 12, 2009
    Cwmbran, Wales
    Graf and Seles were so mentally tough. There's nobody like them in the women's game today.

    I think today's game is better than a few years ago, however. At least Clijsters is still about, and I hope this rivalry between Azarenka and Sharapova develops.
  3. Moose Malloy

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    Dec 27, 2005
    Graf made 66 unforced errors in the 1992 French Open Final.
  4. NadalAgassi

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    So it wasnt like she was playing like crap. That is considered one of the greatest all time womens finals, which obviously wouldnt be the case if the consensus was one player played poorly. Many of the errors were at the end of very long exchanges, or pressured from Seles. Graf also had to go for her forehand at all times, to avoid long exchanges where she had to hit too many of her inferior backhands.
  5. mjwtpro1

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    Dec 10, 2005
    To me this was and still is the GOAT women's match. I remember watching it on NBC via tape delay...so intense, years later got it on DVD.
  6. backhander

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    Mar 3, 2004
    I dunno, I am really unimpressed with Azarenka and Sharapova. To me, it seems their game is too much hit it hard and harder, with little thought to tactical play and placement. And then of course, when the rally get longer they either hit it out or into the net.

    Graf and Seles were both hitting winner after winner. I mean even when Capriati was #1, she had some incredible matches against Henin and Williams also, and those matches were also hard hitting, but with players that had a technical foundation in there game. I just don't see that in today's female players. Maybe Wozniaki has the technical found game, but she doesn't go for it, and she definitely doesn't have the mental toughness of Graf, Seles, and Serena.

    I dunno, I guess the last few years of slam finals has been boring compared, maybe a lot of it has something to do with no one wanting to take charge. But I mean that 1992 french open final was 20 years ago, and a much better played and high quality match than anything in the past few years. I don't think you could say in 1992 that the matches in 1972 were any near as good.

    I do love Clijsters game, and she's a great sportsman and athlete, but I actually think the fact that she's so nice hurts her. She doesn't have that killer instinct to dominate.
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