1992 Stockholm SF Forget vs Sampras - highlights

Wanted to try my hand in tennis highlights, there it goes. These are extended, maybe too detailed for some but I like the feel of telling a story.

A classic indoor match, serve-heavy and razor tight. Both players had set points in each set and ended up winning the same number of points. Forget had been Sampras's nemesis in 1991-92, winning three of their previous four matches (and still won more points in the USO meeting he lost), so it wasn't surprising to see Pete struggle with the Frenchman's lefty patterns. The key factor was Forget remarkably winning all five tiebreaks they played at the time, highlighting his mental prowess as well as early Sampras's relative trouble in that department before he grew into the god of clutchness we know. In this match, Forget faces 5 set points - all on serve - and one other BP, but makes his first serve on all six attempts and Sampras can't handle that.


Nice little video, thanks for sharing.

Guy was ranked number 4 somewhere in March 91 and ended that year ranked 7 and winning the Davis Cup final beating young Sampras again. He had a very good season with two Masters 1000 in his pocket. That's a pity that he could never reach the semis in any slam. Very complete player, I liked his classic game very much. Later in his career he was bothered by his right knee and never quite came back to his best.

I had the opportunity to hit a few balls with him short after he retired in late 97 and he was very nice. Served two-three times and I couldn't even guess where the ball would go. Impressive. :cool: