2 Dunlop 500G's & Bullet Backpack

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    I have 2 used Dunlop 500G Tennis Racquets for sale. One has a grip size of 4-3/8, is strung with Gamma TNT 16 gauge @ 60 lbs. Both string and racquet show wear. Grip has a Prince Microtac white overgrip that is new. The other racquet has a grip size of 4-5/8, is strung with some kind of Prince string that I honestly cannot read on the stringing label @ 60 lbs. Both string and racquet show wear. New yellow overwrap on grip, not sure the brand. I am also listing along with the racquets a used Dunlop bullet back pack. I used this item this past summer when riding my bike to play tennis but is in great shape, let alone very practical. I enjoyed using these racquets over the past couple of years but have moved onto other frames to better suit my style of play. There are scratches on the sides and top of both frames, something normal that a 3.5 player playing once or twice a week would acquire. Both racquets come with Dunlop vibration dampeners. Pics available if requested.

    I am interested in selling everything for $80 + the cost of S&H.

    Please email kurinadesign@yahoo.com if interested.


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