2 Head LiquidMetal Radical OS Racquets Strung+1FREE $99 8/10

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    All three Agassi racquets are in good share and I newly strung them around 60 lbs an extra $75 in value for free.

    Details: Two identical Head Liquid Metal Radical Agassi oversize racquets in good shape as can be seen in the picture. To make sure this is a perfect fit, one grip is 4 3/8 (more spin strokes) and another one 4 1/2 (more flat strokes)- Most players are somewhere in between these two sizes. The string on both is co-polyester Topsin Cyber (yup, good for topspin). Each of the two Head racquets will come with a cover.

    I have enjoyed playing with these but change is good! I think they are even better with some lead added on the sides (3 and 9) but feel free to remove it when you buy them.

    It's a classic racquet and a lot has been written about it so for independent feedback check the following links. Review: http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Reviews/LMRADO/LMRADOReview.html Customer Feedback: http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/feedback.html?pcode=LMRADO

    In case you purchase the two Head racquets above for $99 or more(not including shipping) you will receive an extra racquet for FREE. It is the white racquet in the picture, a light weight Prince Outlaw, grip 4 1/4 strung with Gamma synthetic - for an arm that needs a light racquet at times:) Customer feedback: http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/feedback.html?pcode=PTO

    Let me know of any questions - J

    Email: spamjadnow(AT)yahoo.com

    Cashier's Check, Money Order , Paypal accepted.:)

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