2 Head LM Radical OS Agassi $85 rating:8/10 +1 Extra

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    I newly strung all 3 racquets at or around 60 lbs


    Two identical Head Liquid Metal Radical Agassi oversize racquets in good shape, grips are 4 3/8 (more spin strokes) and 4 1/2 (more flat strokes). The string on both is co-polyester Topsin Cyber (yup, good for topspin). I still have the cover for both racquets.

    I played with them for a full season (but change is good!) and I think they are even better with some lead added on the sides (3 and 9) but feel free to remove it when you buy them.

    In case you purchase the two racquets above, there might be the option of an extra raquet for $35 (a total of $120 for 3 racquets). It is a light weight Prince Outlaw, grip 4 1/4 strung with Gamma synthetic - for an arm that needs a break or a beginner who wants to hit with you. Customer
    feedback: http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/feedback.html?pcode=PTO

    Let me know of any questions by email.



    Email: jad(underscore)fares(at)yahoo(dot)com

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