2 new full matches Evert v Austin on YT + a 3rd.


Total destruction. How healthy Tracy was here is a question having been out with back trouble but she did not seem in actual pain, denied not being healthy and early round play did not suggest a problem. She was definitely stiff and really having trouble getting to Evert's wide shots so there was a movement problem. Evert won 15 of first 16 return of serve points she played in this match. Tracy only won 1 point on serve in the entire first set. It was the first point in her third service game then she lost the rest of that game then 4 more the next. I can't remember when I have seen that kind of stat on anyone's service games. I am sure I have not seen it in a match between the #2 in the world and the #4 in the world

And then there is this gem. Evert fans have waited and waited forever to see this. It certainly ranks as one of her most pivotal semifinal performances in her entire career but all we saw was 10 minutes of highlights. Chris was absolutely sublime in a comeback 3 setter.
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For equal time, I give you one of Austin's great victories, and the only victory she got in a major. It is a highlight film and it is 20 minutes long, but you sure are not getting more points out of it per minute of footage.

Last from that same year 1979 Clairol

Bud and Billie Jean do the commentary. This cannot a commentators dream match but they try to keep the energy flowing. I will bet Billie Jean did not provide her usual insightful volley critiques in this one. She must have been gnashing her teeth in frustration. Love this Bud quote. 'These women to bite into a point and chew it around, don't they?:
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You do get a sense of how hard Austin hit the ball.
But, also the flexibility/footwork that allowed Evert to be far better on grass than Austin.