2 or 6 pt mounting? Buying Gamma 5800 ELS?


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First, is there really an advantage to 6 pt mounting over 2 pt? The last machine I had was 2 pt and I never had any problems with it.

I'm looking to buy a new Gamma 5800 ELS. I see suntenniscenter on the auction site selling that machine for $2000. I want a linear pull electronic machine and that one looked the best for the money. I'm assuming the new 8800 ELS on their website is probably a lot more money. The 8500 ELS is over a grand more than the 5800 I'm considering. And now according to their website, the 5800 comes in 2pt or 6 pt mounting. Would one be better than the other?

I'd rather spend the extra grand and get a complete package new with warranty instead of adding the Wise head to a cheaper machine. The Gamma floor models just seem like very solid machines all around. Considering that, is the 5800 ELS a good stringer or is there a comparable one with better quality or features for similar money? And it must be a linear pull electronic machine.

Lastly, is suntenniscenter on the auction site a reliable distributor for Gamma machines? I just don't know who to purchase through. I may just call Gamma and ask for a list of authorised retailers.


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DANMAN said:
why not just go through gamma's retail wing? The price is the same.
Didn't even know it existed. I guess when visiting their site, I just jumped to the stringing machine section and that was about it. Where do I find their retail wing? I'm looking at their site again and still don't see it. I did a dealer search and as for the two dealers they list in Hawaii (zip code 96815), I have previously checked both. Neither will sell me a stringing machine. They will not inquire, check pricing, or lift a finger to help. Believe me, I tried. And as in the FAQ from the Gamma site:

Can consumers purchase Gamma Products directly from Gamma?

Currently Gamma is not selling direct to consumers. Our products are available through pro shops, online distributors and national sporting good chains. To locate a dealer in your area please visit our Dealer Locator.


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t-h-a-nks! :mrgreen:

Now do I get it with 2 pt mounting or is it an upgrade to get the 6 pt? Any pros/cons to either? And why is the 2 pt mounting $200 more on the 5800 and 5003 machines? It's the same price on all the others. What gives?!? I hope it's a typo.

I guess I'll also call A-T-S tomorrow and inquire about the mounting and shipping.
The reason there are no conclusions is because no one really knows. Seems like its all just personal preferences and theories but no scientific conclusions. I got the six-point 5800 and it works great but if a two-point is just as well, I would have got that but it wasnt out yet when I purchased it. The Prince two-point models have been around for years in pro-shops etc. and I havent heard any complaints on them. It just seems a lot easier to work around a two-point than a six. I think as long as the two point mounting is solid, and it appears to be, I would go with that.

I believe the two-point is more because there is a knob to adjust the mounting towers forward and back and this has more moving parts then the six point in which the mounts are adjusted by a hex wrench.