2 point mounting racket slippage...

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    Mar 9, 2011
    Hey all. I have a gamma progression 2 and have been stringing with it for 2 years now.

    last night I did a full poly 2-piece job on my wilson blx six.one. I had been doing a blend with gamma syngut in the crosses till now.

    As I string sometimes the mounting fasteners become loose, so I constantly check them for tightness. Well last night as I started pulling crosses i heard some farting noise as it reached full tension, I did check the mounts but assumed it was just a poly on poly noise since id never done full poly before. about 8 crosses in i saw the racket slide in the mount a tad when I pulled the string, which made the fart noise... I really cranked the fasteners down and finished my job, although I'm restringing because the top crosses are slightly looser per my string meter.

    My question is how much damage could this have done to the racket if any? the mounts were still tight and only at the end of the 58 pounds was the racket moving, it was not torquing at all just sliding, no "wobble". Also, I cleaned off the rubber of the mounting parts thinking it may have been dirty, but idk what else I could have done, I tightened it as I always do.... idk why it gets looser while stringing..

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