[2]Rafael Nadal vs [3] Roger Federer 2012 Australian Open Semifinal

Federer or Nadal

  • Federer in 3

    Votes: 39 13.6%
  • Federer in 4

    Votes: 96 33.6%
  • Federer in 5

    Votes: 34 11.9%
  • Federer Retires( Bad Back)

    Votes: 2 0.7%
  • Nadal in 3

    Votes: 11 3.8%
  • Nadal in 4

    Votes: 77 26.9%
  • Nadal in 5

    Votes: 24 8.4%
  • Nadal Retires( Bad Knees)

    Votes: 3 1.0%

  • Total voters


watch fed win and you turn into a blabbering fanboy
Nah, he won't. And if he will, I'l be happy for him. I still like Fed, I still think he's the biggest talent in the sport, I'll continue watching his matches, but my favorite player cannot be so spineless. Sorry.


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Best style, no doubt there. Biggest talent? check! But he's spinless when he faces his main competitor. Fed is a terrific tennis player but he's obviously not the bestt competitor. He gives up, as he did now.
Yes but I care about the tennis part much more than the competitor part.

Fed is still the player I'd watch over any other on tour which still makes him my favourite player.


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i remember a commentator for the TTC said a few years ago about roger: its going to take some great players for roger to play against to keep him from getting bored out there. :)

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Stay with him Rog. At least go down swinging. I don't expect you to win, but make him earn it.

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Nadal's defense is insane!!!

Federer getting tired, it is too physical for him.