2004-07 Federer will have the same career as Dimitrov if he played in 2014 onwards

You said the truth. Plato is dear to me, but dearer still is truth. You might have problems with some Federer fans for opening such thread, but you are right.
Federer beat Djokovic at Roland Garros 2011 and Wimbledon 2012, which means Djokovic never dominated Federer at Wimbledon or Roland Garros when Federer was younger than 32. Dimitrov has never defeated Djokovic in a Grand Slam match.
I disagree with you. I think that OP is spot on with his/her estimate.
nothing wrong with being a journeyman, most aspiring pro players don't even crack the top 100 let alone travel and see the wonders of the world!

i know you sympathize with fed but sometimes the truth is a necessary medicine
not to mention it's supported by the latest studies:

(taken from Lew I and Lew II, 2019, who based their work on Gore et al., 2018)
and the verdict is in!

fed fans in ruins!

sometimes the truth can be so bitter...

PS: i'll try and find another study by Gore et al. (circa 1892) demonstrating the clear evolutionary progression of the game of tennis

fascinating stuff
Thank God he got better and peaked in 2014-15 else his previous versions won't even get to a slam final in this strong era.
Thank God he's the GOAT and the fans of his rival fan bases introduce endless attacking threads about him. Yet he sits atop the heap and has for 10 years now. Obviously that deeply stings fans of all the lesser players. There's hard work and then.... there's genius. :p