2010 National Championship: Crandon Park in Nov

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    The Tennis League Network's 2010 National Championship is set for Crandon Park Tennis Center Nov 5th thru 7th. League winners and players in our Top 100 legacy wins are qualified to attend.

    Check out your local league today:
    http://www.TennisDC.com DC / No. VA Tennis League
    http://www.TennisNorthEast.com Metro Boston Tennis League
    http://www.TennisPhilly.com Metro Philadelphia Tennis League
    http://www.ChiTownTennis.com Chicago Tennis League
    http://www.TennisLosAngeles.com Los Angeles Tennis League
    http://www.TennisSF.com San Francisco Tennis League
    http://www.TennisOC.com Orange County Tennis League
    http://www.Tennis-Miami.com Miami Tennis League

    http://www.Tennis-Atlanta.com Atlanta Tennis League
    http://www.Tennis-Austin.com Austin Tennis League
    http://www.Tennis-Baltimore.com Baltimore Tennis League
    http://www.TennisCleveland.com Cleveland Tennis League
    http://www.Tennis-Orlando.com Orlando Tennis League
    http://www.Tennis-Charlotte.com Charlotte Tennis League
    http://www.TennisCincy.com Cincinnati Tennis League
    http://www.TennisDenver.com Denver Tennis League
    http://www.TennisMinneapolis.com Twin Cities Tennis League
    http://www.TennisNewYork.com NYC Tennis League
    http://www.TennisPortland.com Portland Tennis League
    http://www.Tennis-Raleigh-Durham.com Raleigh Tennis League
    http://www.TennisStLouis.com St. Louis Tennis League
    http://www.Tennis-Seattle.com Seattle Tennis League
    http://www.TennisTampaBay.com Tampa - St. Pete Tennis League
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    ^^I don't think anyone knows that this league even exists... nevermind signing up
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    You need to get out of your little hole.

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