2010 Us Open vs Federer.. Djoker most focused match


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Ir's rare to see Djoker focused during whole match. He always has his moments where his mind is somewhere else.
Same thing with everybody, actually.

I watched high of this match numerous times, and this is def. where he seemed like a different guy.

What do you think?


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I remember feeling Federer's LACK of focus was what defined that match. Federer wins first set, business as usual. Second set... What the hell?? Federer gets back in the drivers seat in third set, and restores order. Fourth set... What the double hell??? And then in the fifth Novak now let off twice went into some trance and to another level. What a mad match. That fifth set was insane. Maybe the only time in his life Djokovic will be cheered in that (or any other) stadium against Federer.


Most focused? Sure.

But more accurately, it was his most DETERMINED match. This was the match where I think he finally got over the mental hurdle of feeling inferior to Nadal and Federer. This was the match where he said "screw it" and really just let his shots fly.
Federer should have won one of those between 2010/2011. Probably 2011 he should have learned his lesson from the year before about weak taps on the gas pedal instead of flooring it.
I think 2010 might be because he underestimated Djokovic but I think he was definitely super focused in 2011, he just couldn't close the deal due to whatever reasons.
Federer had 2 match points ..
Djokovic fires 4 thunderous forehand winners at each corners .
Balls of steel .
Saves match points ,wins the game ,set and match .
Novak played well and deserved the win, especially with how he saved a match point with a crazy swinging forehand volley, but Fed also wussed out because he was more Afraiderer of losing to Nadal in the next round than losing to someone he thought he had under his thumb at the time. Big mistake. At least if Nadal bounced him, he would just have one threat to his slam record. Now he could easily get passed by two players before retirement.