2012 dolgopolov racket


Dolgopolov blx prostaff 95? looks to be a box beam prostaff 6.0 95 with 2012 pj as was the case with dolgopolov's previous 95s.


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Yes, it is said that he uses a PS Original 6.0 95, previously under a BLX paint job and the K-Factor paint job before that (I have a pair of those).
Dolgopolov Racket in June 2013

Here are some recent photos taken of Alexandr's rackets:

As mentioned by others before, it appears to be a Wilson Pro Staff Original 6.0 95 with the paint scheme of a Wilson BLX Pro Staff 95.

It has a 16x18 string pattern, and the photos of the throat shape and bumper guard would suggest that this is the case.

It is a nice little touch that Wilson have incorporated the "16x18" into the paint scheme as well, however if you look closely, the string pattern in the specs in the throat of the racket still says 16x19!



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I owned couple of his rackets in k-factor PJ, definitely PS 6.0 95 Original, but not that head light balance (I estimated it as 7pts strung instead of 10pts), weighted 345g strung and had really really tiny sweet spot. Also had around 330g swing weight and it was not as effortless to swing as with PS 6.0 95. Definitely Wilson used PS Original mold but I think it had different layup and 100% different specs. Racket seemed to be much more demanding than Original. Just my 2 cents..


^Given how "stretchy" he is, I think he'd loose his arm if the racquet was more headlight. He has insane racquet head speed. BTW, when Federer received his first custom Wilson racquets, they made it extremely close in looks to the retail version. Or maybe the other way around. It was hard to tell which one was which one without swinging, exception made of few obvious graphical differences. Very accurate paintjobs.
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With the tiny sweetspot he has mentioned by others above? Not really no. You don't move up in head size to get a smaller sweetspot.
The PS 6.0 95 Original also has a tiny sweetspot so nothing's changed with Dolgopolov's custom version.