2012 Luxilon Playtest

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  1. pvaudio

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    Jul 13, 2009
    No, it's the exact same string. It's across the board average.
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    Jan 25, 2010
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    how are you able to be sure it's the exact same string? if i recall correctly the 2011 Lux string playtest was for 2 strings. 1 yellow/orangish and 1 green.
  3. pvaudio

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    Jul 13, 2009
    Because I got the gold then, it was called 4G then, and I got the gold now, it's called 4G now, and it strung and feels identical. I don't really think I need more evidence than that lol
  4. mad dog1

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    Jan 25, 2010
    13 Elm St, Baker, CA 96666
    just wondering cuz i don't remember it being called 4G then. i just recall it being called the gold prototype string. i seem to remember that the gold string was more gold than this one. the color of this one looks almost like BBO. i thought the gold prototype was structured based on your macro photos. is this one also structured?

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  5. pvaudio

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    Jul 13, 2009
    Nope, it was 4G, and then even some pros were using it and on stringing sheets it was called 4G (Nishikori for sure I remember).
  6. mad dog1

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    Jan 25, 2010
    13 Elm St, Baker, CA 96666
    feedback was pretty mediocre on the gold prototype string. i'm surprised luxilon decided to release it.
  7. pvaudio

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    Jul 13, 2009
    And yep, it's the exact same smooth but ridged look as well. I just didn't post the images since it's the same stuff.
  8. Lefty78

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    Jan 16, 2009
    Got to hit 2hrs with the 4G yesterday...

    Aggressive all-court game, 1hbh (topspin and slice) and I like to flatten out my forehand when the opportunity presents itself. I have zero problems generating my own pace.

    Racquet (strung specs):
    Dunlop Aerogel 100
    362 Gr
    323 mm BP
    350 SW

    49# in a full bed
    No drama stringing the racquet, definitely easier than other Luxilon offerings, but the string is rather prone to kinking.

    On court:
    First impression was that the string is rather muted and low-powered, very comfortable, and offers good control. Spin production was nothing to write home about.

    After 15 min hitting, my feeling was that the biggest strength of this string was that it didn't seem to have too many weaknesses. The biggest weakness was lack of touch/feel even for a poly.

    By the second hour, the strings were moving a little more than I would have liked. Additionally, I found myself overhitting on some short balls. I suppose I could have strung a little tighter, but this was really the deal-breaker for me for reasons I've outlined below.

    It seems to me that Luxilon has created a string that goes dead very quickly, but still remains playable long after that. For players who are looking to get 10-15 hours out of a poly this could be an option, so long as they are willing to string the racquet tight and let the strings break in. I'm a tournament player though, and I want to pull a freshly strung racquet from the bag which will give me immediate and consistent performance for at least the majority of a match. I don't care if I have to cut them out afterwards, and this offering just didn't fit the bill. I think Luxilon clearly made some sacrifices with this string to keep it playable for the long-haul. Definitely not what the brand is known for. Assuming the strings have the typical Luxilon price tag, I'm only further discouraged. It's just not my cup of tea, but hey, one man's trash is another man's treasure.
  9. OnyxZ28

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    Sep 14, 2004
    Played three sets yesterday, alternating between my normal setup, APDGT+ with TB 18 at 48, and an APDGT+ with 4G at 48, both full beds.

    In summary, there was not much about this string I liked. In all aspects it didn't hold a candle to Tour Bite 18, except for durability, which is TBA.

    I'm an aggressive 3.5 baseliner, in plain english, it means I tend to hit straight into the back fence more often than I hit a ball in.

    The 4G full bed felt much stiffer than TB18, and as I recall felt stiffer than any of the ALU offerings. The initial feel reminded me of BB Ace.

    Power: The test string was low powered. I had to take even bigger cuts at the ball than I normally do to produce a similar effect. 5/10

    Spin: The test string was not very spin friendly. TB18, ALU and ALU rough, even at similar guages are adept at producing a bounding ball that explodes off the court. Not so with 4G -- my opponent commented on how much less spin I was getting with it compared with my normal ball. If I had another set I would maybe drop the tension to 40lbs. 3/10

    Feel: What feel? This string feels very muted, in contrast to the rawness of the ALU series and broken in TB.

    Control: Directional control was on par with TB.

    Comfort: I've played full beds of TB and ALU Rough in the ADPGT+ at similar tensions, even past their points of deadness, with no comfort issues. Unfortunately that wasn't the case with this test string. Although not overtly painful at impact, over the course of the set my hand and brachialis became a little sore. The soreness went away after going back to the TB racket.

    Durability: All I can say so far is that it hasn't broken yet. Iw as half expecting premature breakage given the kinkage issues I had during stringing.

    Tension Maintenance: The string dropped some in tension. If the question is how long before it became unplayable, my response is that it was near unplayable to begin with.
  10. TheLambsheadrep

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    Jul 14, 2007
    On Lxn fb page: "Tried the 4G (thanks for the shirt!) It was softer than what I am use to, but I am a fan of polys. So depending on the price I would try it again for sure."

    This is the first tennis I've played since moving down to Raleigh, it's good that my girlfriend has enough time to play and help me test this out. I wonder how the huge increase in humidity affected this test, and how it will affect my game whenever I play outdoors...

    I did a full set up of the poly, love the full goldish color. tension was at 57lbs, a normal tension for me but higher than normal for polys. I have been getting into kevlar hybrids between 57 and 63lbs, and believe it or not, my arm is just fine. I was using a Head TT Raddical Tour OS (1998) for the test.

    The power level was fine, since my higher stringing tension lowered the general power of the string. Since this was a softer poly, I did need to adjust to the swing power to play the ball the way i normally do. Full swings are a must.

    As touched on before, it felt on the softer side of the polys ive used before. I playtested and loved the Beast XP string, and this was in the same ball park.

    I was able to get about the same amount of spin from the polys i have used. I switched to kevlar because I can really feel the bite and see the spin, which wasnt happening with the poly all the time. I tend to hit flatter, but when wanting to, I was able to get a good amount of topspin for sure.

    Being a softer poly, it was comfortable on the arm, but I prefer the firmer strings myself. Durability should be fine, I played about 2.5 hours in one shot with it and didn't notice anything that would suggest otherwise. Tension maintenance was about right for polys, but I don't pick up all that well on tension until the pop in my serve starts to go.

    Control was there for the most part. Serving was fine, I was able to get some good spin while hitting my spots on the second serve. For the most part, I felt like I was able to get the ball to where I wanted to go as long as I was in position to do so.

    Compared to the Kevlar/Syn gut hybrids I am using, the 4G has less bite, less pop, and less of the general feel I like. But it has more power, slightly more control, and more playability. I may recommend someone string it in the normal tension range (where my tension is prob higher than normal) to get the best results out of the poly.

    Summary - I liked the spin off the serve. Didn't have the most pop ive ever played with, but was def up there with spin an placement. I did not like that it had less pop and was more mushy than my kevlar. There was no glaring weakness of the string, and if it were on the inexpensive side, like mentioned above, I would try it out again for sure.
  11. tyu1314

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    Oct 31, 2011
    Thank you TW for letting me be a part of the playtest.
    I just recieved the string today, i usually strung my bhbr 16g at 53lb,any suggestion for the tension?
  12. ewberner

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    Mar 9, 2011
    Same tension so it is a true test.
  13. mrmo1115

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    Mar 11, 2007
    Have 2 racquets strung

    Lux 4G/VS Touch 55/57
    Lux 4G 55

    My normal setup is

    PHT/VS Touch 55/57

    I'll post my review of the full and hybrid. I will also compare it to my normal hybrid of choice and let you guys know my order of preference.
  14. ewberner

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    Mar 9, 2011
    You got multiple sets?
  15. Lefty78

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    Jan 16, 2009
    Cool, have fun with it. How'd you get two sets?

    I'll be happy to post my feedback on ALU Power if Luxilon wants to send me a reel. :twisted:
  16. Lex

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    Jul 2, 2009
    Full set
    Tension used for playtest: 51#
    Regular string set up: Weiss Canon Mosquito Bite 18g
    Racquet brand and model used for test: Head IG Prestige Pro
    Power of test string: Fairly Low
    Feel: Stiff
    Spin: Average for a rounded poly
    Comfort: Stiff, muted feel, might be a problem for TE sufferers
    Durability: Very good to above average
    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable): Better than average poly
    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?): Good control for a low-powered string
    Compare to the string you use most often: Stiffer and less power than WC Mosquito Bite. Less feel (due to gauge)
    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?): I'd suggest mid to upper 40's. String was very stiff and board-like
    Summary: Very stiff, heavy coil memory, controllable string. I might consider this offering in a thinner gauge!!

    4.5 NTRP Player
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  17. m1stajk

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    Apr 20, 2012
    After hitting with this string again after about 2 days i noticed a great tension maintenance compared to my normal setup which is a full bed of tourbite which also has pretty good tension maintenance. The strings actually felt alot better after i had let the strings sit in the racket for a few days. I would say that the tension maintenence is a great plus for luxilon 4G
  18. rdis10093

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    Feb 28, 2011
    have fun with the free set guys, my friend says that this one is going to cost more than alu rough
  19. mrmo1115

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    Mar 11, 2007
    My TW set actually didn't come in until yesterday... **** already has the string and they were able to provide me 2 packages!
  20. ewberner

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    Mar 9, 2011
    Sounds like you lucked out.
  21. joness82

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    May 27, 2007
    havent hit yet but stringing with 4g

    I noticed a little more coil memory with 4g than the original or alu 125. I really liked how the string glided across itself when pulling closes. I didn't feel like there was almost any friction burn.

    will post play test results tomorrow
  22. Cfidave

    Cfidave Professional

    Apr 4, 2004
    4G Playtest

    STRINGING: The string is unique champagne gold in color ( see pics ) . It looks to be a 16L gauge with average coil memory for a poly. The string felt soft and elastic right out of the package. Stringing presented no problems, crosses were easy as the string seem to have a slippery feel. I did not experience any kinking. I chose a two piece method, stringing top to bottom on the crosses. One of the easier polys to string.

    TENSION: 50lbs mains, 48lbs crosses, full bed, constant pull electronic machine.

    RACQUET: Head IG Youtek Prestige Pro 16x19, 354grams, 8pts HL

    REFERENCE STRING: MSV Focus Hex Soft 17L, full bed.

    GROUND STROKES: I am a USTA league and tournament player with eastern forehand and one hand backhand , aggressive baseliner, likes to hit hard, moderate spin, flat first serve, American twist second serve.
    POWER: Flat ground strokes, both forehand and backhand had good pace with good depth. When hit in the sweet spot, I was rewarded with a nice “ thrack” . Off center shots lost a good bit of pace and were immediately evident by a fair amount of jarring. I would call this a medium power poly, less powerful then my reference string.
    SPIN: Forehand and backhand topspin strokes had decent spin, but substantially less then my reference string. Slice backhands seem to have more bite and actually penetrated the court nicely. Since this is a smooth string, I found spin to be about average for a poly.
    CONTROL: This is where this Luxilon string really stands out. I found I could hit out with complete confidence. The ball would find the corners and the baseline time and time again. Return of serve was an absolute joy, taking full swings on slower serves or chipping back harder serves, was no problem. Volleys were precise and could be hit with authority and still retain control. One of the better control polys I have played in quite a while.
    TOUCH/FEEL: Drop shots, angle volleys, lob volleys, were all helped out by this string. I found nice ball pocketing from the string bed. This string does not appear to have “ hot spots” or exhibit any uncontrollable spring from the sweetspot.
    COMFORT: The string felt somewhat stiff for the first 40 minutes of hitting, then played much softer and much more comfortable through out the play test. I would rate it as a moderately soft poly, not quite as soft as my reference string, but by no means as stiff as Lux Alu. I would not string it too much higher then my 50/48, in a full bed, if you have arm issues.
    STRING MOVEMENT: None, and I mean zip.

    SERVE: I hit serves in both playing conditions and also from a 100 ball hopper.
    FLAT SERVE: I found the flat serve to lack my normal pace. I am usually around the 90-100mph range. I would say my flat serve was off by 5-7 mph on average. I was not able to get my normal pop on the serve down the “T” , or out wide. This was confirmed by my hitting partner. Placement, however, was very good. I was hitting my spots a larger percentage of the time.
    SLICE SERVE The slice serve out wide in the deuce court, and down the middle in the add court, was about the same as my reference string. It had good spin, and placement was good.
    KICK SERVE: I found my kick serve was not jumping up as high, or kicking away as much as I usually see with my reference string. I think the lack of some pace and spin probably account for this.

    DURABILITY: The 4G string continued to play well through out the test period. This includes about 10 hours of on court time, 60% doubles, 40% singles. I did not notice the string going dead, or lacking performance.

    TENSION MAINT: The string dropped about 4 lbs after 7 hours of play, and seemed to hold at this point.

    LIKES/DISLIKES I like the control and solid feel of this string. I always felt confident hitting out on almost all shots. I also like the comfort and feel of this string. My main complaint would be primarily the lack of spin, and pop on serve. Big servers may not notice this as much, but I look for the string to help me out, at least a little. If I were to continue with this string, I might lower the tension a bit, or possibly use it as a cross with natural gut mains. The latter setup could yield a really nice powerful stringbed, with lots of control. Thanks again to TENNIS WAREHOUSE for the opportunity to test the string, and the great T shirt.

  23. Lefty78

    Lefty78 Professional

    Jan 16, 2009
    4G Follow-Up

    This is in reference to my original playtest, post #108

    The racquet was strung on Monday night 8/13, the test was performed Tuesday evening 8/14.

    As I previously noted, I perceived tension dropping during my first hitting session- I was struggling with overhitting in the second hour. My initial plan was to hit again on Wednesday, but unfortunately got washed out. I didn't have the chance to play again until today, Friday 8/17.

    Right from the get-go the launch angle was way higher than I would like. (Given the strings have now been in the frame 4 days) My first couple balls were almost into the fence before I adjusted. It was like a totally different racquet, but it made me wonder if I had been slowly adjusting to the increasing launch angle even during that first session without fully realizing it.

    Anyway, the racquet was still comfortable, as if the strings still had some sort of life in them, but it wasn't anything I would want to play with given the choice.

    The bottom line is that I don't think I could find a tension that would allow me to feel comfortable across more than an hour of hitting, unless I was willing to play with a board for the first hour+ which I'm not.

    Thank you to TW and Lux for the opportunity though!
  24. swfh

    swfh Semi-Pro

    Aug 8, 2011
    Strung it up in a hybrid with gosen 16 in the crosses, 52,54. The string did not stretch at all in my klippermate, and was easy to do. Bouncing it around, it feels low powered, and control oriented. I don't think that it will be crazy in the spin department. Playing tomorrow, will report.
  25. Nostradamus

    Nostradamus Talk Tennis Guru

    Nov 30, 2011
    In the future
    are you open level usta tournament player ?
  26. mlocke1322

    mlocke1322 Rookie

    Nov 15, 2011
    Full set or hybrid: Hybrid w/ Solinco Vanquish crosses

    Tension used for playtest: 50/52

    Regular string set up: Solinco Revolution/Vanquish

    Racquet brand and model used for test: Dunlop Biomimetic Max200G

    Power of test string: This string felt considerably lower powered than the Revolution I use. The pro of this was that you could take big cuts at the ball and keep it in. However, I found it took more to get the ball deeper in the court than usual. Serving also had much less pop on it but was easy to place and move around consistently. I really missed the free points that come with the extra power of the Revolution in my typical setup. Overall 6/10 on power.

    Feel: This was a nice solid feeling string during play. Felt especially good when you are in the sweet spot and I didn't find it to be very jarring on off center shots. When volleying, I had good directional control and feel, some of which is probably due to the fact that I played it in a hybrid with a multi in the crosses. Groundstrokes also felt easy to move the ball around the court when needed. I liked the feel on backhand slices and it kept the ball consistently low. Overall 8/10

    Spin: Nothing out of the ordinary here. Played like most other smooth polys. I typically play with geometric polys like Revolution or Tour Bite which definitely generate more spin. the string was effective on my backhand slice at keeping it low. There was a big dropoff in spin production on my groundstrokes, drop shots and kick serves. Serving was tough as I felt I could no longer get my second serve to kick up and come out of my opponent's strike zones a bit more. Overall 6/10

    Comfort: During play, I found this to be a pretty comfortable string. However this week I have noticed more soreness in my shoulder and elbow than usual. I think some of this is a by-product of compensating for the lack of power by swinging harder. After I finished each hitting session, I definitely felt more fatigue in my shoulder and arm. Overall 6/10

    Durability: Durability seems pretty solid. I have about 7 hours on the strings and they show little wear. Since they are somewhat smooth, they definitely aren't chewing through my multifilament crosses like a shaped poly does. Comparatively, they seem to be in line with the other polys I have played recently. Overall 7/10

    Tension maintenance: 7 hours in, the strings are just now starting to move around in the string bed. Nothing major and they are easily snapped back into place. These were strung at 50 to start with and I haven't noticed a loss of tension large enough to impact performance yet. Overall 7/10

    Control: String produced easily controllable shots. The lack of power created a bit of an issue for me with consistently keeping the ball deep into the court. Many groundstrokes were landing around mid-court where as typically I am able to keep the ball closer to the baseline. Volleying offered good control as did slices when I wanted to keep the ball low. Overall 7/10

    Compare to the string you use most often: The lack of power and spin was immediately noticeable compared to the Solinco Revolution I typically have in the mains. I missed the pop on my serve and groundstrokes as well as the ability to play the ball into the back of the court. The Luxilon perhaps had a bit more of a "solid" feel to it but I would sacrifice that to gain the spin and power back. Comfort was also an issue as I found myself more sore and fatigued than usual after hitting with the 4G. Overall, this was an average playing poly that didn't do anything well enough to justify a switch, especially considering it will most assuredly carry a Luxilon price when it comes to market.

    Tension recommendations: I thought my test tension of 50lbs was fine. I personally would not string it any higher than 50-52 as it was already making me sore. If anything, I would consider dropping it down to 49 or 48 since it seems to have decent enough tension maintenance not to immediately become a rocket launcher at lower tensions.

    Likes: Color looks good in Max200G, very solid feel on contact, easy directional control and touch.

    Dislikes: Very low power, lacks spin production of shaped poly, created more fatigue.

    Overall this was a 6.5 or 7 out of 10 for me. It fit in with lots of other smooth polys that I have played with but was one of the most low powered I can remember playing recently. Luxilon 4G played as an average, all around poly. It does many things decently but nothing superbly. For me, this lack of standout performance characteristics (especially power and spin), coupled with the premium price point I'm sure it has would keep me from considering switching to it. Still, thanks to TW and Luxilon for the opportunity and for the t-shirt!
  27. Cfidave

    Cfidave Professional

    Apr 4, 2004
    Now playing senior 4.5 USTA. The age thing has arrived, lol.
  28. !<-_->!

    !<-_->! Professional

    Feb 21, 2004
    Racquet: Wilson KBlade 98
    Tension: 53lbs, full bed

    Stringing it was ok. I expected it to be softer than ALU based on the TW review, but it still felt pretty stiff. It was only slightly easier to string than the ALU. I would attribute this to a slightly slicker coating compared to ALU.

    Playtest to follow

    - Hit with it briefly for 5 minutes and put it down. Felt far too firm and uncomfortable. Will try to hit with it again today.

    - Hit with for about an hour
    Power of test string: Power seemed ok. I haven't been using any 1 string lately, but I would say it's lower than all the ones I have been using. Currently have a Still In Black playtest string in my other racquet. This is definitely lower in power compared to that. That being said, it wasn't anything where I couldn't adjust to. Definitely wouldn't expect this string to randomly launch balls. If it were to happen, it'd be user error and not because of any overwhelming power from the string.

    Feel: The feel was very firm. Definitely didn't find it as easy for more delicate shots as compared to softer polys. The firm feel does translate to a more solid feel however when striking the sweetspot. Anything outside of the sweetspot was not met with good results however. Instant drop off when this happened and a bit jarring as well.

    Spin: Average. Nothing more and nothing less. I don't expect round polys to generate anything extra so this was no surprise. I didn't find it hard to generate topspin, but it was not as if the string generated overwhelming topspin or anything.

    Comfort: The first time I've ever had elbow problems as a result of hitting. This string was uncomfortable the first time I hit with it. After an hour hit I now have elbow pain. Needless to say, these 2 hitting sessions will be all these strings see for now. Very uncomfortable.

    Durability: Some very minor notching after an hour. But I think this is normal. Cannot really comment more beyond that.

    Tension maintenance: Not bad. Was actually hoping for it to drop off a bit to soften up, but is still very firm compared to when I first strung it. Can only assume tension has remained relatively stable.

    Control: The lower power did translate to not overhitting, but resulted in shorter depth. I could control the ball, but it was hard to control the depth. If I had more time with it I'm sure it would be ok. As of now, it is just average.

    Would not use it due to the inherent stiffness of the string and the ensuing results of tennis elbow. Other than that, just a very average string. Found ALU Power to play better and I'm not that big of a fan of that either. Prefer the softer co-polys.
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  29. wrxinsc

    wrxinsc Professional

    Jul 10, 2010
    Cackalacky South
    Full set or hybrid: Hybrid w/ Babolat N.vy 16 in crosses

    Tension used for playtest: 52/54 (Assuming the 4G is a 16L tested initial tension with RT as 53.7)

    Regular string set up: B5E / N.vy

    Racquet brand and model used for test: Volkl X8 300

    Power of test string: Potential power was down from my normal string even though I strung 2 lbs. less than usual. Interestingly the power level was adequate and very predictable even though the initial hits felt very board-like and stiff. After about an hour or so of singles drill, etc. the string bed became much less stiff feeling without losing any of the feel and control. So while this string was less powerful than some other poly hybrids I have used, the power level was fine and the consistent application of power far offset any loss of it.

    Feel: Extra good. I really like the feel of Lux strings and this one doesn't disappoint. This string combined really well with the N.vy in my racquet. Volley, drop shot, slice off speed - all exceptional. Even though a Poly I felt very connected to the ball and was able to control pace, spin, and direction easily. I didn't find a shot that lost an appropriate response or feel. Off center shots didn't really register which was a bit of a surprise considering how stiff the string seems to be. I liken this string bed to a scalpel.

    Spin: Perfectly fine for a smooth poly. I have been playing with a shaped poly lately and really like Lux rough; I didn't notice that I was being penalized for playing with a smooth poly. The strings are snapping back nicely over the silicon coating of the N.vy 16. The amount of spin was also nicely modulated here, which is a problem area with the shaped strings for me.

    Comfort: As a hybrid anyway I haven't noticed anything out of the usual. Certainly not a comfort string, but nothing out of the ordinary for a quality poly.

    Durability: I really haven't played with it long enough to determine, but I don't usual break a poly before it loses so much tension it is unplayable. I'll follow up on this...

    Tension maintenance: Initial tension right off the stringer was 53.7. After about 4 hours of play I am reading 51.4 for a tension loss of 4.2% which is about on par for high quality ploys crossed with nat gut in my experience. So far so good. Playability has been very consistent since the string bed settled in after about an hour of play. I will take a reading after each session and update because tension maintenance is one of the attributes I am looking for with this string.

    Control: Amazing. Other than maybe Lux Rough and Natural Gut in its honeymoon period nothing I have played with works better than this hybrid combo for my racquet and game. Easy control of direction, depth, and spin across a full variety of shots. Very predictable.

    Compare to the string you use most often: I really like my current setup of B5E and N.vy. as a reasonably affordable hybrid. And I have played really well with it. This string compares very favorably to that set up. Less powerful but more predictable and a much better feel. A very solid hit that compliments my racquet. Also better off center than the B5E. If tension maintenance holds true with this string I would consider switching.

    Tension recommendations: A starting point of 52 / 54 with an initial drop to 51.4 seems about right for me.


    Likes: Very solid feel on contact even off center, easy directional, depth and spin control with touch. Very solid all around string allowing me to hit away or play a touch shot.

    Dislikes: We shall see. Could be price? I will update after a match and some more hours of play relative to tension.

    After four hours of practice and drills this string is an 8.5 to 9.5 out of 10 for me. I will update after a match.
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  30. martyr444

    martyr444 Rookie

    Oct 11, 2008
    String first impression stringing-Very little stretch felt; only string I have that stretches less than this is my Ashaway Kevlar. I knew the string bed was going to be extra tight but I wanted to compare it to my usual setups without any other variables.

    Full set or hybrid-Hybrid on one Racket with Solinco Tour Bite 16L, the other had the BHB7 mains.

    Tension used for playtest-Normal 60lbs was used.

    Regular string set up-Tour Bite or BHB7 or Genesis Twisted Razor or Ashaway Kevlar 18 Mains with either Scorpion or Silver String Crosses at 60lbs.

    Racquet brand and model used for test-Donnay-x white 99

    Power of test string-With such low stretch added to my crosses it really tightened up the string bed so there was a little loss of power. Since I swing out at every ball this doesn’t affect me much.

    Feel-A little less feel but I mostly come to the net to finish a point off except in doubles.

    Spin-I hit very heavy spin so this didn’t affect me much either, but did notice a little less jump on my ball.

    Comfort-My arm has never been affected by Kevlar at high tensions so this was fine in the comfort area.

    Durability-Since I used it for a cross string durability did not come into play after 6 sets. It seems like it would be a durable string, but not sure on how long before the playability goes out the door.

    Tension maintenance-6 sets of heavy hitting and didn’t feel much tension loss.

    Control-The trajectory was very predictable and I was able to flatten out my shots especially on returns without fear of it going out; this caused my ball to skid more then usual which through the timing off on my opponents. I only know one swing speed and that’s full bore so I can’t comment much on that.

    Compare to the string you use most often-My flat serves were going in at a higher percentage and still with good pace; again they were skidding more throwing off my opponents that are used to my game. My spin serve did lose a little hop.

    Ground strokes were lower in trajectory and I could hit out much more on my flat shots. A little less feel on touch shots but mostly when I come in I’m hitting out on swinging volleys. Most of my touch shots are used in doubles and I did have to adjust a little at first with the stiffer string bed.

    Tension recommendations-For me and my game, I would lower my crosses about 3lbs to give them a little better feel and just a slight more power.

    Summary-I like the tighter bed for my flat shots but miss a little of my usual spin. I was able to win all of my matches with the change of string, so it didn’t throw off my confidence. In the end, I still over all prefer my current set up.

    Thanks for test strings as I do enjoy the chance to find my next favorite string and I alway love experimenting. :)
  31. swfh

    swfh Semi-Pro

    Aug 8, 2011
    Luxilon 4g Review

    I strung this as a hybrid with gosen 16 natural in the crosses. The mains were strung at 52lbs, and the crosses 54, on a klippermate. While stringing, I noticed that the strings did not stretch at all. I chose to do a hybrid over full poly because none of the pros who use this string use it in a full bed. They always hybrid it.

    My regular string setup constantly changes, but I have very much liked Big Hitter Blue Rough and Isospeed Baseline spin with gosen in the crosses, and at the same tension used above.

    I used a Dunlop aerogel 4d 300 tour, with lead in the hoop.

    Power: This string was not powerful in the slightest. I really had to swing to get some pop, but even then, it wasn't all that much. I did enjoy the fact that I have to provide my own power though.

    Feel: This string had a lot of touch. drop shots were beautiful , and i was able to play volleys where I wanted to. It was not stiff, but crisp. On forehands from the baseline, I was able to feel the ball as I hit it; not something that usually happens.

    Spin: This string was not all that good in the spin department, but since I have a sort of loopy forehand, it actually helped flatten out my strokes. This is no BHBR. It doesn't win points for you.

    Comfort: I have never had any elbow problems, so pretty much every string is nice and comfy. It was not mushy, but crisp.

    Durability: After 4 hours of play today, I did not see any notching, but I rarely do this early, as my frame has an 18x20 string pattern. I'll have to see if I will cut it out first, or break it.

    Tension Maintenance: I didn't notice a change while playing, but I will update this the next time that I play.

    Control: As this string was low powered, the trajectory was predictable. Not all that high, and not all that low. Sort of a medium throw.

    Compared to BHBR: I did like this more than BHBR, in the sense that this is a more advanced players string. It is meant for someone who has dependable strokes, and doesn't need to get lucky with crazy topspin. There was not as much spin, but I don't think that it made a difference.

    Tension recommendations: I would leave mine at the same tension. It is in that area where going too tight would make it too low powered, and making it looser would make it like a generic poly. I think that the point of this string is to be low powered, so why string it looser to make it powerful?

    Summary: 1. I liked the fact that using this string makes you focus on your strokes, and made my forehand less loopy.

    2. I also loved the feel. This is my favorite setup for volleys.

    I disliked the fact that it was low powered, but I think that it was what luxilon intended.

    Thanks to TW and Lux for the string and shirt. This was a very fun play test.
  32. Dho

    Dho New User

    Jun 23, 2011

    Full set or hybrid

    Tension used for playtest:

    Regular string set up
    -Tecnifibre E-matrix 50lbs

    Racquet brand and model used for test
    -Babolat Pure Drive Roddick 2012

    Power of test string
    -Power was average for a poly nothing special. I can't say much more about that. 5/10

    -I could tell exactly where the ball was on the string bed and I could place the ball where ever I wanted with controlled topspin. 7/10

    -I found that this string did not really assist spin production that much. However, for a non-textured mono-filament, I would say it was average. 5/10

    -Absolutely none. It felt like I was hitting with plywood. One of the most uncomfortable mono-filaments I have ever used. 1/10

    -Fine, I don't break polyesters. 10/10

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)
    -Too early to comment but I suspect it will last about a total of 4 - 5 hours. Average for a polyester. 5/10

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)
    -Excellent. I could place the ball where I wanted to easily with nice topspin on it. 8/10

    Compare to the string you use most often
    -Compared to the multi-filaments I normally use, Tecnifibre Multifeel and E-Matrix, It was terrible. The control was better but not enough to warrant all of the other issues it presented such as lack of additional pop and total lack of comfort. Compared to other polyesters, it performed similarly to Wilson Spin Cycle except this string was significantly less comfortable.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?)
    -I thought 40lbs would reduce the inherent stiffness of this polyester like how it does when I use other polyesters but I just could not tolerate how this string felt. I would recommend to string it lower than 50lbs IF you like stiff polyesters. If you don't I wouldn't recommend this string at all.

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
    -The control was very good and the color looks nice in some frames. However, the stiffness that I felt was too big of a matter for me to consider using this. I mainly use multi-filaments and natural gut but I do like to test soft polyesters and use them occasionally. I just cannot find myself recommending this to anyone. Luxilon's ALU Power Rough provides all of the same characteristics but with more spin. Unless you like to use a polyester and hit fairly flat I can't find a reason this string would benefit you over other Luxilon strings.

    OVERALL: 4.1/10
  33. vichid

    vichid New User

    Oct 5, 2011
    Full set or hybrid: Full set

    Tension for Playtest: 58 lbs

    Regular string set up: Babolat VS Touch/Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power

    Racquet brand and model used for test: Babolat Pure Storm GT

    Power of test string: The string felt more low powered compared to the Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power strings that I usually hit with and hybrid with my usual set up. The power with the serve was also not that great. What it lacks with power it makes up for in feel and comfort.

    Feel: When playing the volleys it felt great. It was easy to control the direction and depth of the volleys on the court. the finesse touch volleys and drop shots felt much more effortless compared to the usual set up with big banger ALU power.

    Spin: Creating spin was easy, although the sacrifice of power did make it tough to hit solid topspin ground strokes. However, the slice and slice volleys were decent. Not as great as other polys I've played with that are either shaped or textured.

    Comfort: Compared to my usual set up, not as comfortable, however for a full bed of poly, the strings felt soft and comfortable. However, I've had played with full bed polys before, and soreness developed most likely due to compensating for the lack of power.

    Durability: I've never had broken poly beds before. As with many other polys I've played with, durability is not an issue.

    Tension maintenance: Interestingly enough, the tension maintenance of this string is awesome. Played with it for 5 hours after it was strung and another 5 hours the next day for a total of 10 hours and loss of tension was not noticeable as with other polys I have played with.

    Control: The control on volleys were great. Easy to redirect the shots and add the right amount of touch. The control on the groundstrokes, both forehand and backhand, was tough due to the lower power. Could not consistently get decent groundstrokes due to compensating for lack of power.

    Compare to the string you use most often: Compared to the Nat Gut and ALU Power hybrid set up it does lack in power and comfort. However, I think that this would be a great substitute to the ALU power string that I usually use in my set up due to it's soft feel and great control that would compliment my game.

    Tension recommendations: Since I had it strung at 58, due to it's lack of power, I'd probably string it much lower from what I played with. Most likely around 50 lbs as a start.

    Primary Likes: The better comfort compared to other polys and it's feel. It also had great tension maintenance.

    Primary Dislikes: The lack of power was the big detractor for this string and not enough spin (albeit this is a smooth poly).

    Overall, as a full bed, I did not like it. I feel that hybrid-ing with a softer string either a multi-filament or Gut would be a set up due to it's comfort and feel for a poly and better tension maintenance compared to other polys. When this hits the market, I will definitely try a set up of Natural Gut and Luxilon 4G and I think it'd be a great combination for a control oriented player.
  34. headigseeker

    headigseeker New User

    Apr 6, 2011
    Before I give my review, I just want to thank Tennis Warehouse and Luxilon for allowing me to be a part of this rewarding string playtest. Also, thanks for the free t-shirt!

    Stringing Process: I know that I am not the best stringer in the world, but these strings were quite easy to string. The crosses were noticeably easier to string, as they seemed to have more of a slippery feeling. I used a full bed of the luxilon playtest string. I strung at 56 pounds for both mains and crosses.

    Regular String: full bed of Technifibre Black Code 16

    Regular Racket: Head Youtek Prestige Pro 16x19

    Power: Compared to my reference string, this string was less powered in general. There was a noticeable drop in power on off-centered shots. The ball would usually float over the net with little pace.

    Spin: Compared to my reference string, my forehand and backhand had comparable spin. The backhand slice seemed to travel deeper in the court. There were no real surprises on spin, as this is a poly.

    Feel: Compared to my reference string, the feel from the string was a little better. My touch volleys and drop shots were all had a little more finesse to them, but nothing spectacular.

    Comfort: Compared to my reference string, the strings needed to be broken in a little after a fresh string job. The strings were definitely stiffer at first, but after about an hour of moderate hitting, they softened up nicer, and much to my liking. Some of it may be due to the higher tension for the string, but nevertheless after an hour of hitting, they felt great on my arm.

    Durability: This set of Luxilon playtest strings played well during the 15 hours I’ve used them so far. The strings did not really go dead or anything yet, which is definitely a plus.

    Tension Maintenance: The string was stiff after the fresh string job, but dropped a couple of pounds after about an hour of hitting. No noticeable drop since the initial drop.

    Control: Compared to my reference string, the control I found on this racket was unbelieveable. I would be taking big swings at the ball, bigger than normal, and the ball would somehow find the sidelines and baseline repeatedly. Control on the serve and returns were also noticeably better than compared to my reference string.

    Tension Recommendation: I would probably string it around 52 or 53 next time. I think that if I strung it lower, it would shorten the hour I needed for the strings to loosen up a little.

    Likes and Dislikes: After this playtest, I have grown to like the control from these strings the most out of all categories. The next like in the list would probably be tension maintenance; it seemed to only drop a couple pounds and then hold tension from there. My main dislike would probably be the amount of spin I produced with this racket was nothing better than my current string. Although this really isn’t a dislike, I had higher expectations for the string category for this playtest.
  35. jim e

    jim e Legend

    Aug 4, 2007
    Tension for Playtest: 47 lbs (strung with electronic constant pull machine)

    Full set or Hybrid: Full set

    Regular string set up: Wilson Nat. gut full set 64lbs.

    Racquet brand and model used for test: Head Radical Tour OS

    Ease of stringing: about as easy as other polys an easy to handle string

    Power of test string: Medium Power poly. Had good depth once I adjusted for this string. 4/5

    Feel: drop shots and volleys A+ with this string, very good feel. 4.5/5

    Spin: I am an old school more flat ball hitter but also spin when needed this string seemed typical spin for poly. Was able to produce more spin than my normal set up of nat. gut. 4/5

    Comfort: Great comfort at the 47 lbs. I strung it at, but still not as comfortable as my normal set up of nat. gut 4/5

    Durability: Tension maintenance:14+ hours and still performing nice. Great durability and tension maintenance , no string movement yet, so very resistant to moving! 4.5/5

    Control: 4.5/5 A+ very good control string. This is a baseliners control string. This is where this string excells is control and tension maintenance.

    Compared to normal string: Although a comfortable poly, not as comfortable as my normal nat. gut, and not as powerful, which was very much noticable on serves. Was able to adjust to this string even coming from a nat. gut string. This string did offer more control over my normal set up.

    Tension recommendations: Seemed comfortable at the 47 lbs I strung it at, if I had to do it again I would string it the same.

    Primary Likes: Control and tension maintenance/ durability

    Primary Dislikes: Loss of speed on serves as compared to my usual set up of nat. gut. not quite the comfort of nat. gut but thats to be expected.

    Very good string overall, as I was able to hit and adapt to it very well coming from an all nat. gut set up where thats a different animal.Thank you for the playtest.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2012
  36. mad dog1

    mad dog1 Legend

    Jan 25, 2010
    13 Elm St, Baker, CA 96666
    Thanks Luxilon & TW!

    Full set or hybrid: Syn Gut/Poly Hybrid - Gosen OGSM17 Natural / Luxilon 4G; the 4G string had literally no stretch when I pulled tension.

    Tension used for playtest: 50 / 46 strung on an electronic constant pull machine.

    Regular string set up: Discho Iontec 1.25 48#

    Racquet brand and model used for test: Head PT280 18x20

    Power of test string: low; there’s no free power from 4G. you’ve got to have a full swing and good racquet head speed to get any pop from this string setup. (4 of 10)

    Feel: although power was low, the feel was very good. (7 of 10)

    Spin: wow. Given that poly generally provides better spin, I was surprised that 4G doesn’t do anything to in the spin dept. Even a full bed of syn gut provides higher spin levels than this setup. Balls that looked like they would sail long did land out. Very low spin capability (5 of 10)

    Comfort: comfort was surprisingly good given the lack of stretch during stringing. (7 of 10)

    Durability: since I tested this as a cross, durability isn’t an issue. The syn gut mains will break long before the 4g crosses.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable): so far, I’ve hit with this string job for about 60 mins and the tension seems to be pretty stable. I'll probably cut out the strings because i need more spin and depth control so i won't be able to track the tension loss over time.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?): Directional control was very good, but depth control wasn’t since spin was lacking. Many of my groundstrokes landed long. With the low power and low spin of this string setup, I had to keep the racquet head speed high to avoid hitting short balls that could be easily attacked. As long as the swing speeds were high, the flatter balls had plenty of pace and landed deep.

    Compare to the string you use most often: Compared to Iontec, this setup was lower in power. Directional control was comparable, but wasn’t as good controlling depth. comfort was approximately the same. I think I get better feel w/ Iontec.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) the tension I chose feels right on target for me. I wouldn’t string the other half any differently.

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes. Likes: Very good directional control and good comfort. Dislikes: Lack of spin made it difficult to control shot depth. Overall, i'd rate this string 6 of 10. Feel and comfort wasn't enough to make up for the lack in spin and depth control.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2012
  37. nycoara

    nycoara Rookie

    Jan 27, 2005
    4G test

    Hi Thanks for TW.
    I try 4G couples days.

    report below,,

    stringing with Full set.
    Tension used for playtest : 47lb
    Regular string set up : 47lb, Gamma Zo Verve
    Racquet brand and model used for test : Srixson Revo-X 2.0
    Power of test string : Great! 8.5/10, almost same power level as ALU Power.
    Feel : Crisp and sharp ball feel. I like more ball hold feel,,,
    Spin : 7/10. good, But compair with Zo Verve, less that it of spin potentiality.
    Comfort : Good 7.5/10. No negative vivlations.
    Durability : ?? I use just two days,,,
    Tension maintenance : ??, Just two day, no lose tension, I'll check a week later.
    Control : Good, Have thin gage's fine control./
    Compare to the string you use most often : more power, more control, more good feel. I love it without spin potentiality
    Tension recommendations : I tried 47lb. But more high tensions are better I think. lower tension make it little bit sensitive feel,,
    Summary: Good, I love it, I woory just price!

    Thanks TW

  38. 133bp004

    133bp004 New User

    Dec 5, 2011
    Sugar Land, TX
    Full set or hybrid: Full set

    Tension for Playtest: 52/49 lbs

    Regular string: Lux ALU Power Rough

    Racquet: Volkl PB 10 Mid

    Power: Below average. String felt Low powered.

    Feel: Slightly above average for a poly. Softness of the string helped. No break in period was needed as with some other poly's.

    Spin: Below average for a poly. Far less than my usual string and less than most other polys I've tried.

    Comfort: Above average for a poly. I felt comfort was the strings strong point, helped with feel.

    Durability: Looks to be good so far, but have only played with it a few hours.

    Tension maintenance: So far looks to be very good.

    Control: Control was good, again I think the softness of the string helped here

    Likes: The comfort and feel. Appears tension maintenance will be good also.

    Dislikes: The lack of spin and power I got from the string.

    Summary: I thought the 4G was a good all around poly, but did not stand out in any one category. I would have preferred more spin and more power potential. The comfort would make it a good string choice for some of the stiffer more powerful rackets.
  39. mrmo1115

    mrmo1115 Hall of Fame

    Mar 11, 2007
    Full set or hybrid: Full Set
    Tension used for playtest: 55
    Regular string set up: PHT/VS Touch 55/57
    Racquet brand and model used for test: Babolat PSTGT
    Power of test string: For myself, I had enough power with the string
    Feel: Could be better since I am used to the Gut in the hybrid.
    Spin: Decent spin, nothing extraordinary.. but I'm okay with it because I hit flat
    Comfort: Very comfortable on my arm
    Durability: TBD but I am not a string breaker
    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable): Too early to say but from what people have been saying here... looks like it'll be fantastic
    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?): Great control.. got good directional control.
    Compare to the string you use most often: I actually love the full bed. I haven't gotten to try out the hybrid extensively but from hitting a few balls with it, I actually prefer the full bed of 4G compared to the hybrid of 4G and VS Touch.
    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?): Liked it how I strung it.. 55 pounds
    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes. Liked the control..Dead feeling string just like the PHT but a bit more forgiving. Great string for me. Dislike.. so far .. none!

    I'll post another review for the hybrid and continue to update this full bed review if needed. Looks like I might be switching!
  40. tistrapukcipeht

    tistrapukcipeht Professional

    Mar 13, 2012
    First and foremost, I'd like to thank Luxilon and TW for the opportunity to play test, this was actually the first time I tested something for a company.

    Full set or hybrid- Full set

    Tension used for playtest- 52-49

    Regular string set up- Yonex Poly Tour Spin (and Yonex Poly Tour HS on my doubles racquet)

    Racquet brand and model used for test- Yonex Ezone Xi 100

    Power of test string 3/10 - Low powered perfect match for my racquets, though a little less power than Yonex Poly Tour Spin and just as much as Poly Tour HS, which means no power really.

    Feel 10/10 for a poly- Crisp as expected but soft surprisingly, but not better than the Yonex strings. I could always tell where I was hitting the ball with no problem, but how i handle heavy spin from others it wasn't nearly as good as with the strings I use.

    Spin 0/10- You get no spin help from this string, you have to come up with fast acceleration to get extra spin because it also doesn't grab the ball very well. Both Yonex string blow the 4G away in spin dept. Very poor in the spin dept help.

    Comfort 10/10- Very comfortable for a poly, more comfy than both Yonex strings since the beginning, even being crisp.

    Durability6/10- It's been almost 8 hours, notched I think I could go another 6 hours with it, but it's not worth it to me.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable) 5/10. The tension maintenance isn't as good as the Yonex ones, Poly Tour HS plays well for 15 hours or so maybe more, the Yonex Poly Tour Spin barely moves in the first 5-6 hours, while the 4G starts to move just after 2-3 hours and gets worse, but still plays nice with good feel surprisingly by now, but you gotta put the string back where it's supposed to be.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) 5/10- Control was alright, as far as keeping the ball in play, my balls were coming a little shorter than usual, so I had to be swinging harder than before. Lower balls coming from slices I could not control very well, since 4G doesn't grab the ball well. As far as flat shots it was good the direction, predictable as I expect from a round string, but overall to control and change direction and inject extra pace and spin wasn't good.

    Compare to the string you use most often- Compared to Yonex Poly Tour SPIN, the Yonex string is better in everything but in comfort, I'd same the same thing for the Yonex Poly Tour HS, better in everything but in comfort, the HS has a more dead feel than the 4G in my opinion.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) I'd drop it another 3 Lbs to get easier power and as it doesn't give you much spin

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.

    Like- Like 1-as always, Luxilon strings have some the best feel for polyester even though this one isn't explosive in the first few hours like some of their other strings.

    Like 2- I also liked the comfort without sacrificing control.

    Dislike- lack of spin help, lack of ball bite that i'm used to, lack of more power.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2012
  41. MostDope

    MostDope New User

    Jul 2, 2012
    Full set or hybrid- Hybrid with Gamma Synthetic Gut

    Tension used for playtest- 52

    Regular string set up- Luxilon ALU Spin/Gamma Synthetic Gut

    Racquet brand and model used for test- Babolat AeroPro Drive GT

    Power- what I expected. Low, but what I am used to.

    Feel- exceptional! Near perfection.

    Spin- Average, basically the same as what I'm using.

    Comfort- Much better than ALU. Most comfortable Poly I've ever used

    Durability- A little longer than my ALU. 6-8 hours

    Tension maintenance- Held tension better than ALU. About 3-4 hours longer for me.

    Control- Average, similar to ALU.

    Compare- I would prefer these over my ALU for comfort, but they really reminded me of each other.

    Tension recommendation- I liked the tension I used, mainly because it's what I have been using.

    Summary- 1. I liked how it held tension, made me able to play longer with them.
    2. I liked how much they reminded me of my ALU. My favorite strings.

    3. I disliked nothing really.

    Hope this helps, thank you for selecting me for this opportunity.
  42. ten11

    ten11 Semi-Pro

    May 20, 2008
    4G playtest result

    I am a male intermediate level player with top spin baseline both wing and slice backhand. I play both single and double.

    Strung hybrid, Luxlion 4G as main at 50lbs and MCS cross at 53lbs. My regular setup is mamba iontec 1.20 @50lbs main and MCS 53lbs cross. The string job was easy on my regular racquet, which is Babolat pure drive GT.

    Power of test string: intermediate. Compare to Iontec, it is lower, but does provide enough power and depth when take a full swing at the ball.

    Feel: solid hitting in all shots, ground stroke, volley and serve. Slice is difficult to generate depth and pace, might need more time to get use to it.

    Spin: inter medium. Lower compare to iontec. Wish it can be more spin when take a good swing on it.

    Comfort: comfortable string. Has played 6 hours with this setup and had no issue at all.

    Durability: 6 hours in single and double in 2 days and string still perform well. Not much wear on string and should be able to go long way.

    Tension maintenance: After 6 hours of hitting, I start to feel the tension lose and string movement in racket but not in a significant way. It still performs well and I will continue to use it. I think it is as good as any string I have used in tension maintenance.

    Control: this string excels in this category. I am very satisfied with the control in various shot. Ground stroke is very predictable and I had great success in passing shot during double. When I moved in to hit during volley, I was able to hit the winner or able to put the ball where I wanted without much effort.

    Compare to the string I use most often, which is mamba Iontec 1.20, 4G provides more control, feel and comfort is about the same. Iontec generate more spin and power.

    Tension recommendations: I am very happy to string up at 50/53 but would try to lower 2 lbs to see if the string can create more spin and power without sacrifice on control.

    Summary: I like the control and feel the most with this string. With this setup, I can put the ball easily where I wanted. It is a great string for touch single player and doubles players focus more on placement than spin and power.
    I would enjoy more if the string can provide more spin. Even when I had a good full swing on the ball, the spin coming out of it is moderate. I would love to have the ball jump up more fiercely and take the control of the point in that situation.

    Additional Note: Played again in 2 singles matches with the string. feel stiffness in arm the next day. string started to move. spin and control start to drop. The string is pretty much dead and will cut out. So total hour of play is about 8-10 hours.

    Finally, thanks to TW for the opportunity and free T.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2012
  43. SOY78

    SOY78 Semi-Pro

    Jul 14, 2006
    Tampa, FL
    Will play today 08/20 and Thursday 08/23 with this string and will post the review on Friday 08/24.
  44. OnyxZ28

    OnyxZ28 Hall of Fame

    Sep 14, 2004
    Second outing yesterday, a casual 1 hr hit.

    The strings have settled and loosened up some, and feel much better. The jarring brassiness I experienced in my first hit has lessened considerably.

    In the second hit, I warmed up with a second backup strung with syn gut, before swtiching to the racket with the Lux. Compared to syn gut, my shots had considerably more spin, and the ball seemed heavier from my hitting partner's feedback. (Cue Captain Obvious to the rescue!)

    I have a mixed match tonight and will give the settled 4G a try under competitive situations. (Read: if I lose, I'm totally blaming the string. Just kidding. Kind of.)
  45. kwantam

    kwantam New User

    Dec 17, 2011
    First, thanks again TW for the playtest and the t-shirt. Enjoying both.

    Full set or hybrid - Full Set
    Tension used for playtest - 50lb mains 48lb crosses
    Regular string set up - MSV Focus Hex 1.18 50m/48l
    Racquet brand and model used for test - Volkl OrganiX 8 315g

    Notes - I strung one racquet with the test string and one with my normal setup so that I could compare them back-to-back and monitor how they age. I've been trading off, spending about equal time with each setup. Each string has about 5 hours of hitting on it at this point.

    Power - low, as expected. It's obviously quite a bit lower power than the much thinner Focus Hex at the same tension. I found that at 50lbs the power was quite nice once I adjusted my swing to it (i.e., increased racquet speed)

    Feel - feels like a Luxilon :) It's the classic boardy/stiff feeling that you get from a full bed of Luxilon, which for me is actually kind of nice. Not nearly as lively as the MSVFH1.18, but you definitely feel nice pocketing. I recently played with a full bed of ALU Fluoro, and this gives a similar pocketing sensation, but with a bit more stiffness since the Fluoro is 17 gauge.

    Spin - nasty, dirty, heavy spin. This is not a "spin string" in the way that, say, Black Widow is a spin string, which grabs at the ball and gives a bit more string for the same swing. This string doesn't do that. To put real junk on the ball with this string, you need a lot of racquet speed, and this string rewards you by not trampolining the ball over the fence as you amp up your swing. Coming from the Focus Hex, with the same swing on the 4G I was generating less penetration and pretty flat balls. As I worked harder, the string rewarded me with heavy topspin and penetration. Taking that same swing back to the Focus produced long balls on looping shots (too much trampolining) and less penetration on driving shots (too much topspin).

    Comfort - it's a Luxilon. Check your rotator cuff at the door :) Seriously: stiffer than Fluoro by a lot, but I used to play with Kevlar so this still feels reasonably comfortable to my joints.

    Durability - no issues yet. I'll update if I manage to break it, but I doubt it'll happen before I'm ready to cut it out.

    Tension maintenance - I'll return and comment more on this. Already seems to be holding steady much better than the ALU Fluoro did, though.

    Control - Control from the baseline is excellent. Placement on serves is also very good. I don't get the same feeling of control at the net that I enjoy with the Focus Hex, however.

    Comparison to my regular string - Generally, compared to the MSV Focus Hex 1.18, this string is lower power and stiffer. As I've discussed, this lets me use more racquet speed without worry about going long, which results in heavier, more powerful balls.

    Why wouldn't I use this all the time, you might ask? First, at least as a training aid I think I will probably add a stiffer string like this to my arsenal. Against weaker opponents who aren't giving back a lot of pace, this string is also preferable to the Focus. However, playing against hard hitters, particularly players who are stronger than me, I can shorten up my stroke and relax a bit more if the string is doing more work for me, which gives me a greater degree of success; in such a situation, I'd prefer the Focus.

    In my service game, I found the 4G to be clearly superior for kick serves, again because of the lower power and thus higher racquet speed: I could get the same amount of spin with the Focus Hex, but have to lower my trajectory or I'll sail the kick serve long. For flat serves, the extra pop from the Focus Hex gave me greater velocity. I found that I was able to get similar directional control from both strings regardless of serve type.

    Tension recommendations - For me, 50/48 was absolutely perfect for this string. In fact, given the way it played, I'm probably going to experiment with stringing the Focus Hex just a bit tighter, maybe 52/50, to kick down the power a notch so I can do a little more of the work myself.


    This string has been excellent through the first several hours. I absolutely love the way it feels when hitting heavy topspin from the baseline, and I found my kick serves to be out of this world. Backhand slices were also well controlled, though I wasn't able to generate the same amount of spin because of the lower racquet speed and shorter stroke for slice shots.

    When playing doubles, I wasn't as happy with the feel at the net as with my Focus Hex. The pocketing is also a bit better in general with the Focus, though that's to be expected since it's thinner and thus a bit springier.

    When I tested ALU Fluoro, I found that I really liked it, but given that it was 3x more expensive than Focus Hex and didn't seem to last any longer, I couldn't justify going with it. If this string does actually last substantially longer than the Fluoro, I'll be quite happy with it and will definitely consider switching, or at least keeping one racquet strung with each and playing them situationally.
  46. ewberner

    ewberner Rookie

    Mar 9, 2011
    4.5 all court player
    Full set or hybrid: Full set, 2-piece
    Tension used for playtest: 52 lbs. on a CP drop weight
    Regular string set up: Dunlop Black Widow 52 lbs.
    Racquet brand and model used for test: Dunlop Biomimetic 200 w/ leather grip

    Stringing: Felt like a typical poly when stringing it. It hardly stretched when pulling tension, but still felt soft for a poly. Crosses were easier to weave than some polys but harder to weave than others. Coil memory was kind of bad. However, the string didn't ever kink while stringing. Will be playing with this setup for the next 3 days.

    Review to follow.

    Played for a little over 6 hours so far in both singles and doubles. Found this string to play great from the get go.

    Power of test string: I found there to be good amount of power from this string. If you wanted it, it was there, but if you didn't then it wasn't. It was a very controllable power. Better pop than I have found with other recently played with polys.
    Feel: This string offered very good feel for a poly. IMO it has the best feel of any full bed poly I have ever played with. Volleyes and touch shots were a breeze with this string. I felt very dialed in from the very beginning.
    Spin: This wasn't this strings best quality. However, I never felt a lack of spin. There was just enough to give me the confidence to swing out. It doesn't have as much spin as some of the textured or shaped polys, but there was enough that I didn't have to change the way I hit to adjust. My kick serves were jumping up about the same as with most other polys, but not quite as much as when I am hitting with black widow. There were only a few balls hit that went long that would normally stay in with my normal setup.
    Comfort: This string was and is still very comfortable. This has probably been one of the most comfortable polys I have played with. BW is also very soft and I thought the comfort of the 4G is quite comparable to that. I have yet to feel any pain in my wrist or elbow which happens every now and then when using a full bed of poly.
    Durability: Durability is great! There is absolutely not notching at all. I don't experience that often with polys by this point.
    Tension maintenance: Tension maintenance is outstanding. I feel no loss of playablility so far with this string. No movement in the string bed at all.
    Control: Control is by far the best quality of this string (if I have to choose one). It delivers a very predictable shot on all strokes. Directional control was fantastic as I was able to constantly hit my spots. I have hit more winners recently than I normally do. Every shot felt great to hit. I especially enjoyed coming to the net to finish points off. Angled volleys were wonderful because I felt very connected to the ball when placing it.
    Compare to the string you use most often: This string compared well to BW, but has better tension maintenance and is a little more predictable. I felt 4G has slightly more power than BW. BW is a little softer, but both are very comfortable to play with. BW also has a more spin, but that spin can be a little unpredictable at times. I got better feel and overall control from the 4G. 4G is also a lot more durable than the BW. By this point the BW would have a significant amount of notching where as 4G as none at all.
    Tension recommendations: For me, 52 was perfect. It gave me a great amount of power and control and seems to be holding tension quite well.
    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.: I liked everything about this string. So far it has been just about the best poly string I have played with. If it holds playability well into the 10-12 hour mark then this string might be a winner. The feel and control I have gotten from 4G has been best of any poly I have played with. It suffers a little in the spin department, but I never felt a lack of spin. There was always just enough to keep the ball in play while still hitting a fairly heavy ball. The only downfall that this string might run into for some people is the price. Other than that it is an awesome string.


    Thank you TW and Luxilon for this opportunity! Hope this review helps.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2012
  47. PKfan1

    PKfan1 Semi-Pro

    Jul 13, 2012
    Full set or hybrid: Full set

    Tension used for playtest: 62lbs

    Regular string set up: Tourna BHB7 16g @62lbs

    Racquet brand and model used for test: Pro Kennex Redondo Mid

    Power of test string: Initially I found it to be super dead and wished I strung it looser, but after a few hits I found the string to have excellent controlled power. There was plenty of power there when I wanted it and took full swings at the ball, and I was bombing my serve. When I make solid contact with the sweetspot it sounded like a cannon going off.

    Feel: I found the feel to be excellent for a poly, it was very crisp, but not at all harsh. It was great up at net as well.

    Spin: Spin was very predictable and easy to control, it was available if I wanted it and I could hit great flat shots as well. Decent kick on the serve as well.

    Comfort: at first I thought this string was very boardy, but once it settled in it was very comfortable, and surprisingly so considering how crisp it felt.

    Durability: durability seem a little above average. There's some decent notching after 6 hours, but no signs of breakage so I can't really comment.

    Tension maintenance: I have yet to notice any loss of control yet as of 6 hrs of play. It doesn't seem to have loosened up at all since it initially settled in.

    Control : Control was excellent, very predictable trajectory. I was able to place the ball exactly where I wanted at all times, I especially noticed the high level of control when I went for hard flat shots. I was hitting winners left and right.

    Compare to the string you use most often: compared to BHB7 it feels much firmer, but not necessarily in a bad way, control was better, and there was a little less spin on routine groundstrokes and kick serves.

    Tension recommendations :For me I might try the tension maybe a couple of lbs lower, just to soften the bed up a little, but I think I could be happy with the way it was.

    Summary: I loved the control and crispness. And I loved the sound, it sounded like no other string I've played before. This string really gave me confidence to play my game, I don't think there was anything I dislike about it.

    Thanks for this oppurtunity TW!!
  48. jman32

    jman32 Rookie

    Dec 28, 2010
    first i would like to thank TW and Lux for sending me free string and a tee shirt. great job

    4.0-4.5 male, semi-western/eastern FH, 1HBH top and slice. all court game with strong strokes. never met a ball i did not want to hit a winner on

    strung on a CP machine 50/48 pounds. it strung well, but had some issues with coil (took some time to untangle the mess).

    stick: head PP prostock. strung specs: 12.4oz, 350 SW, 7 pts HL

    preferred string is alu power

    quick review: for those of you who have played with Alu power, you will have similar performance with 4G. the main difference is that 4G feels a little softer but not too soft.

    feel: a little softer than alu power but still a slightly crisp response. overall very nice.

    power: loads of power, but controlled power, no real flyers. just the right amount to allow for hitting out.

    control: this is where 4G (and alu power) really shines. the directional control is excellent either top or when flattening out balls. for me this is why i would buy these strings - superior direction control.

    spin: good, not crazy like some of the geared strings out there but more than enough to control the ball. good side spin on well struck forehands

    serve: i really enjoyed serving with these strings. tons of power and placement was spot on. kick servers were about average in terms of spin.

    touch: i would say a little above average (for a full bed of poly). touch is not a strength so i would not be the best person to review this.

    durability: after 2 hours notching has started, nothing out of the ordinary (i will break most polys in about 8 hours)

    tension: felt good after playing, about the same as when i started. however i am not the best judge on tension, i dont mind playing with dead poly, keeps the ball in the court a little more.

    sound: nice pop sound, hitting a hard flat serve has a canon like sound, ups the fun factor.

    this is a great string for people who hit big and don't want/need a huge amount of spin (dont get me wrong there is plenty of spin). the harder one swings the better this string performs. pushers need not apply
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2012
  49. bigchump

    bigchump New User

    Oct 19, 2011
    I playtested the new 4G string and here is my review:

    Hybrid with 4G on the mains and NXT on the crosses at 55 pounds on the Wilson Prostaff 6.0.

    Usual setup: M2 plus mains wit NXT crosses at 58 pounds.

    Power: The string seemed to be pretty low powered on pretty much every stroke.

    Feel: The feel was ok. Did not notice much difference between this and my regular setup.

    Spin: Nothing spectacular with spin, but definitely above average to me.
    Comfort: This felt a bit stiff at first, but once it settled in, it was a lot more comfortable than my usual setup.

    Durability: So far I am about 7 hours into the playtest and the 4G is holding up great, but it will be hard to comment on this since the NXT crosses always break for me.

    Tension maintenance: As I said earlier, the 4G felt a tiny bit stiff at first, but once it settled in after about a half hour, I didn’t notice any tension loss after 7 hours into the test. It seems to have great tension maintenance.

    Control: Control was great with this string. The trajectory was predictable as soon as I made contact with the ball and felt it come off the stringbed. It didn’t matter how fast I swung or what type of shot I hit – I could tell where the ball was going.

    After hitting with it, I would probably try to lower the tension by a few pounds because the string is so low powered. I got great control out of the string and was happy with the amount of power I got out of it, but I would like to see how much this changes at lower tensions.

    Summary: The new 4G string is great. I would probably give it a 9/10 for me because I really liked the comfort, control, low power, and tension maintenance. I would definitely consider switching to this and buying a reel depending on the price.

    Thanks TW!
  50. rader023

    rader023 New User

    Jun 8, 2012
    Full set or hybrid - Full
    Tension used for playtest -2 full Setups (52/50 and 50/48)
    Regular string set up - Tour bite 17 (50 full) or SPPP (50 full)
    Racquet brand and model used for test - Yonex VCORE Tour 89
    Power of test string - Low. Maybe a little to low for my game at 52/50, but 50/48 was pretty good. Wish it had just a bit more pop as it would be the perfect string for me.
    Feel - Great, especially on volleys and approach shots. This is probably the best poly I have used for anything off the baseline. Would be my favorite for everything with just a bit more power.
    Spin - Good spin. For me I would say predictable spin. Not crazy spin like tour bite which sometimes is a little too much and not predictable.
    Comfort - Great. The string feels stiff, but somehow I feel no arm pain at all.
    Durability - So far so good. Don't notice any notching and only minor wear after 6 hours.
    Tension maintenance - Notice no loss of tension in six hours.
    Control - Control is amazing. Predictable shots in all swings. No surprises with these strings. Love the control!
    Compare to the string you use most often - I would say less spin the tour bite, but more control and comfort. Less power than SPPP, but control and predictability is WAY better.
    Tension recommendations - Haven't found a preffered tension yet. 52/50 has slightly more control that 50/48, but not much. Definitely not enough power. If given another set I would try maybe 48/46.
    Summary: This is easy. Like everything about the string, actually love, except for power. Wish I had another set to string lower before i have to pay :)

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