2012 Luxilon Playtest

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  1. Nuke

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    Apr 13, 2005
    location, location, location
    Full set or hybrid
    Hybrid, with Gosen OG Sheep Micro crosses.

    Tension used for playtest
    Mains & crosses at 55 pounds.

    Regular string set up
    Usually Topspin CyberFlash or Tourna Big Hitter Silver (regular and rough), with OGSM crosses at 55 pounds.

    Racquet brand and model used for test.
    Prince Warrior OS.

    Power of test string
    Lower powered than I'm used to. Sure, polys are expected to be relatively low powered, but this had less pop than other polys I've been using lately. I definitely was serving slower than usual (although with better control) than normal. Really need to keep the swing speed up with this string to get pace and depth on the ball.

    A very muted "dead" feel from this string. Crisp, and not mushy. Not too harsh on the arm (relatively speaking, for a poly). Nice feel and accuracy on volleys.

    I had to work a bit harder for really big spin with this string than my usual setup. It wasn't terrible, but this wouldn't be your first choice if you were looking for easy access to spin. Middle of the road for spin, I'd say.

    Relative to other polys, this was OK for me. I didn't get a lot of harsh vibrations on mishits, and I didn't experience any painful flare-ups (yeah, I've had some arm problems in the past). No saying how this would behave over the long haul, but for the duration of the test, it was just fine.

    Seems pretty good over the six hours (three hitting sessions) I used it. Not much notching noticeable, and I'll probably use it a few more times this coming weekend, but I didn't want to wait until the deadline to post my review.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)
    It's holding up OK after six hours. Maybe loosened up a little, but still playing well. I noticed on stringing it up that this string had absolutely no stretching at all on the machine.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)
    This was the string's best quality for me. In my first outing with it, I hardly missed a first serve, and was placing baseline shots very accurately. I could have used a bit more power, but it was surprising how accurate my shots were with this string. Very controlled and predictable.

    Compare to the string you use most often.
    The Luxilon beats Cyber Flash on directional control and comfort. The CyberFlash has a bit more power and spin. It's sort of a draw, although the Luxilon will almost certainly be more expensive than the CF.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?)
    I'll probably string the other half set a bit lower, at 50 pounds, to see if I can get a bit more pop out of it.

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
    Loved the control. Not so much on the lack of power and just-average spin (for a poly).
  2. flashfire276

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    Dec 4, 2009
    Thank you TW for letting me take part on this playtest!
    This is what I posted directly on the Luxilon FB page:

    Had a great playtest with the Luxilon 4G!
    Some quick info on me:
    I play with a Babolat AeroPro Control. Full western grip, play with moderate spin and flats whenever I can. Two-handed backhand, and an all-court player.
    Played on a full bed @ 54 lbs. Strung on a Babolat AeroPro Control MP. Always played on hard court.
    At first impression, I thought it would be a stiff string. Just judging by a quick rub when it was in the packaging, I was afraid that my arm is going to flare up again. But it was a co-poly, and knowing that those are softer than a standard poly, I gave it a go.
    It surprised me! It was actually quite soft to the touch! The feel reminded me of a string I used long ago: Tourna Big Hitter Blue. It felt soft, almost as soft as a synthetic. But it had that great pop and feel from a poly.
    As for power, there was plenty to go around. Spin was fine, especially since it's not a textured co-poly. There was enough for it to get around and get some spin on those kick serves. But if someone was looking for pure spin, they'd obviously go for a textured string.
    Control was quite good. I was able to keep the ball precise, both at baseline and net.
    And the best part, it held its tension quite well! Played on for quite a bit, and it's still not dead yet, or at least to my standard.

    So yes, if someone is looking for a great all-around string with a soft feel, and doesn't want to give up power, and long string life, this a great choice!

    Thanks so much Luxilon for letting me partake in this playtest! It was a very rewarding experience!
  3. davedomart

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    Dec 1, 2010
    Control up the Ying-Yang!

    Thanks Luxilon & TW(and especially Jon) for the playtest and t-shirt. How did you know my size?:shock:

    Playing level: 4.5 16 year old counterpuncher, really consistent, no big power on groundies or serves, fastest serve is 95 MPH. 5' 10", 110 LBS. I get to every ball, and love running back and forth :twisted:

    Full set or hybrid: Full bed.
    Tension used for playtest: 52
    Regular string set up: Pro Supex Big Ace 16 @ 56 lbs.
    Racquet brand and model used for test: Wilson K Six One Team 95 (18x20)

    Power of test string: These were the lowest powered poly strings I have played with to date. Granted, Big Ace is pretty powerful for poly, but I found that Topspin Cyber Flash(which I think is low powered) was more powerful for this. I didn't like the low power for serves. Probably should have strung it even lower.

    Feel: I wasn't crazy about the feel, as one poster said, it felt brassy. No spring at all, lower tension or hybrid would help. Also didn't have enough put away power for stretch volleys. I will say that my slices were sick. This is the best slicing string I have used.

    Spin: Slightly less than average spin for a smooth poly, probably a flat hitters string due to low power. Spin was available, but no crazy BHBR spin. I expected more from a Luxilon string.

    Comfort: The feel was not good, but I didn't have any pain or soreness. Luxilon ALU gave me a sore arm, so this is definitely softer than that.

    Durability: I'm at the 10 hour mark, and they look like they have a couple more hours left. Note: I'm more of a counter puncher, not a hard hitter:oops:

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable): I'm really surprised in this department, because Luxilon strings are supposed to die quickly, but this one is only feeling dead after 10 hours. It lost a bit of tension after the first 20 minutes hitting, but stabilized after that until the eighth hour where it started dropping again. Again, I'm not a hard hitter.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?): This is where 4G really stood out. I was swinging for the fences and it was going in! I thought Big Ace had really good control, but this surpasses it by a country mile. It probably helps that it's low powered...

    Compare to the string you use most often: Compared to Pro Supex Big Ace, this string is really low-powered, has great control, less spin, less comfort and touch, and better slices. Being low-powered does not help my serve.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?): I would string this at 46 LBS. next time because of the really low power and low spin.

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
    Like 1: Really great control.
    Like 2: Slices were phenomenal
    Dislike 1: Low-powered(especially on serves)
    Dislike 2: Feel wasn't good.
  4. mrmo1115

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    Mar 11, 2007
    Won't be switching to the full bed of 4G after all. It's either the hybrid or back to my normal setup! Felt like I'm not getting the feel and comfort I am used to... then again I've been a Natty Gut hybrid user for so long. Not totally shocked. Will update once more to deliver my final judgement.
  5. njsigman

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    Aug 15, 2010
    Full set or hybrid - Full Set

    Tension used for playtest - 50 lbs in both mains and crosses

    Regular string set up - Donnay X Hybrid Strings - Poly Mains at 50 lbs, Synthetic Crosses at 55 lbs.

    Racquet brand and model used for test - Donnay Pro One 97

    Power of test string - Extremely powerful!

    Feel - String felt very, very stiff and unforgiving. Especially at the net

    Spin - Generates tremendous spin

    Comfort - Fairly comfortable for a stiff poly

    Durability - Very durable, did not shred or peel

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable) - Very good tension maintenance. No noticeable drop off after about 10 hours of play

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) - The string provided very good control. I would swing very hard and was able to keep the ball in the court. Was definitely aided by the good spin that was generated. Trajectory was consistent with other strings that I normally play with. On slower swings, the string still felt controlled, however at the net, it did feel unforgiving on mis-hits.

    Compare to the string you use most often - The Donnay hybrid string that I currently play with offers me pretty comfortable power and good access to spin. It is much more forgiving for me at the net. That was the biggest difference for me over this Luxilon 4G test string.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) I might drop the string down to about 48 lbs to see if it offers me any additional forgiveness at the net

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes. - Likes: Good power and control, good tension maintenance. Dislikes: String felt stiff and unforgiving at the net.

    Thanks again TW and Luxilon for the opportunity to play test this string as well as the free T shirt!!
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  6. vsbabolat

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    Nov 19, 2005
    Full set or hybrid - Hybrid of Babolat VS Gut in mains and 4G in the Crosses. Strung at 55/48 lbs.

    Regular string set up Babolat VS gut strung at 55lbs

    Racquet brand and model used for test the HEAD IG Prestige Mid.

    Power of test - I thought the power was good. I thought I hit the ball just as hard but with more spin and control than my regular setup. I did notice a bigger drop off in power when hit outside of the sweat spot.

    Feel - good feel. I don't like vibration or that metallic ping sound. My racquet made a good thud and no extra vibration compared to my regular setup.

    Spin - I got more spin than my regular setup. I have been a natural gut player. I had resisted changing to a poly. It was a refreshing how much more spin I got without changing technique.

    Comfort - Good comfort. No extra shock or vibration when compared to my regular setup. The stringbed did feel firmer. But nothing uncomfortable.

    Durability - The gut did not last long. The mains broke within 3 days. I cant comment on the 4G because of how short the gut lasted.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable) For the 3 days the gut lasted tension maintenance was great. There was no significant drop off of tension.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) - It was very predictable. I had much more control than my regular setup.

    Compare to the string you use most often - I felt I had much more control on my forehand with the 4G. Especially on highballs above my shoulder and when I'm inside the court being aggressive or hitting approach shots.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) I though I had played with a good tension.

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes. I am a neophyte in the world of poly strings. I would defiantly stay with the hybrid setup. My main complaint was how short the gut lasted in this setup. I liked the control and spin combination I got. I will try the reverse setup and see how the durability is.
  7. briianxd

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    May 24, 2009
    Set up: Full set strung at 57 lbs on a volkl pb mid 10 (16x19)

    Power: This string is best for those who prefer to supply their own power. Although the 4G lands more on the lower powered poly side, it does offer exceptional control.

    Spin: I was able to generate heavy topspin on serves and forehands. Compared to other co-poly strings, this would rank above average

    Feel: Great "popping" feedback. You can really feel it grip the ball like solinco tour bite.

    Comfort: Relative to other co-poly strings, 4G felt much more comfortable, though it is still a bit stiff.

    Tension/Durability: After 15 hrs of playing the strings still feel lively and elastic.

    Control: With the spin potential and low powered characteristics of the string, it offers great control. I felt that I was able to swing with heavy head speed while still being able to place it.

    Tension recommendation: For me, 57 lbs is perfect for co-poly strings, but I would recommend 53-55 lbs for more comfort, sacrificing spin and control.

    Likes: spin, tension maintenance, and comfort.
    Dislikes: cost
  8. smobergfell

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    Aug 6, 2012
    my regular string set up genises black magic 52 pounds tension racquet is POG 90
    I strung the string at 52 pounds full set

    Power: thought the string had good power on both ground strokes and serve

    Feel: the string had a very soft feel for a poly unlike other luxilon strings and is also simular to the feel of luxilon savage.

    Spin: string gave plenty of spin on serves and ground strokes both top spin and slices.

    Control/durability: had very good control durability seemed good so far for about 14 hours of play.

    tension: tension maintance was good felt a differnce in feel at about 12 hours of play

    the 4G string is simular to the black magic same feel has a little more spin also has more power

    liked this string a lot as far as feel and play ability did had difficulty stringing due to memory of string and kinked a lot, also wished it came in more colors aand probably carries a high price like most luxilon strings
  9. dcsrour

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    Aug 10, 2006
    I am a former college player, currently rate myself a 5.0 with an all around game.

    Racquet - wilson six one 95 16x18

    I played with this string side by side with my usual set up.

    Usual string - babolat rpm 17 at 54 lbs (my go to string for the past year, to me there is nothing out there like it, i know its not very popular on these boards)

    I strung this string at 54 lbs full bed

    Power- minimal power, felt like i had to work hard to get any pace. i felt rpm was far more lively.

    Feel- decent feel at the net, softer than ALU but still similar. again i preferred rpm's feel.

    Spin - no comparison here as this was not this particular string's strength. Rpm by a mile here.

    Control - i think that this was this string's strength as it was a predictable and controlled string.

    Durability - pretty decent here, about the same as i get with the rpm (3 - 4 hours).

    tension - string broke after 4 hours of drilling (hit lots of balls) and the tension maintance was quite good, better than rpm (but i like when rpm drops just before it breaks)

    Overall i was not impressed with this new offering from Luxilon. They said that 2 yrs in the making, i expected more. I think it was more similar to BBO in many ways which i don't mind but i found rpm blast in a different league, livelier and more user friendly. I know most think rpm is not worth the price but to each his own, i have tried many polys and continue to come back to rpm. Maybe I will try cyclone next...

    Thank you tw for the opportunity to review, hope this was helpful
  10. fantom

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    Feb 24, 2004
    Regular String Setup: Genesis Black Magic 17 @ 52 in Wilson Pro Open. I've been testing others, though.
    Playtest Setup: Full stringbed @ 52 in Wilson Pro Open

    Power: I would say this is low powered compared to my normal setup. I would compare the power level to Solinco Tour Bite.

    Feel: Nice even feeling from the stringbed. Middle of the road compared to other poly's I've tested.

    Spin: Spin was about what I would expect from this string. I would say it was a touch better than Black Magic, but nowhere near what you can get from most shaped string.

    Comfort: I found this to be very comfortable for a stiffer poly string. Not as mushy as Black Magic, but I have been enjoying the crisper response.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable): So far about 5 hours in, and it feels the same. There was an initial break-in, but seems to have evened out. Everything felt a little more crisp for the first hour or so.

    Durability: A little notching, which is typical for me.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?): I feel this is where this string really shines. To me, this string is a really good combination of power, spin, and stiffness to give me a very reliable response on all shots. I felt great contol on serves, groundstrokes, and volleys.

    Compare to the string you use most often
    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?): I would probably be interested to go down 3-4 pounds as a comparison.

    Summary: The string coiled up on me a bit when stringing, but that's just because of the stiffer feel. Strangely, it doesn't play that stiff, however. I would rate this as an excellent string that provides a great combination of everything. Nothing will knock your socks off, but no real weaknesses either.

    Thanks TW and Luxilon for the opportunity!
  11. Chace

    Chace Professional

    Jan 17, 2008
    Full set or hybrid- Strung it up as full set

    Tension used for playtest- 52lbs

    Regular string set up- Genesis Black Magic 17g at 52lbs

    Racquet brand and model used for test- Tecnifibre Tfight 320 16 by 19 string pattern

    Power of test string- For a poly it was average in power compared to other polys. I felt it was less powerful than my usual string set up.

    Feel-Feel was muted and quite nice but on off center shots i thought there was alot of vibration. It seemed like the sweetspot was small.

    Spin- Spin was on par with the black magic, which i think is about average for a poly as far as spin. Nothing insane like you get from Tour Bite.

    Comfort- Comfort was nice on shots hit on center, but again when out of the sweet spot there were alot of vibrations.

    Durability- So far durability is fine, I have about 5 hours of play on it.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)- So far tension maintenance is good for a poly. I would rate it above average compared to other polys i have used.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)- Control is great, probably the best attribute of the string. I felt like I could swing out with confidence. Good bite off the backhand slice. Trajectory was predictable on all shots/strokes. For a poly i thought it was above average at the net, especially on touch/drop volleys. Also performed well with dropshots. On the serve it was decent. I felt that i lost a little pop off my flat serve and not as much action on my kick serve. However on the slice serve it performed well. Good bite and action on the slice serve.

    Compare to the string you use most often- Black magic has more power. About = to black magic in terms of spin. Black magic better feel. 4G better control.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) Maybe drop it a couple of pounds to get a little more pop.
    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
    Liked the control and good tension maintenance for a poly,
    Did not like the vibrations when hit off center and almost felt like the string shrunk the sweetspot of the racket.

    Thanks to TW and Luxilon for the opportunity to playtest the string.
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  12. Laney Tennis

    Laney Tennis Banned

    Oct 20, 2010
    Full set or hybrid - Full set used

    Tension used for playtest - 57lbs

    Regular string set up - Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough 16g mains/17g cross

    Racquet brand and model used for test - Wilson Pro Staff Tour 95

    Power of test string - Compared to other polys out there, this was medium to low powered. One needs to have a medium to fast swing speed to take advantage of its characteristics. Players with low swing speed will have problems with balls coming up short.

    Feel - This string has the typical soft co-poly feel, dead, muted, no crisp to speak of but very solid. It took a little getting use to but once I've adjusted, I found myself gaining confidence in hitting all shots. Feel on volleys were solid.

    Spin - The spin potential is average or slightly above average. My usual setup is BHBR, a very spinny string and sometimes I would complain that I am getting too much spin. Change in trajectory is huge, the first half hour with this I was struggling and hitting everything out. Once I flattened out the trajectory a bit, the shots went in nicely and I was back to my old self. In a strange way I prefer this trajectory more than my old one because it allows the ball to penetrate more.

    Comfort - This string is excellent in the comfort category, unlike the Alu Power and Rough this one is very comfortable, easy on the arm, off center hits were very forgiving as well. Initially I felt this soft co-poly was almost a bit too soft, there were instances where the hits felt almost bubble gum like, the feel was so deadened best I can describe was like hitting with bubble gum. Once I got used to it everything was fine. The string is soft but very solid at the same time, if you hit it cleanly you will be rewarded.

    Durability - Durability is above average and much better than Tourna's Big Hitter Blue Rough. I will break BHBR 17g in less than 2hr, thus I'm using 16g mains/17g cross. After a few hit sessions the notching on the 4g was significantly less than BHBR.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable) - This is the one that baffles me. At the end of my second hit session, the strings moved around so much I thought it was about to break. Typically this is a sign of tension loss and string is about to break but after checking the notches, it still had enough to continue. I straightened out the strings and continued to hit with it and it was fine.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) - Control seems very good on serves, very predictable and provide lots of confidence. Once I got to ground strokes I was a bit confused. Shots I hit went everywhere, some went in some went out, it was all over the place. Then I realized what the issue was, I cannot use the same trajectory as I do with BHBR, with this one I had to flatten the trajectory a bit because the spin is less and the power is low. Once I adjusted everything was fine. This string is all about control, once I got dialed in I can really appreciate the engineering/design behind this. Power was low enough to allow players to take a full stroke, spin was good enough to bring the ball in play but not overwhelming to the point where it slows it down. It gives a very controlled penetrating ball flight. I like it!

    Compare to the string you use most often - This is a difficult one, 4g and Bhbr each has its unique attributes. Bhbr I can hit with mega topspin and huge margin of error, downside is too much spin slows the ball down. 4g shines with its arm friendlyness, control oriented stringbed, very penetrating ball flight, and good durability, only question is the price. Again, this is a string for players with medium to fast racquet speed.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) - I would recommend people to string this at the tension they normally string co-polys then adjust it from there. This string is in line with the latest generation of co-polys where it is soft/comfortable enough so it does not do damage to the arm/elbow. This way it can target a larger audience.

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes. - Although it takes a bit of getting used to at first, but once I am in tune with this string I really enjoyed the solid feel it gives when striking the ball. The ball flight/trajectory is very penetrating and great for singles play. Volleys had good feel and very solid. Similar to how racquets can be categorized as "player's racquets" I would say this is a "player's" string. It is very control oriented, precise and accurate. The more I hit with it the more confidence I gain, just get better and better.

    A couple of things I would recommend would be, add little more "crisp" to it, just a bit, I know its a give and take but this one is almost a bit too soft. The other thing is the tension aspect, the strings started to move on me "wildly" on the 2nd hit session, not sure what the deal was but that needed to be fixed.
  13. bdinpgh

    bdinpgh New User

    Apr 9, 2012
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Luxilon 4G String Test

    Initial impressions: The string came packaged in a nice bubble wrap envelope, with a card enclosed that explains where to post the string review on Luxilon’s Facebook Page. The string itself is a pleasant gold color and seems to have “micro channels” that run the length of the string. Upon cutting off the zip ties that held the string, it did not have excessive coil memory. In the process of uncoiling the string, it did not have excessive coil memory. For a co-poly sting it feels fairly supple.

    Stringing the Racket: My racket of choice is a Head Liquidmetal Radical MP. The racket is stock, with no modifications other than putting an over grip on the handle. Since early this summer, I have been consistently using a hybrid set-up of Gosen OG sheep micro 17 on the mains and a co-poly (usually Gosen Polyon 17) on the crosses. This combination gives me exceptional feel and access to plenty of spin. For this string test, I was tempted to use the 4G for both the mains and the crosses, but I finally decided to use it in the crosses so that I could compare it more effectively with my current preferred hybrid string set-up. My preferred sting tension for my normal hybrid setup is 53 on the mains and 48 on the crosses and for this string test, I mirrored those tensions.

    My stringer is a Gamma Progression II - lock out-style stinging machine with a six-point mounting system. After cleaning and mounting the racket, I set the tension dial at 53 pounds for the mains. I quickly strung the mains and moved on the task of putting the 4G in the crosses. After setting the tension at 48 pounds I commenced weaving the first two rows and making the starting knot. Making the starting knot was fairly easy because the 4G is supple and not as stiff as other co-poly stings I have used in the past. The starting knot pulled down easily. I noticed immediately that this string notches very easily, so I was careful when pulling the string through the mains to fan the string so as not to notch them. What was also apparent was the softness of this co-poly string. It is supple and does not have any tendency to kink or knot up. When I pulled tension, this string required very little manipulation to prevent it from “smiling”. Weaving the crosses was a bit easier than other stiffer co-poly’s that I have used in the past. The process of stringing the crosses was uneventful and the finishing knot was easy to tie. Since I prefer not to stencil my rackets, I cannot give any impressions as to how stencil ink adheres to this string.

    After I finished stringing the racket, I took it out of the stringer and gave the string bed a few solid thumps on the heel of my hand. There is no excessive vibration and the racket makes the nice dull pinging sound to which I am accustomed. The combination of the white Gosen mains and the gold Luxilon Crosses looks nice in my frame.

    Playing Impressions:

    Power of test string – The power of 4G string is comparable with the other hybrid stings I have been using this summer.
    Feel – The feel of the 4G string is comparable with the other hybrid stings I have been using this summer.

    Spin – The spin that I get from this hybrid set up is comparable with the other hybrid stings I have been using this summer.

    Comfort - The comfort that I get from this hybrid set up is on par with the other hybrid stings I have been using this summer.

    Durability – I am not a big string breaker and these strings are holding up so far after about 10 hours of hard play.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable) – Ongoing, but at the 10 hour mark the stings are still holding enough tension to be playable.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) – This setup provides predictable trajectory and is equal to my normal strings when using the various strokes during the course of a match.

    Compare to the string you use most often – All-in-all this string is equal to the hybrid combination I have been using this summer. As indicated above the 4g is in the crosses and they are holding tension adequately.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) – I am satisfied with the tension I used. Just like my regular hybrid setup, the 4G in the crosses provides good feel, adequate spin and access to the same amount of power as my regular setup.

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes – Likes: feel and color of the string. Dislikes – tendency to want to notch during stringing and string tends to kink easier than some other co-poly’s I have worked with.

    Conclusions:Overall, I have been satisfied using 4G as the crosses in my hybrid set-up. It provides me with the same feel, power, access to spin, etc. as my normal set-up. It has held tension better than the inexpensive Gosen Polyon that I normally use in the crosses. Since I do not have a Facebook account, I am posting this review in this thread only. I want to give a big thank you to TW and Luxilon for giving me the opportunity to play-test this string.


  14. Brocolt

    Brocolt Rookie

    Oct 18, 2010
    Full set or hybrid : I strung full bed to get a real feel for the string

    Tension used for playtest: I strung this at 50lbs expecting it to be a low powered poly

    Regular string set up: I am a string Junkie rarely play with the same string twice, always trying something new.

    Racquet brand and model used for test: Babolat Pure Drive

    Power of test string: I rate this a low powered poly that complemented my stiff frame power 3/10

    Feel: Above average for a poly/co-poly sweet pocketing and nice touch on volleys 7/10

    Spin: everything I could ask for in the spin department. Sure there are other polys with more spin but this string had all that I needed and great bite on the slice 8/10

    Comfort: rated as a poly I say 9/10 up there with the soft polys like black widow its not Gut but the performance is worth a little comfort. Off center hits may be a little bit hard if you have elbow issues but one of the softer ones for sure. Dont be afraid to try it. It should be really nice in a hybrid also.

    Durability: I dont see any issues with durability, I need to play with longer to get a good idea of how durable but I am just guessing 7/10

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)
    Excellent so far very little % drop on Racquet tune and holding steady, No string movement still playing solid after 12hrs. 10/10 for a poly

    Control : I give this a 10/10 for Control. Low power + Stiff frame = swing away baby. Groundies were a blast placing the ball with big swings excellent pocketing allows to move the ball very well. Serves were solid with nice kick and volleys were great.

    Compare to the string you use most often: One word Fun, I have been playing Multis lately so I dont have to swing as hard. This was nice to swing as hard as I wanted and have the ball land on the line everytime. I am recovering from a broken wrist, so It gets pretty tired hitting that hard all the time.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) 50lbs was on the money for me. Not sure if I would go any lower pretty sure I would not need to go higher

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes. I love low power with a stiffer frame and the control was off the charts. I have a big serve and I had to give up a little speed with the string but the control made up for it. If you love to swing hard try this string if your looking for a little control. You need to hit hard to keep the ball deep.

    Thanks For the Play test
  15. kwantam

    kwantam New User

    Dec 17, 2011
    After hitting on the Lux 4G for another several hours, I'm starting to get a bit more string movement and things are going pretty dead. I would guess that it took about 10 hours for the stringbed to lose that lovin' feelin'.

    I'm getting some notching of the crosses in the sweet spot, but not to the point where I'm worried that I'd ever pop a string before the bed was completely wrung out.
  16. Rjtennis

    Rjtennis Hall of Fame

    Aug 16, 2009
    I strung up the 4G at 50 lbs a few days ago and will have a chance to hit for with it the next several days. The string felt decently stiff, but it was easy to string. Also, i noticed while stringing that the 4G had an almost waxy texture to it. While stringing crosses the string glided through, but it seemed to have a waxy feeling coating to the touch. Did anyone else notice that?
  17. seekay

    seekay Semi-Pro

    Dec 9, 2011
    Champaign, IL
    seekay's review

    Full set or hybrid: Full bed of Luxilon

    Tension used for playtest: 45lb, electronic constant pull

    Regular string set up: Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 17 @ 45lb

    Racquet brand and model used for test: Wilson BLX2 Pro Staff Six.One 90

    Power of test string: I thought the string had an appropriate amount of power. It made it easy to hit big shots but still allowed me to control the ball. I felt like it was more powerful than most polys I've playtested.

    Feel: Feel was good for a poly.

    Spin: Good spin, but not quite at the level of Big Hitter Black 7 or Tour Bite.

    Comfort: The string is one of the most comfortable polys I've hit with, which surprised me.

    Durability: My game doesn't snap poly; I cut it out when it goes dead. That said, this string seems to be maintaining its liveliness exceptionally well.

    Tension maintenance: The tension has dropped steadily since it was first strung, but I don't feel that it's impacted the string's playability as much as I've found with other strings.

    Control: Control was adequate, but not amazing. I feel like it's a good trade to get more power from the string.

    Compare to the string you use most often: The Luxilon string is livelier than BHB7, and it seems to be wearing more predictably. I like BHB7 better when the strings are new, but after a few hours of hitting, the Luxilon feels better.

    Tension recommendations: No regrets. 45lb feels good.

    Summary: I like the overall package that this string offers. It's not amazing in any one performance category, but it provides a good balance to make a poly that's remarkably comfortable and easy to use. I'd consider switching to it, but I expect that it will be priced out of competition with my usual string.

    Thanks to Luxilon and TW for the opportunity to playtest.
  18. Thunderman15

    Thunderman15 New User

    Dec 12, 2010
    Strung As : Full set

    Strung tension: 58

    Regular Set-Up: Volkl V-Pro Full Set at 58 tension

    Racket Brand used for test: Volkl Dnx 10 Mid

    Power of string: I felt that it was less power than other polys that i have tried. My balls came up short when hitting with it.

    Feel of string: Felt similar to my regular co-poly string.

    Spin: Good amount of spin from string. Had to put more spin on the ball so the ball doesn't come up short.

    Comfort: It felt moderate vibration when hit on sweet spot. The string was arm friendly. Once used to hitting with this string it was more comfortable.

    Durability: I have about 8 hours of serious play with this string.

    Tension maintenance: i felt a big drop after 4 hour play and then another drop around 6 hours. My hypothesis on why it dropped so much is because i put my racket in my black car and the heat just was overwhelming for the string. I cut it after 8 hours.

    Control: Serves are really nice and crisp. Hitting on ground strokes were moderate and low powered. Was able to do full strokes to keep the ball in the court with spin.

    Comparison to my own set up: Compared to my own set up it had lower power level. The spin was on par with my set up. Took awhile to get used to the string.

    Summary: Overall, i liked the string and i hope that it will be a cheap string under 10 dollars. It had great control like my regular set up. and i believe the tension maintenance for me should of been better if i didn't place it in my car.
    Dislike: didnt like the vibration for off frame shots.

    Thank you TW for giving me the chance to try this string =]
  19. D-money

    D-money Rookie

    May 16, 2011
    Northern CA
    Luxilon Playtest

    This was a short playtest for me a I received the strings right before a tournament (Won it) and did not feel confident enough to use them in my matches so I'm a little late to get this up. I should start with I am actually looking to switch to a more comfortable co-poly that has better feel that my current string.

    I used these in a full set at 52lbs in a 2012 Pure Drive Roddick normally strung with Solinco Revolution at the same tension. I have an all court game with a big serve and heavy spin on forehand slightly less on my 2 handed backhand.

    Power: I found the power level right where I expected, not high powered by any means but decent power for a poly it rewarded fast swings and required me to provide any put away power, fairly easy to control depth and required very little adjustment although I would say revolution is slightly less powerful. This string provided a predictable response on fast swings.

    Feel: I found the feel to be good. Certainly better than my normal string which doesn't have much feel at all this string is as good or better at net and for touch shots than a lot of polys I've used.

    Spin: This string surprised me here especially after reading other posters that found this to be average in the spin department. I found this string to provide heavy spin for me. It does so in a different way though from what I've felt. I normally look for strings that feel like they really grab the ball and provide that "bite" that gives me spin. These felt like they were more "active" in that there was very pronounced movement and snapback that provided me with a lot of kick on serves and groundstrokes that were exploding off the court. I would say this string is similar to TCS or Black venom in this way out of the strings I've tried. This is no tourbite but this string is a spin monster in my racket.

    Comfort: I found this to be a very comfortable and playable poly. Not the most comfortable I've used but certainly respectable. I have arm problems on and off and this string did not give me any trouble. Almost everything else made by luxilon has and it's also one of the reasons I'm looking for a new string of choice.

    Durability: I do not break polys unless they are 18 or 18L's so I'm not the best to comment on this. I will cut this out long before I could break it.

    Tension Maintenance: This string seemed to drop a little tension initially and then lock in. I have'nt noticed much tension loss after the initial drop which wasn't enough to affect playability too much. This string will last me another hitting session from the feel of it so that would make about 9-10 hours of hitting which is all I expect from a poly. About average.

    Control This string really shined on control for me because of the low powered feel it rewarded fast swings and aggressive play. Very impressed with the control as I normally associate this level of control on high swing speeds with much stiffer polys. Pleasantly surprised.

    This string is more comfortable and powerful than my normal setup but still very controlled and predictable which are usually mutually exclusive traits. I found these to be similar in feel (like the TW playtesters have said) to Polyfibre TCS and other soft co-polys. I could see stringing these even lower in a 90-98 Square inch frame but I don't think I would go any lower than 50lbs in my Roddick as the racket is quite powerful. I loved the balance of comfort and control but given the average level of tension maintenance and relatively high price from what I've seen I will not be switching to this. If this were in a more competitive price range of $10.00 to $13.00 I could see it being a contender for the prize of string of choice but with all great strings out there in the sub $13.00 range I don't see the near $17.00 price tag reasonable given the performance is not out of this world. This is definitely a step in the right direction though and if this is an indication of what is to come from the poly giant then I am excited at what the future holds.
  20. mclovin23

    mclovin23 Guest

    Luxilon 4G Playtest

    String first impression stringing-Very easy to string. Probably the easiest poly I have ever strung.

    Full set or hybrid-Hybrid with Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex 16 in the crosses

    Tension used for playtest-47lbs for the mains 57 for the crosses

    Regular string set up-Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution in the mains with Synthetic Gut Duraflex in the crosses

    Racquet brand and model used for test-Head Prestige IG Midplus

    Power of test string-This string was very low powered. It allowed me to swing out on approach shots not worrying about them flying long.

    Feel-Touch shots at the net were very hard to hit. I missed many balls I usually would make with my original string setup. Drop volleys were also very hard to hit. I felt the same way with lobs. They were very hard to hit compared to my normal setup.

    Spin-There was very little spin created with this string compared to many other polys I’ve used. I hit heavy topspin so this affected me when playing with this string. I did notice on slices the ball would have more spin than normal.

    Comfort-My arm has only affected by Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power at high tensions. This did create a tiny arm problem after a long set of having to fire in many serves but other than that there was no pain.

    Durability- Used it for 20 hours and has no signs of breaking anytime soon. My crosses will break faster than the mains

    Tension maintenance- After using it for about 5 hours it dropped around 4-5 lbs which almost made the string more playable due to increased power.

    Control- The control with this string was outstanding. I would hit cross court deep cross court and it would land right on the line without a doubt every time. That was very helpful to grind out points and be able to still stay in them with the lack of power these strings have.

    Compare to the string you use most often-My flat serves were going in at a higher percentage but were getting smacked back for winner due to their lack of pace; My spin serve was very consistent. I was able to place it very well but due to the lack of power opponents were just killing it back leaving me left starting the point on a bad note; My kick serves were very easily placed probably the most effective serve with these strings.

    Ground strokes were lacking in the power but not the control. I was able to grind out points while keeping the ball deep but opponents were able to stay in points because balls that would be winners didn’t have enough pace on them to make them fly past opponents instead they would battle back into points and sometimes win them.

    Tension recommendations-To make up for the lack of power I would lower both the crosses and the mains by 5lbs.

    Summary-I like the stiffer bed for the gain of control. I just wish there was more power from this string to put away shortballs and not giving opponets chances to comeback on points that should be won by me. I also miss the touch from my regular set up. Overall I like my regular set up better.
  21. dode

    dode Rookie

    May 15, 2009
    Kansas City
    You must include the following in your review

    Full set or hybrid: Used as crosses with Pacific Classic 16L mains
    Tension used for playtest:62 lbs mains, 54 lbs crosses
    Regular string set up:Pacific Classic mains, WeissCannon SilverString crosses
    Racquet brand and model used for test:Boris Becker BB11 Mid
    Power of test string:It had slightly less power than my normal setup. I use the poly to tame down the gut a little bit, and this string fit the bill. It took a little bit to adjust, but not too long.
    Feel:Seemed to have pretty good feel, but was perhaps a bit more harsh than my normal setup. It seemed to go away after about an hour of play. Volleys seemed to have better touch with this than my normal setup once they settled in.
    Spin:Seemed to be on par with my normal setup. Good hop on ground strokes off each side, good kick on serves. One thing I will note is that it seemed that it wasn't quite as forgiving if I didn't hit perfectly clean, having the ball flatten out and fly a little more on me than I am used to if I don't hit it well. I guess that should teach me to hit better though!
    Comfort:My arm is fairly sensitive to poly's, which is why I don't play them full bed very often. With my current setup, I generally cut out my crosses and restring after about 8 hours of play. That is usually when my arm tells me it is time. I have played the string for about 8 hours and I would say it might have a couple more hours in it before I cut it out. The end of my last play session I was just starting to feel it a little.
    Durability:No real issues here I don't think. I never break poly's before I cut them, and this doesn't show any signs of breaking.
    Tension maintenance: (how long before it became too loose or unplayable) After about 3 hours, I started to see a little more string movement than I am used to with my standard setup, but it seems to have stayed pretty steady since then. I will note that these strings seem to be easier on my gut than the Silver String, possibly due to some coating on them, even with the slightly increased movement.
    Control: (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) I have mixed reactions on this one. If I hit the ball cleanly, I would say control is improved over my normal setup. However, once in a while it just seemed like the ball just wouldn't bite the strings and it wouldn't go where I was trying to put it.
    Compare to the string you use most often:Overall I would say it performs pretty similarly to what I use now. With more time I might become more comfortable with it. I do like that I get a little more life out of it before I start feeling it in my arm. I also felt like I could move my kick serves around a little better with this string.
    Tension recommendations: (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) 54 lbs was probably about right for my usage.
    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
    Likes: Slightly longer lasting than my normal setup and slightly better on serves, plus good touch on volleys
    Dislikes: Some shots just didn't seem to come off the stringbed as cleanly as I am used to if everything wasn't perfect.

    Overall I think it is an above average poly, but I wouldn't say it is special in any one area. It is definitely easier on my arm than ALU Power. It is a pretty good balance of everything, and I will use the other half on an upcoming string job. On the stringing note, it was definitely easier to string than a lot of poly's I have strung. It wasn't hard to weave or tie off at all, though I still didn't chance tying it off on a gut main.

    Thanks for the test opportunity. I always enjoy them.

    Last edited: Aug 24, 2012
  22. D-money

    D-money Rookie

    May 16, 2011
    Northern CA
    Posted review to Luxilons facebook page. Thanks to both Luxilon but especially to TW for the playtest. Looking forward to more tests in the future.
  23. Lefty Spin

    Lefty Spin Rookie

    Mar 17, 2004
    Lefty Spin's 4G review:

    Full set or hybrid: Used the string in the crosses with Babolat Natural Gut.

    Tension used: Strung one racquet at 57 and the other at 59 just to get a sense of the string at two different tensions.

    Regular set-up: Babolat VS Gut mains with Big Banger in the crosses strung at 57.

    Racquet used during playtest: Prince EXO3 Tour (16x18)

    Power: Definately a more powerful string. Felt like balls were sailing more than I expected.

    Feel: Decent feel not great. I actually feel like I have better touvh with my normal set-up even though this is a much softer string.

    Spin: String offered more spin than normal set-up. In particular on my serve I felt the set-up offered more kick. I just had problems getting serves in.

    Comfort: Definately a very comfortable poly. Feels softer that any of the other Luxilon polys. Probably the softest poly I have ever used.

    Durability: Not an issue for me. I don't break the polys. The string is not showing any signs of wear.

    Tension maintenance: This is probably a week point for this string. I feel the tension for this set-up dropped more than I would expect after only a couple hours of play.

    Control: Probably slightly better than my normal set-up. My main issue was power and not keeping the ball in the court.

    Compared to normal set-up: Just a little to powerful for me. I have a disclaimer to add later that I hope helps everyone.

    Tension recommendations: I would recommend upper 50s to 60 for this string. I just felt there was a lot of power and balls were really sailing for me.

    Summary: I need to add a disclaimer. I thought this was the string that we playtested for Luxilon earlier this year. It definately looked and felt the same during stringing. At that time I was using the Yonex rd ti-80 lite and the string played completely different. Either the string was different this time or it is not a good match with the EXO3 tour. The EXO3 tour is a very soft frame so maybe this string should be used in a stiffer frame. I really liked it in the Yonex and I didn't like it nearly as much in the Prince.

    Once again thank TW for the opportunity to try the string.
  24. hebrewhammer

    hebrewhammer Rookie

    Nov 7, 2010
    east bay CA
    Full set or hybrid- Full set

    Tension used for playtest- 57 lbs

    Regular string set up- Solinco Revolution 57 lbs

    Racquet brand and model used for test- Donnay X-Dual Silver 99

    Power of test string- This string packs a powerful punch. I really enjoyed the "pop" feeling off the string bed. Not too much power, for me it is just perfect

    Feel- TMT. Too much touch. Man oh man, this is great at net for volleys and drop shots.

    Spin- This is where I enjoy revolution a little bit better. There is spin there for the 4G, just not quite enough for my liking. Moderate spin, I should say

    Comfort- Very nice on the arm. Not too soft though. Not mushy. Very nice

    Durability- Unfortunately I cannot comment as it broke on a shank around 5 hrs. It seemed to have 1 or 2 hrs left.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)- After 5 hrs, it was still great.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)- Very predictable trajectory, a little bit better on flatter shots for me. It felt better when i swung out.

    Compare to the string you use most often
    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?)- For me, the tension was just fine. I string higher anyways, but even when it loosens up a little it feels great.

    Summary: The feel and pop of this string were fantastic. Could not ask for more. Very much a fantastic all around string, except a little lacking on the spin side for me.

    Thanks TW for a fantastic playtest!
  25. BlxTennis

    BlxTennis Rookie

    Nov 25, 2010
    Luxilon 4G playtest

    Full set or hybrid: Hybrid with 4G main and Perfect spin Sythetic cross
    Tension used for playtest: 54lbs main; 59lbs cross
    Regular string set up: Supra Gut main(59lbs) with Iontec cross(54lbs)
    Racquet brand and model used for test: Wilson BLX Tour 90
    Power of test string: String bed does not seem to have that much power. In fact, on the very 1st swing, with my normal Semi-western grip, the ball actually landed short. After making adjustment, string bed feels.
    Feel: Comparing to my regular set up, I would give it 70% if my regular set up is at 100%.
    Spin: Similar to my regular setup. Not much more or less. I believe I derive my spin from hitting more so than coming from the string.
    Comfort: Again, comparing to my regular setup, I would give it a 80% if my normal set up is 100%.
    Durability: Don't know yet. Only played with it for 2 hours.
    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)
    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?): Don't know yet since I only hit with it for about 2 hours.
    Compare to the string you use most often
    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) I think if I make this my regular string, I can keep it at the same tension and would be fine with me.
    Summary: Dislike: This string seems to have a bit more coil memory. I had a little trouble isolating 1/2 of the string for hybrid. Seems to tangle a bit more than other strings(multi or poly) that I had tried. It's not that big of deal. Like: Stringing it was pretty easy. Feels soft enough for a Poly and does not hurt my arm.
  26. djNEiGht

    djNEiGht Hall of Fame

    Oct 4, 2010
    Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA
    TW/TT - Thanks for another playtest!
    Luxilon - Cheers to you as well!

    Full set or hybrid
    -Full set

    Tension used for playtest
    -48 lbs

    Regular string set up
    -Various multifilament strings with Gamma Live Wire XP being my fav - 57 lbs

    Racquet brand and model used for test
    -Borris Becker DC London (Leather grip and lead at 3/9 & 5/7)

    Power of test string
    -Very low power. I was able to swing away (granted that a proper stroke was used) on ground strokes. I found myself having to work pretty hard to get the ball deep. Probably lost a bit of pace on the 2nd serve

    -Coming from livelier strings, this was surprisingly not as dead as I thought it would be. It was also pretty comfortable for someone who has suffered from GE. Ground strokes where rewarded with solid feedback when in the sweet spot. Off centered shots weren't as jarring as I'd expect. Overheads/serves also felt nice. I enjoyed half volleys with this, finding myself just using my momentum of moving towards the net to help get the ball back. At the net was pretty fun too. Cutting off solid ground strokes with the low powered strings plus the control was great. The ball would just drop and stay low.

    -With the low power of the string I had to increase the racquet head speed through contact. This seemed to give the ball some nice spin but not as much spin as I expected. I was still was able to deliver a heavy ball that would jump. I found my Live Wire set up to pocket the ball better and producing decent amount of spin with the same or even less effort than with the 4G. Loopy strokes where a bit more rewarding though and the poly strings would slide and snap back.

    -Again, pretty comfortable for someone who suffered from GE and has stayed away from poly for almost a year. I played during the early morning, mid day, and a night match. Granted it is summer and the evenings aren't that cold, I was happy to not have any discomfort when the evening temps came around

    -With about 4.5 hours of doubles and 1.5 hours of singles, the string shows a little bit of notching. I think I could get another 10 hours before it breaks or before a pair of scissors finds their way to it.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)
    -I played with the strings about 12 hours after it was strung. It took about 10-15 minutes before I got comfortable with the poly. I could feel a slight change in the bed as it seemed to settle. Tension seemed to be very consistent for about 5 hours with maybe a tiny bit of tension loss. Strings would slide back easily and only towards the end of my last game did I see the strings stick a bit (if only a little bit). That was during the night game. I will see how they play during the day over the weekend.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)
    -With the loss of pace on the serves, I did find myself to have nice control over a shot down the T or out wide. Same type of control (but not as much action compared to Live Wire) on my slice and kick serves.

    Return of serve was pretty nice and I found myself thinking I had tons of real-estate hitting cross court in doubles because of the control of the string. Should I need to whip it down the alley, I just needed to change my follow through or wrist snap a bit more.

    With keeping the eye on the ball through contact, I was confident on the direction of my ground strokes to either the back hand or fore hand of my opponent. Most of the shots I found favorable with this string where semi flat. I would hit through the ball with just a bit of topspin for good measure. I could hit a bit more topspin but I was getting tired having to really explode on the ball through contact towards the end of my singles match.

    Compare to the string you use most often

    -You really have to earn everything from this string. I think a well conditioned player with a full and fast swing will benefit from this 4G string. Either a semi flat or even a topspin player would enjoy this. It has more control and predictability than my multi set up. With I played with same level of player or lower for me I found myself doing well with the 4G. With higher level and heavy paced balls, I had trouble since my preparation wasn't as fast as it should be. Live Wire XP has more free power and I think helps me when facing stronger and better opponents.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?)
    -I wouldn't hesitate to use the same tension. The only reason I'd go lower than 48 lbs is to experiment on the low tension train of thought for polys and maybe a bit more spin.

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
    Control and low power of the string (able to swing away)
    Low power of the string get's to you when you are tired or not as well seasoned as other players. The set up is not forgiving if the player doesn't have good racquet head speed through contact. I also didn't like how there wasn't as much action or movement of the ball as compared to Live Wire XP or a couple other poly's I've tried before my elbow got hurt.

    If it's in the $6-8 range I would consider buying.
  27. OldFedIsOld

    OldFedIsOld Professional

    Sep 7, 2011
    2D plane of existence
    Full set or hybrid Full set
    Tension used for playtest 52 lbs
    Regular string set up Gosen Micro OG and Pro Supex Big Ace
    Racquet brand and model used for test ProKennex Silver Ace 90
    Power of test string The power was about average, nothing too powerful yet not underpowered. I had to take a slightly bigger backswing to compensate.
    Feel Feel for me was exceptional, from the baseline or net play, I could really feel all of my shots coming into and out of my string bed. I hit some pretty amazing volleys and half volleys with these strings when I tested them.
    Spin About average, was not expecting too much because it was a smooth poly. Ground strokes had to be hit with a little more racquet head speed brushing up.
    Comfort Very comfortable, especially at net. No bad vibrations or anything when hitting groundstrokes on the edge.
    Durability Pretty good durability, notching came around the second day of play testing, so around 5 hours.
    Tension maintenance For me the tension started to drop the first 10 or 20 minutes of playing with the string, it dropped a little bit but was noticeable. After the initial drop off period it stayed pretty solid. After around 15 hours of testing the strings were starting to lose their playability for me, but still playable for a couple more days.
    Control Control was definitely there, it was pretty low powered so I was able to aim the ball pretty easily with each groundstroke. Volleys were the main plus for these strings in terms of control. I could hit volleys deep or short angled easily with precision. Serves were pretty good as well, though I did have a little trouble on the slice out wide.
    Compare to the string you use most often Power, Spin, and Tension maintenance of the 4g were beaten with my original setup. However if I had hybrid it with some gut or synthetic gut in the crosses it could match up with my original setup.
    Tension recommendations I strung it at 52lbs, I would suggest going down a pound or two to add some power, or hybrid it with some gut or synthetic gut.
    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
    Likes: Control and Feel were great.
    Dislikes: Power was the only real problem, though it was only a little thing that I sort of disliked.

    If its in the 10-14 dollar range I would definitely try some more in combinations.
  28. rofl_copter3

    rofl_copter3 Professional

    Feb 28, 2011
    Eugene, OR
    Full set

    Strung at m:53 x:50

    Usual string: signum pro poly hextreme at same tension

    Racquet: yonex rdis 200 mp

    String power: lower powered, gave a good ability to really swing away without fear of flyers

    Feel: better than most polys, not dead but not crisp just solid. You can feel the ball on the strings and it gives clean feedback.

    Spin: OK but not crazy. It was very average for spin both topspin and slices and spin was not the most memorable part of this string.

    Comfort: fairly arm friendly not at all harsh. Not a string for people with bad elbows or shoulders but if strung at a reasonable tension shouldn't cause a problem

    Durability: I cut it out at 10 hours. Tension held well for the first 4 hours of singles play, but even after loosening up it was still playable. I cut it out due to string movement and it was starting to feel dead at the very end. Overall it didn't break and lasted as long as I would have expected of any poly. Only slight notching was visible when I cut it out

    Tension maintenance: good stable tension for 4 hours then a drop but still playable until it died for me at 10 hours

    Control: this was where the string shined for me. I felt like like I was able to direct the ball side to side and deep or short at will. As long as I made a good pass on the ball I was rewarded with this strings placement. Serves were especially beneficial for me as I don't hit many flat bombs but move it around the box and this string covered the lines for me. The only adjustment I had to make was the ball came off flatter from the string bed.

    Compared to hextreme: 4g is not as spin friendly but felt more precise. Also 4g was less powerful so I had to create more on my own. The biggest thing for me was the feel though, hextreme is ultra crisp and 4g was clean but not crisp. This is why I play hextreme over other strings and the only thing 4g truly fell a bit short on for me.

    Tension recommendation: this is a string that I would say needs to be strung in the low 50's or the 40's. Higher tension could cause it to be crazy low powered and it may become harsh

    Summary: control was at the forefront with this string and really outshines the other positives for me. There was no major drawback for me, but this string overall just didn't make me say wow. I did miss some spin I've gotten from other strings

    Thanks you tennis warehouse

    Also I have no Facebook account so I cannot post this on Lux's pagr
  29. swfh

    swfh Semi-Pro

    Aug 8, 2011
    Just an update: I think that this string is meant for flat hitters, someone like a soderling or del potro. Nice feel all around, but I just never felt like I was grabbing the ball. Tension wise, I think that it stayed the same, which is a plus.
  30. SteveI

    SteveI Legend

    Feb 19, 2004
    2012 Luxilon PlayTest "4G" - SteveI

    I have been testing two frames with a hybrid of this string (mains) and Head PPS 16 (crosses) in match play, drilling and practice sessions. I also used these frames to feedballs to students. The total playtest window was 2 weeks for both frames. I alternated frames to get appox. 30 hours of total test time.

    Your regular string set up: Tourna Big Hitter Silver 17g and Head PPS 16G.

    Prototype Tested: 4G Gold String

    Hybrid: with with Head PPS 16G in crosses

    Tension: Test String 4G (50) / Head PPS 16G (48)

    Racquet Used in Playtest: Dunlop 400G modified (11.6 / 8 points HL)

    The frame strung up with very little problem. String was very stiff while stringing. With my drop weight stringer, I needed almost no adjustment to obtain the proper setting. The string settled nicely. No extra stringing time over my normal setup. The string stretched very little.

    During the 2 or 3 hours or so the string played very stiff with little feel and power then broke-in somewhat. Power level was low to medium in my testing cycle. Not easy at all to create power and pace. I was swinging hard, fast and landing shots with great control. The problem was all my shots were coming back. I was getting pushed all over the place and not really causing any problems for the players on the other side of the net. I seemed to be crushing balls and the stringbed had it a great pop sound coming from the sweetspot on serves, but again I was under attack off both serves. I felt like a 98 pound weakling when using this string. Even droping the tension based on others experince did not help. Spin generation was below average and my kick serves and top spin ground strokes looked like battling practice.

    I really did not enjoyed the feel of this string. I could not employ touch when needed. Comfort was average, but never have arm issues so I really can't comment on how players with arm issues might respond to this string. No arm issues to be reported. Even off center hits did not cause any issues. When the string not not play stiff, I would say more on the crisp side...I hated the lack of feel and power and had no connection to the stringbed.

    While this is not my most complete string report and review, I feel I spent more than enough time to really understand the attributes of this string. Very low power, low spin production and lack of feel. Since my game is very much all court in nature this string was a loser for me. The control was wonderful as was tension holding. String almost never moved even in a hybrid set-up. If someone was to string this in a full bed at high tension in a low powered frame I am sure they would have to swing for fences just to get the ball past the service line on ground strokes.

    Overall, I did not love this string for all the reason stated above. I think they have a winner here in the baseline basher market. Based on the prices of other highend Luxilon strings, I know I would not play or stock this string or really push it on anyone other than a certain type of player with hard, fast and long swings.

    Happy hitting TW and Luxilon.... (Thanks for the great Tee... ;-) )

  31. Praprad

    Praprad New User

    Dec 30, 2011
    Luxilon 4G Playtest

    Full set or hybrid- Hybrid w/ Synthetic Gut 17

    Tension used for playtest- 54lbs

    Regular string set up- Luxilon Alu Power w/ Synthetic Gut 17 @54lbs

    Racquet brand and model used for test- Prince Exo3 Tour 16X18

    Power of test string- It was on the lower end power wise for polys. Definitely lower than my normal set up but let me swing at the ball without worrying about it going out.

    Feel- The feel was not the best but manageable and took some getting used to.

    Spin- The spin on this string was disappointing. Spin potential much different than my usual set up but when I began swinging a little more flatter the string felt much better.

    Comfort- Good comfort. Nothing bad about it other than it might have been a little too soft.

    Durability- Durability is nice but can’t say much now. 6 hours of play so far.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)- Surprisingly not much tension has been lost, much better than most polys I have played with.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)- Great control after I began hitting a little more flatter. Felt like I could hit any ball anywhere aggressively. Slice stayed low. Drop shots were good. The one drawback might have been not getting much action on the ball when it came to topspin.

    Compare to the string you use most often- Alu Power has more power and spin but the control of this string was really nice. I would rank this inferior to my usual set up due to solely the spin. In order to get deep shots with good pace it was almost necessary to flatten your balls.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) If anything I would drop it a pound or two to see if that gave me a little more spin.

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
    I loved the control of this string and how you could just swing at the ball without having to worry whether it would go out or not but I wish it had more spin potential. That would make it as perfect as a string could be.

    Thanks to Tennis Warehouse and Luxilon for this enjoyable string test. Looking forward to ones in the future! :)
  32. amsingh

    amsingh New User

    May 7, 2012
    Luxilon 4G Playtest

    You must include the following in your review

    Full set or hybrid - hybrid with wilson sensation
    Tension used for playtest - 60 lbs
    Regular string set up - mains: kirshbaum competition 17L and cross: prince synthetic gut w/duraflex @64 lbs
    Racquet brand and model used for test - prince tour diablo mid
    Power of test string - power was average with this string which worked out well for me as I prefer a string that isn't too powerful. Still felt I could get enough behind the ball with a little lower tension than I usually string.
    Feel - I thought the feel was incredible. Really pocketed the ball well and allowed me to direct shots with ease. Especially liked it on my backhand slice. Felt very soft which I thought I wouldn't like but ended up working well for me.
    Spin - Spin was decent. Wasn't overwhelmed with the spin potential. I feel other shaped poly's have more spin potential but don't always need that depending on the surface I'm playing on.
    Comfort - very comfortable. As I mentioned with the feel portion of the review, pocketed the ball well. For some reason felt more comfortable at the baseline with the string and not too much at net.
    Durability - can't really comment as I used with sensation crosses on those snapped on me after a week of play
    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable) - I felt very little if at all tension loss in the week the strings lasted me
    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) - control was very nice. made up for the power being average. Did not really matter what type of swing I was taking. However, volleys (even half volleys) have felt better on other strings. I do not think I would use this string set up in a doubles match.
    Compare to the string you use most often - It was a nice change of pace, but I'm not sure it is enough to stray me away from my current string set up.
    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) - 60 lbs was great for me (which is lower than my usual) I feel a few pounds lower is a good idea with an luxilon strings as they can feel stiff, especially when fresh.
    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
    Likes: 1) tension maintenance was a big thing for me. If I had used a more durable cross string, I don't think I'd have to cut the strings out due to lost tension 2) complemented my style of play
    Dislikes: 1) color - did not mesh well with my racquet 2) anticipate it being very pricey, which will keep me from keeping the option open of switching from my current poly mains to this.
  33. tennis_enthusiast

    tennis_enthusiast Rookie

    May 13, 2010
    Southern California
    Full set or hybrid-I used a full set of string for the playtesting.

    Tension used for playtest-51 lbs.

    Regular string set up-typically I use either Tecnifbre Black Code in an 18 gauge or Solinco Tour Bite in a 17 gauge, both at 51 lbs.

    Racquet brand and model used for test- I stuck with my usual Babolat aero storm gt racket.

    Power of test string- I received a really average amount of power. If anything it was definitely less than what I am used to. The Black Code and Tour Bite both seem to have more pop.

    Feel- this was clearly a little bit thicker of a gauge than I am used to, so I didn't get as much feel as I would have from a thin poly. However for a standard poly there was a little bit of feel.

    Spin-average in this department as well.

    Comfort- at 51 lbs I didn't have any arm problems. Strings were a little bit stiffer than my normal set up.

    Durability- I didn't manage to break the string during my playtesting period.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)- this seemed to be the kicker because I will ony leave my normal polys in for about 5-6 hours of playing time but I felt the same feel for about 10 hours on this racket before it didn't feel good.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)-I received pretty consistent feedback from the strings providing me with enough control. I did need a little bit of time to adjust but it was a good amount of control.

    Compare to the string you use most often-thIs didn't have near the feel or sPin potential of my normal Black Code set up. I found more power and better performance in all categories with my Black Code.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) I thought that this string would perform better at low tensions, 51 seemed to Be a good tension because if it were higher I could see ark problems developing.

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes. The tension maintenance is obviously going to be a big selling point forthe string. It did perform well at my usual tension of 51 lbs. I could see a lot of people switching to this string.
  34. bspitch1

    bspitch1 New User

    May 3, 2011
    Full set or hybrid?: Full Set
    Regular string set up: X-one 16, SPPP 16L crosses
    Racquet brand and model used for test: Babolat Pure Storm Tour
    Power of test string:The string was very low powered. The string had a little pop but wasnt enough for what I am used to.
    Feel: A TON OF FEEL. The feel in this string is ridiculous. Placement was great too
    Spin: I was able to get a decent amount of spin with this string but was far less than most strings. This string made me try to hit spin if I wanted it rather than some spin coming from the string itself.
    Comfort: Very comfortable from my tests. I definitely would recommend it.
    Durability: String lasted 11 hours of play before it broke. It broke in the middle of the string bed. Lasted as well as most polys
    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable): It lasted as well as my current strings. I liked it
    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?):Good control. I was able to predict the trajectory pretty well after a few times of hitting.
    Compare to the string you use most often: Much better! I definitely would use this as my normal setup.
    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?): Keep it the same. I wouldnt change anything. The string was everything that I wanted.
    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.: I wish there was more power. But I LOVED the feel and control!
  35. Torres

    Torres Banned

    Jan 1, 2011
    (And to anyone else who's tried this string), how long did it take before it went dead?

    And how does it compare to Alu and Savage?
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  36. sports4eva115

    sports4eva115 Semi-Pro

    Mar 17, 2011
    CA, USA
    Luxilon 4G Playtest Review (1 Month)

    Full set or hybrid
    full set for this playtest

    Tension used for playtest
    54lbs with vibration dampener

    Regular string set up
    full bed of RPM Blast 16g at 54 lbs

    Racquet brand and model used for test
    Head Microgel Prestige MP 18x20

    Power of test string
    This is a low powered string for sure, meaning that this is usually for more intermediate to advance players who like to take a huge cut at the ball. Power feels similar to my usual RPM Blast, in that I can take a big swing and the ball won't fly as far as one would expect.

    In my opinion, there are two types of feels for polys: strings that feel "hard" (like the alu big banger) and strings that feel "soft" (like rpm blast). Polys in general are more stressful on the arm, but soft polys are much more forgiving than hard polys. This string feels very close to my RPM setup, in that it feels much softer than alu big banger, and that I feel great ball pocketing when playing. That being said, it does feel a little less forgiving than my RPM, as off centered shot would result in the racket vibrating pretty bad. On center hits feel like heaven tho, much better than my RPM.

    Although the feel is similar to my RPM, the spin potential is not the same. Using RPM, I occasionally go to the nadal whipping forehand, as it works well when I have a high ball and I want to draw the opponent off the court with a spinny crosscourt forehand. With these strings, I havent been able to create the angles I wanted and felt very frustrated at teh begining. However, I discover that, with my eastern-semiwestern forehand grip, its much easier to flatten out balls with this string than my RPM. Sometimes with the RPM, the ball seems to dip too much when I try to flatten it and it either ends up short or into the net. With these strings I'm able to push the ball much closer to the baseline, keeping my opponent back.

    The comfort could be related to the feel, as in that these strings are considered "soft" polys and therefore feel much easier on the arm. On the other hand, while most soft polys are also easy on the arm on off centered hits, this one seems to act like a hard poly on off centered hits and could be an issue. Overall though, when playing recreational (and therefore not swinging hard at the ball all the time), this string feels very nice.
    While the strings themselves have not snapped yet, they seem to hold up as long as my RPM Blast. I usually go through a set in around a month and a half, and I've had a month to playtest these. That said, these strings do seem to move around occasionally, more than I'm used to (rpm hardly moves at all!) but nothing too serious.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)
    I'm not a player whose too fussy about tension maintenance. Even though RPM Blast is known for its poor tension maintenance, I usually dont switch out the strings until it broke from playing (except when I cut them out to string up these Luxilon 4G!). I usually adjust to the tension drop, so when the tension drops I tend to noticably hit the ball with more spin and less pace, as lower tensions for me feel a little out of control at times. These strings seem to hold tension better than my RPM Blasts, as they don't lose tension right away, and in a month into the playtest I feel like my game hasent changed that much.
    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)
    I feel like there is great control with this racket. Although my dipper shots have been disappointing, corner to corner shots have been amazing. I feel like I'm able to control the ball really well at the baseline, hitting flatter than I usually do and the ball still going in. Its just for approach shots, when I'm trying to open the court and get the opponent on the run to hopefully create an easy volley, that I struggled to place the ball correctly. Often I send the ball long, or hit it jsut wide, but this could simply be due the fact that i'm not completely used to the lower spin generation of the strings. Great control from the baseline though!
    As for serves, these strings have a nice pop that helps me create pace but still keeps the ball in the service box. I'd say I enjoyed these strings the most on serves.

    Compare to the string you use most often
    I've been comparing to the RPM for this whole review, but in a nutshell these strings have excellent feel, soft like the RPM yet not too shabby on the spin potential. These strings would be great for flattening the ball out, as I'd say the power generation and spin potential lies somewhere between teh alu big banger (my old strings) and the RPM Blast (my preferred string now).

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?)
    I would say I would lower the tension a little more than I usually do. I used to play with the big banger, and when I did I had to string at around the high 40's cuz the string is so stiff. When I switched to the RPM, the softer string bed along with its infamous spin generation superpower made me increase my tension up to 55. With these strings, I would probably drop it by 3-4 pounds, just go get a little extra spin generation and power from the strings. The control has been excellent for them, so hopefully at a lower tension I'll still be able to get the same precision.

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
    the two things I really love about this string is its comfort and control. Like i stated above, this string is soft like the RPM yet its not TOO soft. Sometimes with the RPM I feel like I'm hitting with strings with cotton inside, cuz its so soft. These strings have felt great just about every time i played, so I'm very satisfied with them. Control is excellent when hitting flat shots, just the occasional misses due to the smaller spin potential compared to my RPM. However, becasue I'm trying to transition from a baseline grinder to an aggressive net approacher, these strings met my needs pretty well
    2 things I didnt enjoy as much was as I stated, the smaller spin potential, but this could simply be due to I'm not used to the strings yet (its only been a month, verses 2 years of RPM usage!). The other would be how the string moves around occasionally and I have to fix them up after points. Sometimes I forget to check and keep playing with the strings all screwy and eventually I found out the strings arnt even aligned.
    Overall I would definitely give this string a second or third shot, and maybe when I'm more used to it, compare it side by side with my RPM (i havent used the RPM in a month now because I'm trying to get used to these strings!)

    thanks to tennis warehouse and luxilon for giving me this opportunity to playtest! I really enjoyed trying out new strings, and felt honored to be able to try this out before most people! thanks again, look forward to future playtests!
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  37. drkplayer122

    drkplayer122 Rookie

    Nov 11, 2011
    I used the 4G in my leaded up IG radical MP at 40 #s. I will compare this string with Tour Bite 16 at 40 also.

    Power= The power of this string test was on the lower end of polys for me. I tended to push the ball a little bit to get the same depth I had with a more powerful setup.

    Feel= I would say it has a pretty the same feel as many Lux strings. It was more on the stiffer side of polys but it felt very crisp when I hit the ball cleanly.

    Spin= I would say it was pretty average for a poly. I had to get accelerate more to get more RHS to get the same spin I was used to with shaped strings like TB.

    Comfort= As stated earlier, 4G is on the stiffer side of polys. Unfortunately, I did feel something the next morning after playing with this string. It was my fault since I was trying a bit too hard by pushing the ball more and arming the ball trying to get more spin on the ball.

    Durability= Durability was no issue with me.

    Tension maintenance= Tension maintenance was not so bad with this string. I did feel a pretty big tension drop around the 3rd to 4th hr. I cut the strings out at about the 10th hr since it was died. For a Lux string, I say it was a very nice adjustment from most of the string died within 5 hrs of play for me.

    Control= I thought this was where the string shined. I felt like I was playing a video game with the setup. I had pinpoint accuracy and became a line painter overnight. I couldn't miss whether I was hitting CC or DTL shots.

    Compare to the string you use most often
    Power= TB>4g
    Spin= TB>4g
    Control= TB<<4G
    Tension M= TB<4G

    I think I would go maybe 2 #s lower to get a little more power from the string. I don't think those 2#s wouldn't really affect the control that much.

    Likes: I loved the control I got with this string. I would love to be a painter again.
    Everything was pretty average for a poly so it really didn't have any weakness.

    Dislikes: Again it was average for a poly so it really doesn't have much pros either.
    Honestly, I probally won't get this string because of the price. At like 16 USD, I can really burn a hole in my wallet.

    Thanks TW and Luxilon for the playtest and shirt.
  38. drkplayer122

    drkplayer122 Rookie

    Nov 11, 2011
    Since I'm not a big hitter like most of the posters, but I get about 4-5 hrs with ALU power and rough. With 4g I got about 9-10 hrs. It doesn't have that holy grail-like play when you play with the ALUs in those first 2 hrs or so.
  39. SteveI

    SteveI Legend

    Feb 19, 2004
    My two setups really never went dead... the string was never really alive. String was muted, low powered and nothing like ALU Power. Sorry never played Savage. All of the Tourna Poly Strings are better than this string as was the last multi-sided string I playtested for TW. I know this string will be $15.00 from Lux... not a winner in my book.
  40. TennezSport

    TennezSport Hall of Fame

    Jan 18, 2006
    Northern NJ, USA
    Lux 4G Playtest Results..........

    We would like to thank TW for giving us the opportunity to test Lux' new 4G string.

    Full set or hybrid
    Tension used for playtest = 45/43lbs
    Regular string set up = Tec Duramix/Ruff Code @ 52/44lbs
    Racquet brand and model used for test = Yonex VCore 98
    Power of test string = low powered throught test
    Feel = almost non existent on anything not hit hard
    Spin = good, but normal for a co-poly string
    Comfort = not very comfortable at first, but did soften up a little with use.
    Durability = while notching did become an issue the durability was decent.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)
    While we strung this string low we still had good control because of the high stiffness index (269). Loss was only 6lbs over the 10hrs that the string lasted at which time the string went dead.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) Control was very good and took a good solid swing in order to produce decent spin and power. Touch shots were almost non existent if not stuck with some effort; counter productive in that area.

    Compare to the string you use most often
    4G delivers a good deal of control but suffers from lack of feel on delicate touch shots. The string combo that I regularly use offers more in that department. However, used in a hybrid 4G might do very well.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?)
    Depending on your racquet and string pattern, we recommend string as low as you can control as the string offers great control on its own due to the high stiffness index and low elasticity. Lower tensions will also increase sting life slightly.

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
    This string is really good for Big Bangers and advanced players looking for good control and spin. While lower tensions will help the string last longer, we still found the feel and life span lacking.

    Cheers, TennezSport :cool:
  41. purple-n-gold

    purple-n-gold Hall of Fame

    Jan 12, 2008
    Down East
    2012 Luxilon 4G playtest

    Full set 2 piece job

    Tension 54 mains 52 cross'

    Regular string: My go to is Lux ALu but I like to try the latest and greatest:)

    Racquet: A tuned Yonex Vcore 100

    Power of test string: Fairly low, once the string settled in it had a little more pop. Very similiar to the other Lux strings, slightly lower powered than fresh Alu.

    Feel: It felt supple and slick out of the pack, also like it had some sort of coating on it. Strung up with no issues. It has a solid and predictable response..not a metallic or brassy feel like Alu or BBO, but a unique feel all to it's own. I would compare it to a combination/cross of Savage and BB Original in one string. I think the string felt and played better at the end of the first week after it had settled in a bit.

    Spin: Good spin..not crazy like fresh Alu Rough or Tour Bite, but definitely not lacking in the spin department.

    Comfort: Good comfort for a co-poly, better than Alu to me.

    Durability: Still going strong after 2 weeks and at around 8-10 hours of use. String was slightly notched before the end of the first week but nowhere near breaking yet. I generally cut out poly before it breaks.

    Tension maintenance: Great, I think this will be 4G's strong point. After my 2nd and 3rd outing the string bed settled in with no noticable drop in tension nor playability. Now at the end of its 2nd week and finishing a weekend tournament, it still has a crisp and controlled response. I also want to add that I initially played with it straight off the stringer where I typically let my strings settle in for a least one day.

    Control: A very good control string with a predictable response on all shots. Backhand slices were especially nasty and like all Lux strings it really rewards faster swings.

    Compared to Alu it had a slightly more muted feel, not brassy, but unique. Not as much spin and pop as fresh Alu, but really no weakness' playability wise. MUCH better tension maintenance than Alu.

    Tension recommendations: Would string it up again at the same tension.

    Summary:Really have enjoyed the strings long lasting playability, impressive. Nothing I can really knock about this new 4G.

    Thank you TW for another playtest opportunity and Luxilon for the string and Tee!
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  42. DrewRafter8

    DrewRafter8 Professional

    Jun 1, 2004
    Thanks to TW for the opportunity to test this string. I have not played as much as I would like but I was able to get some quality time with it over the past two weeks.

    Full set or hybrid-
    Strung up in a full set

    Tension used for playtest-
    56 on an Alpha Revo

    Regular string set up-
    Currently don't have one, I have yet to find a string that I really liked in my racquet. BHBR and BH7 have been my favorites thus far.

    Racquet brand and model used for test-
    2012 BD+

    Power of test string-
    Low powered, but I had no problems with this. I've read where some noted the lack of pop on the serve. I never experienced this, but I have a pretty strong serve.

    Great for a poly. It's hard for me to think of another poly that felt this good. It still lacks feel compared to gut and other non-poly choices, but I thought it felt the best out of the many poly strings that I've used.

    Typical for a poly, but not as good as Tour Bite or BH7. I was able to get some really good spin when I really took a good cut at the ball. The low power allows you to swing out a bit which is nice.

    No problems here. It's a much more comfortable poly then some. It's hard for me to think of very many poly's (if any) more comfortable.

    Seems to the same as a typical poly. I have yet to break it so I really can't comment here.

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable)-
    This has been remarkable for a poly. I've yet to have it go loose or unplayable. I expected a drop off after the first 4 hours on court and it hasn't dropped off.

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)-
    As I mentioned earlier, you need a healthy amount of racquet head speed to really reap the rewards of this string. I found good control and hit the angles I wanted with it.

    Compare to the string you use most often
    Tour Bite- 4G is lower powered and the TB has more spin. I also found 4G to have a better feel then TB. I've used 16L TB.

    BH7- Spin goes to BH7, 4G is lower powered, but feel is tough here. I don't know which feels better.

    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?)-
    Probably would string it a little higher then some of the stiffer poly strings. I use TB and BHBR at 50-52. I treated the 4G like BH7 and strung it at 56.

    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
    Really like this string thus far. I'll probably buy a couple of sets because 4G seems to be the first poly I've had that I didn't start to hate after 4-6 hours on court. I also like the lower power in a rocket launcher like the BD+. I'd be interested to see how it would work in a more control oriented stick. The only negative would be the little lack of spin I noticed on kick serves. BH7 has spoiled me and I did notice a little drop off here. I would note that I served like crap in a couple of testing sessions. I was able to bust some yesterday and really got some good kick when I was aggressive. But again, BH7 is nasty when it comes to serving with spin so....

    Thanks again to TW and Luxilon. It's a very unique string and I enjoyed the chance to try it. But as it's been noted on this forum millions of times, your feelings probably will be different, but I would recommend trying this out in a playtest.
  43. duffman

    duffman Rookie

    Jan 2, 2006
    Here is my review for luxilon's 4G. I'm a 5.0 with a one handed backhand and generate lots of spin and hit with good pace. I use a babolat pure storm tour gt and usually string a hybrid of babolat tonic ball feel and a softer polyester such as weiscannon black edge or tourna big hitter black. I strung up the hybrid at 56 for the gut mains and 48 for the 4G cross.

    Initially the power level for 4G felt rather low, but the tension dropped after my 1st hit and the power came up quite a bit. It now feels on par with my usual set up.

    Feel for this string is very good, especially for a polyester string. Comfort is also top notch. I have to say that this was one of the best poly strings I've used for feel and comfort, keep in mind I didn't use it as a full bed but as a cross with gut mains.

    Spin was about the same as my usual setup, no noticeable difference either way. I was able to produce a lot of top spin off my forehand and get good action and height on my kick serves. No complaints.

    I had no issues with premature breakage or notching. Tension maintenance, while not as good as my usual setup, was tolerable. There was a drop of about 2% 24 hours after stringing and then another 10% after my first hit. The tension then stabilized at this point and held tension well. This setup had great ball pocketing and super consistent trajectory from my racquet. Very pleased with these aspects.

    As I primarily use natural gut in the mains for my setup I prefer a poly that holds tension well so that I can maximize the playability of the gut. While at first I was a bit disturbed with the initial tension loss, it did stabilize and was very playable for the duration of the test. Much better than lux alu in this regard. I might string a couple pounds tighter on the 4G crosses next time around to offset some of the initial tension loss. I was also very pleased with the comfort and feel of this string. I could definitely see myself using this in a hybrid. I'd also like to test a full bed to get a better idea of its properties, but as a hybrid I have to say its another great offering from Luxilon. Thanks to TW for letting me test this string!!!
  44. ejdtennis

    ejdtennis New User

    Jul 17, 2004
    I am a 4.5 player with moderate topspin and have been hitting with a hybrid of 4G mains and 16 gauge VS Team crosses for the past 2 weeks (in a Volkl C10 Pro) - mainly on har-tru clay. I'm most impressed with the tension retention of the 4G. In contrast to the RPM Blast/VS hybrid in my other frame, the 4G frame lost very little tension after the first 24 hours. This is a great asset for amateur players like me who can't afford to restring as often as the pros. Playability-wise, the 4G/gut hybrid had a firm feel with great control and decent spin. Due to the tension maintenance, I might string it a bit lower (or try gut mains) next time to soften up the feel. I strung it at 53 mains, 55 crosses, which still felt firm. Don't know when that will be though since durability also seems very good and the strings show relatively little sign of wear at this point. Thanks for the opportunity to try 4G!
  45. ejdtennis

    ejdtennis New User

    Jul 17, 2004
    Full set or hybrid - Hybrid with VS Team 16
    Tension used for playtest - 53 main, 55 cross
    Regular string set up - RPM 17/VS 16 (same tension as above)
    Racquet brand and model used for test - Volkl C10 Pro (TW McEnroe pro stock edition)
    Power of test string - low
    Feel - average
    Spin - average
    Comfort - average/low
    Durability - good
    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable) - great
    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) - good
    Compare to the string you use most often - better tension maintenance, less power, less feel, less spin, less comfort
    Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?) looser
    Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes. - Likes: holds tension Dislikes: seems a bit stiff
  46. jason n

    jason n New User

    Jul 24, 2007
    Full set of 4G
    Tension was m48 x46
    Regular string set up is hybrid prince beast xp with wilson nxt control at m47 and x45

    Racquet is aerogel 4d 300 tour

    Power of test string was lacking. No real pop on it but the good thing is that you can really swing hard and the ball would still stay in. Maybe drop a few pounds or hybrid would help out the power issue.

    Feel was good. It gave solid feedback with little to no vibration. Good pocketing but not mushy

    Spin was about the same as my current set up. Not the greatest but it has some spin potential. Spin was lacking on my kick serve too.

    Comfort was good with minimal vibration and just a good overall feel

    Durability: have not played enough to give a good answer

    Tension maintenance (how long before it became too loose or unplayable) played 4 hours and tensions has not changed

    Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?) due to the low power it did have good control with all swing speeds. Serving had good control but not as much speed as usual

    Compare to the string you use most often: It has similar control and spin but my current set up has more pop. This string has pretty much the same feel that is kinda crisp and not mushy

    Tension recommendations: I would try on my racquet dropping maybe 2lbs on the mains.

    Likes: control and feel where pretty good but thats about it

    Dislikes: no power, probably will be priced to high for what the string offers and just nothing really that special about it
  47. Ace1443

    Ace1443 New User

    Aug 10, 2012
    Playtest on the 4G

    Strung my Head YT Prestige MP with the 4G and played with it about 7 hours this week. Strung @ 50lbs/47lbs (m/x), the tension I usually string the banger original rough.

    Overall, this was a really fun string to play with. It reminds me of a lot of the Adrenaline I use when I string generic poly for friends/students. It's very playable for a poly, but provides enough control to keep big strokes in the court. The 4G is a tiny bit stiffer than the Adrenaline, which I liked a lot. Great step up for anyone who thinks that Adrenaline is too live. It also reminded me of the Zo Tour 17 (orange).

    Only downside for me was spin potential. I'm always trying to get more spin w/ my strings (due mostly to the tight string bed- I may be switching over to the YTIG Prestige Pro this fall/winter) and the only reason I wouldn't switch to this one is that I didn't get the bite that I needed. If they made it in a rough or shaped version, I'd definitely consider making that my string. That said, it still pocketed really well and is a great option for someone who is looking for a bit more control. Tension maintenance has been great so far.

    If I end up switching to the open string pattern of the Pro, I may revisit this one. Also, as stated, would love to give it another try if they shape the string or put it out in a rough version.

    It's a must try for someone looking to get the best of both worlds with this playable co-poly. Thanks to TW for the opportunity to try it out!
  48. kittyglove

    kittyglove New User

    Aug 3, 2012
    2012 Luxilon 4G playtest

    Full set or hybrid: Full set 2 piece sting job. For me this was easier to string than other polys. I was able to fly on my crosses.

    Tension used for playtest: 60 pounds

    Regular string set up: Luxilon Alu. Power Rough @ 60 pounds

    Racquet brand and model used for test: Head Youtek Speed MP 18/20

    Power of test string: Average for a poly. I hit harder shots so do like the low power of a poly such as this one. My ground strokes looked the same to me.

    Feel: All around good feeling poly. I have used Prince Beast before, which is what prince is going for in a softer poly, I do like the 4G better because the Beast do feel a bit strange and it could spray.

    Spin: Average there is nothing special in this area. I was not expecting something like a Solinco TB from this, but the spin is good enough to keep balls inside the court and them form floating to much on my slice.

    Comfort: For sure better than ALU and Solinco TB, this is one of the most comfortable poly I have played with. I could hit with it right of the bat,with minimal adjustment required.

    Durability: I cant say for sure yet but its been hold me for time being

    Tension maintenance: Defiantly the greatest strong point in this sting, there was hardly any tension loss and the playability was constant even in the summer heat.

    Control: I could predict its trajectory easy. I do like to have more control in my game than any other aspect. This worked perfectly on all shots, on my ground strokes I do have a fast swing speed so it was just fine at the baseline. I say its best up net though, my volleys go perfectly where I want them to go.

    Compare to the string you use most often:
    Compared to Alu Rough this string is much more comfortable and tension maintenance also. This would be great to play with during tournaments because of those aspects.

    Tension recommendations: I would sting it perfectly where you want it to be since the tension maintenance is that good.

    Summary: I am very happy to play with this string maybe I will get a reel of it. Like: this sting really is gold. Dislike: nothing
  49. Nostradamus

    Nostradamus Talk Tennis Guru

    Nov 30, 2011
    In the future
    Did Luxilon make the mistake of catering this string to the likes of the pros and not the amateurs ? They should have known what works great for the Pros doesn't always translate down to the amateurs which will be their main buyers.
  50. mpournaras

    mpournaras Professional

    Jun 22, 2009
    Middle of Somewhere
    I had this in a hybrid with x-1 in the crosses. 50#M and 54#C. I usually use this same tension just with OGSM in the crosses but i thought i would bump it up for this playtest :D This was all in an nBlade 98 18x20

    The POWER was on the lower level... but that is expected of a poly like this. But I strongly feel that the insane amount of pocketing I got from this string allowed me to hit heavier shots without having to necesarily brush up on the ball much harder. This also meant I was able to aim a little higher over the net. The FEEL was spot on without a damper. I was able to tell exactly where on the string bed i was hitting and when I did hit off center, I did not feel as though the sting would snap (which is more than can be said about ALU Power). Spin I would say is on par with any other softer non shaped poly. THe racket head speed will get you SPIN not this string. COMFORT is great for a poly, no issues for me. DURABILTY: The crosses are fraying but the 4G is holding strong, so is the tension (it feels fine at least).

    It is still playable after 12 sets of tennis and I hit moderately hard. My onehanded backhand is pocketing the ball better than ever with this string and that is reason enough for me to keep using it!

    I used to use cheaper soft polys like Weis. Scorpion and Big Hitter Black and this is just as comfy as the Scorpion but a lot more playable. The spin is not on par with BHB but this is expected of a non shaped poly. But it is more than enough spin for me. I like it at 50, maybe a little bit lower if going full poly.

    I REALLY like how this looks with a white cross. It looks like a players string and looks great on any racket. I know it is silly to care how it looks but it really is a sharp looking string. I also like how darn easy it was to string. It was a touch waxy almost and I weaved the crosses through this like a beast :)

    The forecasted price is the only thing that might turn me off of this string. I really dont like spending more than 12 on a set of strings... that is what turned me off of my last favorite poly (prince beast xp). But using it as a hybrid makes it a little more affordable and increases how long i can use it... so i will manage i suppose.



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