2012 olympics


does anyone know the 5 cities that were seeking the 2012 olympics? also which one got it?


Craig Sheppard said:
I don't know if you'll find this incredibly tough, but try typing this into your browser:


Craig, do actually expect kids these days to try that complex and strenuous task. Come on, that could take an entire 5 seconds!!!!!!


Capt. Willie

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Moscow and Madrid were the other two....that took all of a couple minutes to find. :roll: I'm kind of surprised that 4 of the 5 were in Europe.


thanks guys, i knew it was london and that moscow and new york were in there. just checking its for some hw thing


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Homework gets done faster when you're actually pro-active and go look for stuff rather than wait for people to hand it to you on a tennis forum. :) Good luck with the assignment, though.

Can't wait to see the Olympic tennis tournament played on grass! Although I will be 39 years old then. Wonder if Agassi will still be playing? ;)


They were discussing this a couple weeks back and apparently the Tennis event WILL be played at Wimbledon. The media also alluded to Federer saying that it would be his last year playing (he would be 32). If he stays in tip top shape that would a great year for him to go out on... Two major Grass events in a span of two months?! I only wonder how Wimbledon would recover...