2012 Wimbledon Gentlemen's FINAL - [3] Roger FEDERER vs. [4] Andy MURRAY

Who makes history?

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Great Federer, maybe for the last time. Commisserations to Murray for a fantastic effort, he said he'd give it his all and he did. This year has been great for him, it could get better still.

Federer man, what/who can you compare him to?


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Watching todays match I think the only thing Murray does better than Federer is hit a backhand. I dont even think his return of serve is better as most seem to think. It is also funny to believe many on this forum were saying Murray is a better volleyer a year ago when you watch todays match, not even close.
those who think/thought murray was the better volleyer were/are crazy.

Murray's RoS right now is obviously better than federer's ...... Peak to peak, federer vs the bigger servers/fast surfaces .....but murray otherwise .....


I feel gutted for Murray but Federer was just too strong and very well-deserved winner.. :( very good match from both, nobody choked.

Serena, the women champion saved this year's wimbledon for me...it would have been a total disaster otherwise.


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Congratulations to the Fed. He's back. Never thought he'd win another major, let alone regain the #1 ranking.

He proved all us doubters wrong.


Aww this is really sad, f*ck man.. Murray can win as much majors as he likes from now on man, he can win all of them for all I care. I just wanted Fed to win one more slam before retiring, I'm happy now.


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Andy is so emotional. I feel so bad for him. He played a great tournament having the hardest draw of the Top 4. If he keeps doing what he's doing staying aggressive, the results will come. Fed was unbelievable from the end of the second set and onward. Nobody was going to bet him.


#1 player in the world again approaching the age of 31. Even after Djokovic God mode 2011. ROGER FEDERER....#1 player in the world. Yes!


Congrats Roger! Well deserved win after all this time.

I don't like Murray but I feel for him. If he makes to another final not playing Roger, I will definitely root for him.

My tears are for Fed.....and little bit for Murray too.


The H2H is now 8-8 but 3-0 for Federer in slam finals. Clear advantage for Federer. I hope we can now stop hearing how Murray is a bad matchup for Federer. I never felt that way the way I did about Nadal and to a lesser extent Djokovic. The overall H2H was always a slight mirage IMO, and I say that as a neutral in this case who isnt a fan of either player.

I do feel bad for Murray though. I wonder if he will ever win a slam. Here he had to play only one of the big 3 and still couldnt pull it off. Usually he will have to beat two of them which seems almost impossible for him. If anything all 3 matchups are turning more heavily against him as time goes on. Federer is the only one significantly older, and new threats are sure to emerge in a few years time. Also has he improved any as a player since 2009 now?