2012 Wimbledon Gentlemen's FINAL - [3] Roger FEDERER vs. [4] Andy MURRAY

Who makes history?

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Dangerous not as in viruses (I am on a mac), but I think the person I spoke to said torrents were illegal (he downloads movies) and perhaps I was wondering whether ISP's can take action on me if i am found downloading torrents.

This guy uses some 32 dollar software to download which perhaps masks IP's. He claims to be a software professional (but he's in rehab or detox for a few months, so i cant contact him).

I wouldn't know to be honest, I don't dowload much stuff aside from some TV shows and tennis matches but I have a couple of friends who literally download tons of stuff and they never had any problems.

But regardless, I doubt that applies in this case, this is a private, members only tennis site, if they want to share matches between them I think it's perfectly legal (members are not allowed to upload tennis matches they upload on this site anywhere else on the internet).

Okay, my login is still there, I can see the torrents and I have a ratio of 12.73.

What torrent client do you use?

I use uTorrent.


AO 12 and W12 are two best Slams ever played by Murray. He lost in the end despite giving his all. Not his fault that he was stopped by in form AO GOAT and W GOAT. But it was definitely peak Murray. Compared to these two Slam performances his wins like W13/16 were unimpressive.