2012 Wimbledon Semifinals: [4] Andy Murray vs [5] Jo Willfried Tsonga

Who will win the Wimbledon Semifinals between Murray and Tsonger?

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for ****s sake Tsonga how many easily attackable 2nd serves has he dumped in the net?????!!!!


Jo is killing it. I'd hate to be a tennis ball right now.

Problem is he kills it, then he misses it. Great forehands in his service game, and then three awful shots from 30-15 up on Murray's serve. But, that's Tsonga. Live by the sword, die by the sword.
As opposed to his usual cheerful self?

He's (All right, urinating) himself in this picture:

Antonio Puente

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Tsonga cooperated at the end, but Fed won't. You have to take it on Sunday, Murray. Nadal, Fed - they take it. Murray has to remain aggressive.