2015 v 2016 Wilson Pro Staff 97S Grommets

Hi, I purchased a couple sets of each set of Grommets and took my frames to a local shop in Chicago to have my rackets matched (2 of the 2015 model and 1 2016 model) and the Technician said that the grommet set that I purchased for the most recent 97S model was not fitting into the frame - is it possible that I just got a bad batch? is this a known issue?

I bought the grommets from mid-west sports, if it matters.. maybe that is why it is not fitting?

TW Staff


Unfortunately since the grommets weren't purchased from us, we are unable to help as we are not sure what grommets were sent to you. I would recommend reaching out to the place you purchased them from.

Brittany, TW
That other place can only get grommet sets from Wilson too. No one really tries to sell fake grommet sets because they are low value items. If your stringer says they don't fit, then I SUSPECT you have pre-parallel drilled PS 97S and are trying to install parallel drilled grommets. Sometime during this period, Wilson changed most all their frames to parallel drilled. The makeover was staggered which makes keeping track of what fits what much harder.
2 out of 3 have the new grommets successfully installed. They were your 2015's. These would have been using the original drilling pattern. The 2016 version would not accept your new grommets. That would be normal if it is parallel drilled. The spacing for the grommet holes changed. The new drill pattern was Wilson's attempt to make the string bed respond more evenly. {Marketing hype - have no idea what it really means.] All you can do is get a grommet set specifically for a parallel drilled PS97S. Probably you need the specific 2016 model.


If you look above, you see 2 sets because one is parallel drilled and the other is not. FWIW, you should not name any competitors in your postings. It is covered in the FAQs.