2015 Wimbledon (QF) - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [9] Marin Cilic

Who will win?

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A repeat of their 5 set encounter at Wimbledon last year.
Djokovic dominates their H2H with a 12-0 record against the Croat.
Novak had been looking quite dominant this Wimbledon, until he met an in form Kevin Anderson who pushed him all the way here. He managed to come back from 2 sets down for the 4th time in his career.
Marin's form has been more up and down than Novak's, and will have to step it up if he wants a chance to take out the defending champ (unless Novak plays like a dog).
Here's hoping it's a good one!



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If Djokovic from sets 3 and 4 arrives then he should handle Cilic comfortably.

Pushervic from sets 1 and 2 will get hammered.


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Let's not forget cilic himself has a buzzsaw beast mode (quicker courts, especially) only seen from the likes of Stan when he's being the stanimal. I do think cilic was building more on this buzzsaw mode with each match during last year's us open, until it culminated into pure God mode vs. Fed and then in the final vs Nishi. However, if he can somehow tap back into his inner beast against djoker no one outside of Stanimal can stop him. Maybe Goran will sprinkle the "unstoppable serve" pixie dust on him again...


Cilic had close encounters with Berankis, Isner and Kudla. He lost two times to Troicki in the warm ups + he is 0-12 against Djokovic. I find it very hard to believe that his level at the moment is high enough to challenge a normal playing Djokovic.


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Djokovic will win this, last times he played Cilic it was demolition jobs (WTF, Monte Carlo)
Last year match is not very relevant as I think Cilic was playing much better than he is now


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Cilic would have to be in his USO mode to slay Djoker. That form has been spectacularly absent since then.

Nole in three.

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I'm worried Novak might be tired if it goes 5 sets.

Otherwise this is Novak's to lose anything below 5 sets. Otherwise Cilic in 5


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I don't put it past Cilic to win this. He can beast and trouble Novakovic on grass.

That said, even given Novak's not-too-impressive (but okay) form versus Anderson, Cilic has been more sketchy—Novakovic in 4, I say.


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Cilic won't hurt a fully rested and ready Djokovic. The 5th set against Anderson was just a hitting session.

Djokovic in 3 easy sets. 1 or 2 bakery products in hand.


Cilic already played 2 brutal 5 setters on route so I'm guessing very little chance against machine man Djokovic.


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I haven't seen Cilic play on grass this season yet - I may take a look tonight when I get home.


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I think Djoker's gonna pull this out in a 5-set classic but there is still a possibility, though very improbable, we could have a rematch of the real contest that unleashed Cilic Beast Mode. That's the R16 battle with Monsieur Pattinson, when Marin had to keep coming back from ahead and prevailed 6-3 in the fifth to narrow the h2h to 1-4. Were I not pulling for #18, I might like that finals matchup.:eek:


Djokovic played below his usual playing Anderson, yet showed he has the stamina to win 3 straight sets being two down, He'll have an easier time with Cilic and wants his 600 win notched on his racquet.

3fees :)


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Djokovic played below his usual playing Anderson, yet showed he has the stamina to win 3 straight sets being two down, He'll have an easier time with Cilic and wants his 600 win notched on his racquet.

3fees :)
His 600 win? What do you mean by that 3fees? Djokovic is currently on 649 match wins!

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Djokovic to roll. He had his wake up call, and the dream semi showdown with Stan awaits. Or at least I hope. :)


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Hi mate. Feeling pretty good, it really wasn't looking good at one point was it? But he showed once again what a great champion he is, despite not playing at his best. I need to have more faith in him like you! ;)

True. I think it's a bit of both. You have faith I know that but you are right could have more and also I need to be more grounded as I was getting a little worried. Was checking the score at work saw Anderson was serving well and Nole had to fend of a few break points Was a danger time. However, Djoko played big points well and he then capitalised on kevs only nervy sloppy service game. Showed his relisience and experience.

Phew!! I think he will be ok against cilic. Won't be easy but I think this match maybe a blessing and sharpen him up more and will help him. Hoping he gets to semi with most likely Stan and want fed and Murray on other side. So we have epic and even semi finals. No player with advantage.

Nole has a chance of defending his title but gonna be a right battle as the other big 3 all in form too. Gonna be exciting few days at Wimbledon!


Most likely Fed and Murray will kill each other in the semi and be toast for Djokoivc.
Wawrinka not a major threat on grass IMO although he may well make Djokovic work a bit.
Also I believe Karlovic would have beaten Djokovic based on the Anderson match. Murray giant killer specialist dealt with that so all playing nicely into Djokovic's hands again.


Novak to take this on his way to his 3rd Wimbledon crown, after his 4th round drama his inner tournament winning beast has been awoken.


Novak is the favorite of course, but I wouldn't shocked if Marin pulls off the upset.

I think people are underrating him right now.


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Easy match for Djokovic unless Cilic steps up his game a lot. Cilic has been very average this tournament and is lucky to even be here.


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You'll be seeing it again this time tomorrow! ;)

Top man mate! Haha. I usually the optimistic one but must admit was very worried earlyier today and last night :p

We Djokovic fans always stick together though, through great/special and also heartbreaking moments. Always proud of Nole no matter what.