2016 Nice Final - [1] Dominic Thiem vs [8] Alexander Zverev

Who wins the title?

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The Green Mile

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Great looking final on paper. Two rising stars battling it out for the title. They've met once before at Munich earlier this year, with Thiem winning in 3 sets. Wondering how much gas is left in the tank of Zverev...

Zverev in his very 1st final ever on the ATP tour, while Thiem is in his 8th (5 titles).

I'll go with Thiem in straights, as he looks to continue his dominant run here.

Team Thiem in two due to Zverev's low gas tank and Thiem's finals experience.

Probably two tight sets at most. Thiem has been cruising this week.


Good for Thiem, but sort of curious as to why he played it as he might be gassed for RG in a worst case scenario

Thiem in 3.


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The two princes of tennis shall collide. They easily hopped over the Dmitorov generation.
So far I prefer Thiem's personality but I will see if they bore me or not.
Let's go.


Thiem has black bags under his eyes. I wonder if he had a fight with Zverev the night before or just not getting enough sleep/vitamins.


great return! sasche takes the second set :)

edit: indeed, there seems to be sth wrong with thiem's shoulder :(


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Congrats to Thiem on winning his 6th title and 2nd in Nice. This will give him some confidence going into RG! :)

But whatever happened to Zerev in that decider? :eek:
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