2016 Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles - general discussion thread


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well Theim just got a lot of footage to look at and learn where he needs to go from here I think it's a very good match for him actually.

I really liked theims game and I like how he is positioning himself closer at the Baseline and still is nit so far back but I think he's going to be a lot more ready next year


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Congrats to Vesely, great performance from him. Very disappointing result for Dominic but how nice to see him as gracious as ever in defeat. :) Get some much deserved rest gorgeous and come back with a vengeance during the North American HC swing. :)

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This year there are still 8 matches left in second round and 11 seeds already has lost, delpo vs Wawa and kyrgios vs Brown left , I can see more seed loosing .


Only watched Vesely twice... But how is this guy not higher?

Lefty, good serve, good groundies and ice cold in tough moments!
He had been too passive in his game, and mentally fragile, just look at his stats from the beginning of the year. It was a loss after loss. He got on his feet before only before MC just on time to slay the Ultron :)


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Zverev played Berdych very close two time already in 2016 (5 set Davis Cup). That was much earlier this year on agruably Zverev's worst surface. Berd Brain is in decline. Zverev beat Baghdatis fairly handily on grass recently, the same Baghs who beat Berdy early in the event. Zverev has improved a lot and clearly is very difficult to break on grass. I will be shocked if he doesn't make R16. Youzhny is good on grass, but that would be an upset.

I state Zverev vs Thiem would be a close match (Thiem owns the head to head in last few months at 3-0). If its declined Berd brain in the R16 I don't see that being any issue at all for Thiem. Berdy got dumped by Simon last year at Wimby, don't see him making it through at all as his grass game sure looks like it has slipped. Wawrinka has never won a grass event in his career, don't see him as a threat on grass. Thiem is the higher seed, so it only takes a few puffs to be in a Thiem dream.;)

I admit Thiem over Murray would be an upset, but I think Thiem will pull it off he makes the match. Once Thiem kicks it into gear his level stays very high most of the time. My gut says Murray will end up losing somehow due to one of his inexplicable lulls. Last match with Murray was Miami 2015. 3 sets and Thiem is a far more accomplished player at this stage. Thiem is the title holder in 6 events. He knows how to win and this is an easy a draw for Thiem as one could hope for, except for the dangerous first round match against Florian Mayer. Thiem has a great draw.

Ha ha Meles! Great predicting from you once again! :oops: Thiem couldn't even make it to Zverev let alone beat players like Berdych, Wawrinka and then Murray and Djokovic.
Stop hyping this kid Thiem! Wait until he consistently beats the top ten players and wins big tournaments! At least Vesely has defeated Djokovic before.


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Well well, Thiem ends up winning the match you'd think he might lose, and losing the match you'd think he will win. His unwillingness to change his return position was significant, never stepped back, and I think he barely used the chip to return 2nd serves - which looks weird for a 1 hander. Vesely did his thing perfectly though, and never blinked.

Still it has been an unexpected run on the grass for the young gun, lots of time to improve.

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1hbh will die with Fed and Stan. It will not make a comeback unless they make court conditions much faster and/or outlaw poly.


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Good match from Vesley, he had to go out and win it. Thiem just a fraction off today and that is all it took for him to lose.
Vesely put Thiem off his game. Thiem had such promise in this tournament especially with excellent serving yesterday, but the serve went away today and the rest of his game was not enough.

Constantly chipping all the returns today and I wonder if that was right. Vesely hit a least one 222 kph 2nd so maybe that was the best option with Vesely mixing in a lot of big 2nd serves. Thiem served pretty well in the 3rd set, but not enough. Vesely had to play 49 points on serve in the final set to Thiem's 34. Thiem won three more points in the set. Thiem just could not break through. Credit to Vesely to basically not blinking in this match except for allowing Thiem to break back in the first.
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Thiem like Little Fed is highly overrated. Only TTers go gaga over him because he hits a 1hbh. They delude themselves thinking it gives their weak 1hbh some type of hope and redemption. All flash, many lost points.


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There will be a long time before we see a prodigy like Nadal again. These youngsters doesn't have what it takes to perform day in day out but Thiem can definitely become a multi slam champ in the future.


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dude, he was predicting thiem to beat zverev, berdych, stan and murray ....

saying stan is not a threat on grass for thiem ? come on !
predicting he's upset murray ? almost zero chance of that happening.

uhh, no ..train-wreck isn't harsh ....
I was just kidding abmk! :)