2016 Wimbledon Semifinal - [3] Roger Federer vs. [6] Milos Raonic


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Experience outdoes nervousness. Milos will not beat him in a tiebreak today. If he stands a chance, he has to break Federer's serve.

But something tells me that Federer's arm will loosen up a bit from now on.


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A set all!

That said, I'll give Raonic some serious credit; the amount his game has evolved up until now is astonishing. Props to him for putting the work in, b/c DF's aside he's taking it to Fed.


Easy to see where this is headed. Fed really even owned the first set. He has no worries at all here, as Raonic has nothing except go-for-broke hope shots that can hurt Fed, and those don't hold up for a five-setter.

Current status is about 90/10 in favor of Fed winning out. Hard to see how Milos gets another set here without an advantage in any part of the game.


1 set all. Fed still leaving too many balls in the middle of the court. Passing shots are too high. Poor shot selection for passing shots. Needs to make Milos pay for camping in the BH corner i.e. hit more DTL BHs as cringe-worthy as they are so far.


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Sorry but that DF by Raonic CANNOT be called a choke. He was really going for it on 2nds and you're bound to miss sooner or later.
Yeah he's hit quite a few this match even when ahead in the game. He's going big on both serves. It's risky in a breaker.

Arya Stark

Now even if Fed wins, Rao serves first.
He only lost the first because he had a brain fart on his 2nd service game tbh. And he's had a good look at Raonic's service games tbh. Also Raonic's serving has been getting slightly worse.
I'm still hoping.

I don't think he'll win the final even if he gets there (after playing 9 or 10 sets in QF and SF he'll be tired af against Murray) but i can't have him losing to Raonic of all people at a Slam