2016 Wimbledon Semifinal - [3] Roger Federer vs. [6] Milos Raonic


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Raonic broken, man he is seriously mugging it up out there. All Federer had to do was keep consistent that point, lmao.


Federer didn't need to do much to win this set. Keep ball in play for more than 5 shots, deep in the court. And the stupid error would come.

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She is not anywhere near 'too skinny'
You'd probably tell me to eat a 'warm meal' too is you saw me...
She's more than fine.
You never get Skinny/slim men being told to eat a burger or whatever. Sexism at it's finest. I remember some boy in the my high school 'playground' yelled at me to put some weight on. It didn't bother me, but, you know? Sigh, now I want some pizza and burgers, and milkshakes, and hot dogs.

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Raonic needed this in straight sets. There is a reason why he hasn't won a slam, or made a slam final. Federer was going to get him over five sets.

Can this break now bring some much needed life into this match? I hope so.