2016 Wimbledon Semifinal - [3] Roger Federer vs. [6] Milos Raonic


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Crayola Oblongata

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You get those comments too?
This past year, i was at 48 kilograms for 1.70m and i got told 'your legs look like twigs' 'put on some weight' 'do you even eat?' 'you look anorexic'
Even though, i'd spend lunch time with them and they'd see me eating burgers and mashed potatoes and pizza right in front of them.
These kinds of comments are so annoying. My skinny totem pole-like male friend never got that stuff from anyone.

The comments bothered me and i overate to put 4 kilograms on.
I don't get them anymore, because of puberty....and ahem, I have curves. I'm quite lucky with my figure, and I always skinny as a kid. You do sound quite slim for your height, but if it's natural then who cares? Some people would kill for your size. On the other hand though, society is far more cruel to those who are on the heavier side, you know what I mean? I do wonder if skinny guys are sometimes insecure about their size.

Arya Stark

Not sure if that was sarcastic or not....

If you like nightclubs and partying. You should visit Belgrade. You will not want to leave :D Trust me I will in Belgrade. Never been to London or Toronto either. I grew up in Australia. Moved to Belgrade 3 months ago
No? It wasn't sarcastic. I'm of moroccan origin.
Yes until the last year i've been clubbing a lot :oops: But i'm moving past it now. I can appreciate good clubs still though
Did you move for work?
I want to visit Australia too but those weird ugly animals and huge insects scare me.

La Grande

So American??

Never been to France. Like everyone else I want to visit Paris.
lmao, as we're talking about countries, listen to this. I'm black and British. I went to Bosnia when I was 10, my best friends au pair was from there, she invited us both.

I was... lets say... a celebrity. At the ski slope, lots of people asking to take pictures :D:eek: