2016 Wimbledon Semifinal - [3] Roger Federer vs. [6] Milos Raonic


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Come on, we don't need to pick a fight with Federer fans. This is their moment, let them enjoy. The heavyweight champion will be back. :)
You are right but it just frustrates me how arrogant some fed fans are, they just dismiss Djoko and nadals achievements at times. Then when he wins its like the best thing ever.


Didn't do enough on the BP's. Again. Got fooled by the direction off the first serve, it seemed. And don't for the life of me know why he didn't get that forehand back over the net on the 2nd. Nevertheless, well done Milos.

On a side note, has anyone ever seen Raonic so ecstatic with winning points? He looks like a kid in a candy store at times!

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Yes i know what you mean.
They are insecure tbh. Because girls love muscles, 6-packs and stuff. I'm not saying men don't have body-related expectations thrust upon them but yeah.
This ' are you anorexic' stuff can get very upsetting time after time after time.
I think i look fine now though.
Thank you
For sure, for sure. Oh well, I hope it doesn't upset you too much. You do you, etc..

As for men: *whispers* I don't like overly muscly guys.
Incredibly boring match. Mainly because it's been 2 guys serve botting throughout. I'm sure glad they slowed down the surfaces else this kind of dross would be served up everywhere.

Hopefully Berdych and Murray serve up a proper contest.

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I didn't receive an answer to my question. Given we see a Federer vs Murray final :

1) Who will the crowd support ?

2) Will Federer's backhand withstand a player who can actually rally (like Murray) ?

@Hitman. Your thoughts please.
I don't think either will truly have the crowd advantage on their side, unless the match becomes really one sided. Yes, I expect a lot of cheering for Murray at the start, but it won't be enough for him to have them on his side the whole time. It cannot be expressed enough how much Federer is loved.

Federer will not be aiming to getting into back hand rallies with The Muzziah, I expect him to use more slice when pull Murray in more. If he tries to go toe-to-toe with Murray on the backhand, he will lose. He knows this, expect him to keep changing the pace and trajectory on his backhands, including hitting the up the middle of the court to kill the angles.


hahahaha maybe. My other best friend is Montenegrin and claimed to see Novak on a train a few years back in Belgrade.
You would get that in Serbia too. People asking for your pictures.

I was in New Belgrade this morning and I didnt happen to run into Srdjan or Dijana. I will let you know if I ever happen to see them. :D


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Maybe, but Djokovic was able to beat Nadal in the majors at least a few times. Federer has been completely hopeless.
yeah, we all know djoko matches up better vs rafa. Still he beat rafa "only" 3 times in majors ( I mean a rafa who could actually play decent tennis , not including 2015 RG ) and federer beat him 2 times in majors .

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You get those comments too?
This past year, i was at 48 kilograms for 1.70m and i got told 'your legs look like twigs' 'put on some weight' 'do you even eat?' 'you look anorexic'
Even though, i'd spend lunch time with them and they'd see me eating burgers and mashed potatoes and pizza right in front of them.
These kinds of comments are so annoying. My skinny totem pole-like male friend never got that stuff from anyone.

The comments bothered me and i overate to put 4 kilograms on.
Ignore, they're jealous.