2016 Wimbledon Semifinal - [3] Roger Federer vs. [6] Milos Raonic


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if he does win how the hell is he beating Murray after playing 2 5 setters in a row....atrocious, can't believe he lost that set.


So disappointing. See you at the Olympics Roger. He's going down.
Oh come on you said the same thing last match. Why do you always give up on the dude lol...and how CAN you, after hes one match removed from saving 3 MP's?

It's not over by a long shot.
Right, so you call me out for starting everything (which I didn't) then you feel to backtrack and call me out for continuing it.

I'm a fanboy, yes, I do like Raonic (I made a thread a few weeks ago about how he was going to win this tournament). You my friend, are just plain ret4rded.
I called you out for fanboyism, not for starting everything.

Now, shut the **** up, or I will have to do that for you.



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No credit whatsoever to Raonic again, and he gets the break. Sure Fed made mistakes, but you HAVE TO CAPITALIZE! That's what the best players do.


this is teh guy who double faulted zero times the last match...and now he's pissed away TWO sets on double faults.
I'm flabbergasted. The way he just casually hit those two DF's in a row. And then Milos started goating on return. And then Fed completely f*cked it up on that last point to a degree that was worse than the DF's. Seriously!

Not to forget, he should have broken Milos earlier in the set!

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This match looks like 2009 USO where a smug, overconfident Fed gave away the match in 5 sets.

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Federer is done. Poor guy wow
He really should have converted one of those BP's
He'll forever regret it if he loses this
I cant watch this