2016 Wimbledon Semifinal - [3] Roger Federer vs. [6] Milos Raonic


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Well. I said before the Cilic match I was worried more about Raonic than Cilic.

Milos has improved a lot. Credit to him.

Milos serve is just so tough. Heavier than Roddick or Karlovic. 24 year old Federer could have wiped this clean. 34 year old Federer coming off injury is a tough ask.

Federer finally loses in a Wimbledon semifinal.

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Raonic's not beating murray.
ACE of hearts, please stop. I've heard you criticize every false step of Roger, claiming his every mistake is a "choke". Just watch the master respect his abilities. Someone must win and someone must lose. If you can't beat Raonic, then don't put these demands on Federer expecting him to beat him, or any one else for that sake.

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He choked!!!! Raonic made the most of his break points


Also, I thought Federer really lacked his usual variation on grass today. Very predictable. He didn't offer a lot of the offspeed stuff, junky balls, dropshots and slices that he does against these bigger/taller players. He pretty much was just hitting baseline to baseline.

Murray will definitely not do that. He's going to give Raonic a healthy portion of dropshots and junk.


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The big factors in this match have been:

1) Raonic has been playing extremely clean tennis. Incredibly awesome volleys and groundstrokes with few unforced errors.
2) Federer has not played the important/critical points that well.

That's quite enough for Raonic to take this match.
Exactly. But many Fed fans have blinders on and can't be realistic.


People were making fun of Raonic heading into this match. Saying Fed would wipe the floor. He's a scrappy player. Ugly strokes but with that serve he can get the job done.

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Congratulations to Milos, your first slam final.

Commiserations to Federer, you gave it your best shot, and I feel you would have won it had you not got injured. Great fight and heart this event.

Federer Fans - Your guy played his heart out. It was a shame what happened, but he went down fighting.


that 40-0 service game at 5-6 in the 4th to push it to a tiebreaker came back to haunt Roger. He should have pushed it to a tiebreak and probably could have won that 4th set and close out the match. Raonic definately served his way to victory this day. He did deserve to win but so did Roger. Crushing blow for sure. Sucks for Fed fans.

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Sad pantomime there by Federer as he stares at the SW19 crowd with introspection.
Is that the last time that we will see Federer at centre Court in Wimbledon. You have to wonder.
If that was the last of federer here, then thanks for the memories.
Raonic was tremendous and I'm rooting for him in the final. Let's step up Milos.


If only tennis got rid of it, it would weed out the Raonices of the world. Once again a servebot winning a match through a single decent shot.

Another dull final coming up - until today, Wimbledon had almost been spared since Sampras retired.


Congrats to Raonic. Best of luck to him.

I'm just so upset that Federer handed this to his opponent. Sure, Raonic played really well, but Federer did some really silly things there today. Serving at 5-6, 40-15, why did he have to serve 2 double faults in a row? He had clear upper hand at that moment. This was a match Federer should've won in 4. So disappointing.


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CAN YOU TAKE FEDERER Losing again and again and again.......I for sure cant waste my energy on his matches anymore.....
I can take whatever Federer gives me.
I won't always like it, but as his fan I can take it, I can take solace in the fact that he always tries his best, and I can be thankful that I still get to watch him play at all.

This sucks, but that's enough for me.


5-6, 40-0.
1/9 on BPs.
This was probably the best chance for the 18th with Djokovic out, but oh well. Federer is a month away from 35 and still a top 3 player in the world at the moment so there's still always hope. I'm just so gutted with the ending of the 4th set, if he lost a tiebreak I wouldn't be nearly as upset.


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Good effort from Federer but Raonic has improved a lot. Fed is done winning slams. That's what happens.
good effort from federer ? you are insane ..

at 5-6 in the 4th , up 40-0 ...2 DFs, once hits right back at raonic to get broken
in the 5th, DFs again and once again, hits right back at raonic to get broken

of course raonic did his part by returning well after 40 all and then in the 5th set game ..but he wouldn't have broken if it was a good effort from federer ..


Hahahaha tell that to your fellow Fed fans who went nuts after the Querrey match
I'm not denying that. It was classless, rooting for someone to lose that much is bs.

Just pointing out you calling the kettle black(as usual). Especially since while you gloat about it a Nadal fan gave commiserations right after.


You can tell Federer was hurt.

He wasn't getting as low on his serves. Using more shoulder than legs.

His groundies lost a few mph.

Sucks. But again credit to Milos. He's upped his game. More aggressive. He didn't let anything get in front of him distract him.