2017 Aerobill RF Cap vs. Classic RF Cap


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I just bought a new 2017 Nike Aerobill RF Cap without being able to find out any of the main differences between that and the classic style of RF cap, so I thought I'd write a review so that you all can know about the updates before you choose which model you buy.

There are several changes between the two caps:

The new Aerobill is somewhat similar to a "snapback" style of cap, with a taller profile and more of a rigid, square shape. The original RF cap sits flatter on the head whilst the Aerobill is more upright. It's more of a modern look and I like how it differentiates it from the 'dad hat' style of the old cap. This may not be a look for everyone though.

The Aerobill has a shorter 'bill' overall. It is a noticeable difference and could mean reduced protection from the sun. Although, I have found that when wearing the cap backwards, it can benefit the player as there is less chance of the bill hitting your shoulders when serving or aiming for an overhead.

Lastly, the size-adjustment strap is smaller than that on the classic RF cap. It shouldn't affect the 'one size fits all' appeal of the cap, it just changes the look of the cap.

Overall, I like the new style of RF cap, but it is more of a leisurewear item than something you'd wear on-court. If I was going to get another RF cap in the future, I would look for the classic style over the 2017 update.

Would be great to hear your thoughts on this and any other RF gear!

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Someone reviewed a hat.

A hat.


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I don’t like the new hats and have stopped buying them.


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I like the featherlight hats better. They're lighter and more ventilated.

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