2017 ATP Sudden Death League: Madrid


you know Nishi could have at least played a game before he retired so maybe I could still have a fraction of a chance to win the tournament LOL

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With Nishikori out and Zverev already started playing, it looks like my only chance for a win is to switch to Coric. I just woke up and had a quick glance at the scores, and I think I'm still in time:
QF: Coric
BU: Nadal


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Why do yours succeed and mine just knock me out of tournaments?

Must be luck - I seem to have had quite a lot of it recently
This is still stage 1 of the switch, have to see if Rafa wins now

Interestingly, @Locotus, who may have exited anyway had Nishikori played a few games today, has actually ended up in the SFs thanks to his BU of Cuevas.
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Semi-Finals (Saturday 13 May):

Rafael Nadal vs. Novak Djokovic

Dominic Thiem vs. Pablo Cuevas

13 exit on Quarter-Finals Day, leaving 4 people left to vie for the title (but let's face it, it's going to be tough to get any winners from this one).


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Not bad at all, I'm pleased with a Finals appearance. Well done to all those who participated here.

Final: NPA

Looks like Locotus can win the tournament if Nadal beats Thiem in tomorrow's final - best of luck!


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Thx Winchester. A bit surprised that so many picked Zverev over Cuevas but who knows what would have happened if the behind-the-back passing shot went out instead.

Thx to Krish as well for doing a great job organizing. Much appreciated!
Cuevas is an established dirtballer so id like to think id pick him as well... but of course i didnt make it that far so i cant say for sure. I do find the quarters and the round before where you have to gamble a bit (or at least pick more of a coin flip match) if youre going to win it all. Well done.

Thanks also to @Krish872007 for organizing... and inching closer to the top spot.