2017 ATP Sudden Death League: Montreal


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Welcome to the 23rd event of the 2017 ATP Sudden Death League season: The Rogers Cup (Masters)

RULES (Masters 1000):

1. You pick one player who you think is going to win. It's a knock out-system: if the player you picked wins, you're through to the next round. If he loses, you're out.

2. Prior to the Round of 16, you have to pick one player per day (day 1 - monday, day 2 - tuesday and day 3 - wednesday). In the R16, quarters, semis and finals you pick one player per round.

3. You can pick a player only ONCE. Obviously it's important to make smart choices in order to get far. If you have no picks remaining, you're eliminated from the competition.

4. You can't pick a player from a match that has started already.

5. You cannot advance to the next round via a walkover since it is hard to know exactly when someone announced they were pulling out HOWEVER this rule does not apply once you reach the semifinals

6. Since you can no longer win a match by a walkover it is highly advised that you make a back-up pick to your main pick - when listing your picks make sure you specify which is your back-up.

7. If the player you picked retires during the match, you're out. If he retires before the match, your back-up pick will be used unless you change your pick before your back up match begins.

8. If the opponent of the person you picked withdraws and is replaced by a lucky loser your original pick will stand unless you specifically change it. (Usual caveat with this rule and the consideration of BU applies - as stated in the Monte Carlo and Barcelona threads.)

9. NEVER edit your pick. If you want to change your pick, please quote your old pick and choose a new player. Edited posts will not be taken into consideration.

1 correct pick: 50
2 correct picks: 110
3 correct picks: 180
4 correct picks: 280
5 correct picks: 400
6 correct picks: 600
Winner: 1000


2016 File - points to defend
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In - haven't got any points to defend here, but with The Real Slam and the US Open coming up I have a lot of points to protect. Need to pick up my form soon.


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In - haven't got any points to defend here, but with The Real Slam and the US Open coming up I have a lot of points to protect. Need to pick up my form soon.

Don't forget all the points that you are going to lose because of the olympics.

A year later I'm glad that I lost early there :eek:


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I am trying to compensate for that with Citi Open run. :p Still won't be enough :(
It's Boozyuzi not I am finnish.
Yes, Boozyuzi was the other one that won the gold medal. But @I Am Finnish reached the final though, so that's 700 points that she'll lose :eek:

Remember back to your early teachings. All who gains points are afraid to lose it. Even the organizers! :)

Yes, that's why I won the AO this year, because I'm very afraid of losing those 2000 points next year lol. I was talking about the olympics because in that tournament you just can't defend the points that you won.

I Am Finnish

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Let's see, my Wimbledon 2012, my Basel and Paris B'ercy 2014, my "Real Slam" 2015, (thank you Fed for taking out Djokovic) my Beijing 2016, or my Rotterdam and Halle of this year! ;)
not bad :eek:

uso is my best slam :)

from best to worst
uso (qf)
rg/wim (both 3 th round)
ao lost 2 years in a row at the first day:rolleyes:

Aussie Darcy

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See rule #2: we are back to picking by the day until R16. Wait for Monday's OOP to make your first pick.
Sorry, been in such a rush in real life I haven't had much time to post (I forgot to submit my SF pick for the WTA SDL!).

Apologies for not checking the rules. I'll try to remember to post tomorrow;)