2017 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread


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The Green Mile

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I don't understand why players 2nd serve and volley. Even as a "surprise tactic", it still rarely works out in the end. The players today don't spend enough time at the net for that crap, and if the approach isn't great, you're going to get punished.


Nike and Adidas must think I'm out of my mind, that I would pay $180 to slap some peachy pink tangerine tennis shoes on my size 14 feet.

I mean, I'm crazy. But I ain't that crazy.


Hall of Fame
3700rpm for sock.35 yr old federer had 3300 the other day. amazing to think how much racket head speed he still gets when his forehand is way past its hay day

The Green Mile

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Jack sucking right now. Forehand all over the place in this TB. Jo up 4-0.

Jo's turn to mishit a couple of forehands. Back on serve at 3-4 in this TB.


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It must be pretty annoying to outplay Murray on many occasions, and lose the points on his defensive lobs... How many times!!? :eek:

The Green Mile

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Jack's backhand hates being rushed lol. Jo with so much success approaching to that side. Was down love 30, now 40-30. Ace and Jo holds.


I'm digging Stan's kit actually, way better than last year's.
Its really nice color combo and moderate, not too simple not too crazy design. However the guy needs to try more colors other than pink, must be a superstition now.