2017 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread


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Aussie Darcy

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Can someone look at a rule book though. Out of curiosity, can a player stop mid point due to weather? Not mid game, mid point. Curious.
Evans was clutch when he needed to be but tomics usual passiveness made it easy to hit through in the first 2 sets
3rd set tomic steps up lil unlucky with rain delay but still his own fault

Aussie Darcy

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You were begging Dan to choke earlier just so Tomic could get a set
Hey don't get me wrong, Tomic blew the first 2 sets hands down. But Evans was cramping at 5-5 deuce and then used rain as excuse after a shocking first serve, walked off court saying he wouldn't play DURING A POINT which is just not on. He then got a break and first serve when it should've been a 2nd serve. Momentum was with Tomic after he won a couple points in a row.


Evans very emotional. Well done to him. Great to see. I hope he goes even deeper. He is playing with heart, that's for sure. What more can a sports fan ask for ?

The Chavs in Birmingham will be out partying tonight. Truck loads of fosters lager and Aldi beers are being shipped there as we speak. Burberry will be handing out free hats.

Bad luck Bernard. You showed some heart today.


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When did Evans become so good?


Not so common in this place ....