2017 Davis Cup Round 1 | 03-05 Feb.



Novak would improve if he borrowed Pliskova's or Serena's serve right now.


Djoko breaks into the lead 5-4. Medy not looking too steady on the legs.

Looks like Nole should pull this out now.
However yes that right arm is chronic and he might be in perma decline.
Question is does he have enough left in that arm and enough mental strength left to bag a couple more majors?
Also with these top 5 just one big clutch win can pop them out of their coma.


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So... Djokovic is barely scraping past a guy who can neither move nor land shots on the court more than three times in a row.
And not only that, screaming like he regained the #1 spot in the rankings after breaking?
Come on...
No. Medvedev was actually impressive in the first two sets.:oops: Nole worked him over pretty well in the end with a lot of long rallies, so the cramps were coming.


Pff, Djokovic dropped another set to a far lesser player. Does this guy not have any pride? He's still number two, number one not long ago. Play like it or retire.


This is pi$$ poor from Kyle Edmund right now. Pospisil is playing woeful these days and he's injured and Kyle is still struggling...

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Damn, Simon meant business. Looked very sharp against Nishioka. Grew more confident as the match went on, and played a bit more high risk tennis. So fun to watch. Backhand dtl was lethal.


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Djokovic was awful
His serve is on a decline since wimbledon last year he was serving at 2009/10 level

He playing worse without becker he should dump the guru it is not working with him
First match rust for the retiring Djokovic. Peakovic RIP.:cool:


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Australia through to the QF already.
Thompson won in 3. Kyrgios won in 3. Groth/Peers win in 3. No sets dropped.
Why is Tennis channel filling the Air with this stupidest Jack Sock blowout match against no name Swiss............. Can you think of these fools that bought tickets in Alabama 6 month ago....thinking they will at least see Wawrinka or even Federer.....................????????????? LOL.....What a waste of ticket..... They should all demand their money back for false advertising.....


1-0 to GB, straight sets win for Dan

Dan Evans played a wonderfully solid match to extend his recent momentum. Very young Denis Shapovalov played an exciting but error-filled match. Straight sets to GB. Well deserved.
Vasek Pospisil played a wonderfully (and recently rare) solid match. Young Kyle Edmund played an error-filled, moderately nervous, match. Straight sets to the Canucks. Well deserved.

Exciting doubles match for tomorrow! Extremely top-notch Murray/Inglot against top-notch Nestor/Pospisil. Should be exciting!


Into a tiebreak is set 1 for the Brits/Canejuns...and the Brits take it.
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Canada up a set and a break in the 4th rubber, looking like it'll go to a 5th. Which ruins my plans for a nice relaxing bath before bedtime :rolleyes: come on Dan.


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Evo takes the third set...

Evo loses to Pospisil 3 sets to 1.... Goes to the 5Th rubber !







Pospisil played inspired tennis....glimmers from the past. He had a let down in the third set and early going of the 4th set, creating an opening for Evo, but dug deep and found the energy. This should do wonders for his confidence, which has been absent for the past year.

Now to watch Edmund and Shapo.


insane, Shapovalov drilled the chair ump in the head with a ball after the point...DQed...wasn't aiming at him, I don't think


And...Canada defaults. Young Shapovalov lost his temper at his shot. He pulled a ball out of his pocket and hit it up toward the crowd. It hit the chair ump in the face!! Rightly DQ'd.