2017 Miami SF - [4] Roger Federer vs [12] Nick Kyrgios

Who wins?

  • Fed in 2

    Votes: 30 25.0%
  • Fed in 3

    Votes: 39 32.5%
  • Kyrgios in 3

    Votes: 36 30.0%
  • Kyrgios in 2

    Votes: 15 12.5%

  • Total voters


Talk Tennis Guru
As they say, my body is very very ready for this. Expecting some extravaganza, some insolent improvisations, and hope that there be a clown for this circus.

Kicking it back in my chair with a nice, cold Stone IPA.



Talk Tennis Guru
Interdasting stat: Fed more success returning from central positions; Kyrgios clearly preferring returning on wide serves.

Smooth start from the 39-year-old legend who still looks to have a thing or two to teach the fledglings about caressing them fuzzy balls. Bad miss there, though, after a solid point construction.


Women's college basketball supersedes an ATP Masters 1000 semifinal and thus the game is on ESPN News instead of ESPN. I still love this niche sport nonetheless.

The Green Mile

Bionic Poster
Nick toughens out the hold for 1-1. A good opportunity to break for Fed there. You would think chances are not going to come that often.


Talk Tennis Guru
Nick should be pleased to survive that assault — when's the next time Feds will get a chance like that on Nick's serve?


This is SO exciting already!!
Neither of these guys wants to lose. They are going to lay everything on the line!


Roger's got to do this in 2. (Which he's trying to do.) Otherwise, that opens the door for Nick.


only one pennywise and that would be sir tim curry.
Tim did an absolutely amazing job for the original mini series, but I can't sit here and pretend that new Pennywise doesn't look creepy. I REALLY want to see the new one.

Also I hope they follow the suggestion of some redditors, DON'T reveal his voice in any of the trailers. I feel like the first time we should hear him is when he says "Hiya Georgie." People will **** themselves in the theater.